Internet Trends: Online growth driven by China, India [presentation]


The “Internet Trends” presentation by Mary Meeker of Venture Capital firm KPCB is probably the most comprehensive one I have come across till date. This 112 slide presentation gives a detailed look at global Internet Landscape. Have a look at it if you have time, but if not, you should bookmark it for later reading. It has some really good insights.


Some interesting numbers regarding India:

– Out of 663 Million Internet users added last year, 384 million are from China and India alone. India has added 69 million internet users between 2008 to 2011.

– Currently India has 121 Million internet users, putting the penetration at 10%

Internet User Base – Top 10 Countries

internet trends

– India’s 3G penetration has grown substantially (partially because 3G launches recently in India). The year on year growth rate of 3G subscribers in India was whooping 841%.

– India Ranks 8th in the world currently for with a 3G subscriber base of 39 Million

3G subscriber Penetration & Growth

3G subscriber base

– Mobile Internet traffic has growth substantially over past 3 years. As of now, it is estimated that Mobile internet traffic has leapfrogged Desktop Internet traffic. We had written exactly the same about a month back.

Mobile Internet traffic Vs Desktop traffic

Internet traffic by Type

Here is the entire presentation given by Mary Meeker of Venture Capital firm KPCB (Please click on title if you are in feed reader)


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