Facebook launches promoted posts – A Marketers dream!


This is a big deal for Social Media Marketers. Facebook is rolling out “Promoted Posts”, a new channel for  advertisers and marketers which enable them to promote updates on per-post Basis. Facebook has made “Promoted Posts” so simple that any Facebook user can actually start promoting any of their updates with just a single click.

Facebook promoted post is currently being rolled out and is already available to many users in India. We used in on our Trak.in Facebook Page, and it was as easy as it gets. Here is the screenshot.

Promoted Posts

One thing which I don’t like is that it does not allow for custom campaigns. The campaigns start from minimum USD 5 (Rs. 270 approx.) and is in multiples of that.

Here are some of the Important pointers of Facebook Promoted Posts:

– You can promote recent posts directly from your Facebook Page timeline by going to the bottom of any post that’s been created within the past 3 days, and clicking on the “Promote” button.

– Any kind of posts can be promoted including status updates, photos, offers, videos and questions.

– All promoted posts will show in the news feeds of the people who like your Page and, when they interact with the post, to their friends. They will be labeled as sponsored in their news feed.

– You will be billed daily through the primary funding source you’ve designated in your Facebook Ads Manager, and only for the amount that is used to run your campaign.

– When you create a promoted post, you can target a specific location or language from the "Public" drop-down under the sharing tool.

– Like in case of regular Facebook ads and sponsored stories, promoted posts will be reviewed by our Facebook Ads Team, but generally they should start running as soon as they’re created.

Check out full list of Frequently Asked Questions for more answers.

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