Adaptxt – Android Keyboard with 3 Indian languages including “Hinglish”


KeyPoint Technologies, a India & UK based company has recently launched Adaptxt, an android keyboard app which supports over 50 languages. Currently in Beta Version 0.9, adaptxt has addons for 3 Indian languages – Hindi, Marathi and Hinglish.

The latest 0.9 version is powered by Predictive Text2.0 that is designed to adapt to the users writing style and allows the user to write more with minimal keystrokes. It provides highly accurate and relevant text prediction, error-correction & auto-correction inputs by combining the best of artificial intelligence and computing technology. The latest Adaptxt Beta 0.9 Version has been developed to cater to a global and multilingual audience by supporting a notable collection of 50+ languages and various industry specific dictionaries.

If user wants to use any other language apart from English, they have to install an addon language app which are available for download from Google Play Store.

What I found really interesting was Adaptxt’s support for Hinglish language, which Indians are quite used to while texting. Because “Hinglish” language words are not part of dictionary, it becomes very difficult as more often than not the inbuilt dictionary automatically changes those words from dictionary.

Adaptxt has probably collated all the most frequently used Hinglish words and put it in their predictive engine, which will allow users to type in Hinglish efficiently.

Hinglish Keyboard

The newest version of Adaptxt has slew of features which includes Installation Wizard, expandable suggestion bar, Automatic Text replacement, private text input mode, Accents Trimmer, Hide keyboard & more.

Check out the video below which shows how Adaptxt operates:

If you are an Android user, download Adaptxt from Google Play store and let us know what you think of this newest keyboard on the block.

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