Reliance 3G plan prices slashed by 90%!


I am super excited by this news!!

3G data prices are coming down fast – Recently Airtel slashed its 3G rates by 70%. Reliance has gone one step ahead and have launched plans that are 90% lower than previous 3G market rates.

After more than 18 months since the launch of 3G services in India, it is for the first time that 3G prices are coming under “affordability” range for a common mobile user.

reliance 3g pricing

According to press release sent to us, the new Netconnect 3G data plans now available across all 13 Reliance 3G circles, including Metros (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata) offer 1 GB 3G data for Rs. 250 per month and 2 GB of 3G data for Rs. 450 per month.

Reliance 3G Data plan prices

3G Data Usage

Billed amounts (Rs)

Up to 1000 MB


Greater than 1000 MB, up to 6000 MB

250 + 20p/MB for usage above 1000 MB

Greater than 6000 MB (Speed throttled)


Reliance has also launched something called as the “My Best Plan”, which will really be useful for many first time 3G data users.

“My Best Plan” generates the lowest bill for any data usage by the customer. The plan is ideal for a first time user who is not sure of his usage with the key benefit is “No bill shock” by billing upto 6 GB 3G data for Rs. 1250 and unlimited usage at no cost beyond 6 GB of usage. So for e.g: if the customer uses 2.5GB, the customer gets billed for  Rs 250 as rental and Rs 300 extra usage (at Rs 0.2/MB for 1.5 GB)—a total bill of Rs 550.

The above plans will be available for all mobile as well as USB Netconnect dongle users.

Like Airtel, Reliance does not have the “snacking packs” that have smaller validity and smaller quota of usage (atleast the press release does not talk about it). We tried looking at Reliance website, but looks like the new plans have not been updated on the RCom website.

Revised Airtel 3G Rates Vs Reliance Rates

Couple of days back Airtel slashed their 3G rates – If you compare Volume based pricing, Reliance offers much cheaper 3G rates. While Airtel offers 3p per 10k (which equates to Rs. 3 per MB), Reliance is offering 20 paise per MB, which much much lower than Airtel

Reliance Unlimited 3G plans

The press release also states that – “Reliance has the strongest unlimited 3G data plan portfolio starting at just Rs. 750 pm and is the only operator to offer unlimited 3G data on the prepaid platform.” Unlimited plans basically will come with certain restriction on 3G data after which speed will come down to 12b kbps.

Update:We spoke to Reliance and found that Rs. 750 is for 5GB of 3G data.

Overall, I think with this rate cut, 3G does come in the affordability range for mobile consumers. I am sure remaining mobile operators will follow suite soon!

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  3. unhappy says

    unhappy with the NETCONNECT+ Reliance, the speed in GURGAON Haryana is 100kbps, which was supposed to be 3Mbps….and customer service told me that in GURGAON they dont have highspeeds.. better find out your city and location before buying… or else get stuck!!

  4. Surajit Ghosh says

    Albert as far as I know, it will be 1x speed…that's what the spokesperson told me… which means 256 kbps only… But I am not sure… We will come to know about it tomorrow.

    Will update the post once I have further info….

  5. Wise Guy says

    Im looking for loopholes where i can get unlimited 3G or something like that….paying for so less is a big waste of bucks… 8)
    If operators can charge so much then y the heck can’t we search for alternative ways to exploit!!

  6. a.r.sharma says

    What do you mean by 90% reduction? Relience are charging high price for their 3g data.
    Why 3g? it is for downloading movies hd quality songs viewing videos etc.
    only for surfing sites and e mail 2g more than enough. but i can say relience signal is ok.

  7. Prakash Mishra says

    now, 3G plans will not down in this year.

  8. Akash Bindasboy says

    I feel that by the end of this year 3g cost would come down to 1/10th due to competition, so guys uptil then continue 2g.

  9. Akash Bindasboy says

    the termology of unlimited has changed these days by network operators.

    1. Albert says

      Only in India. :( and our country going back to old school speed = 1x Speed :(

  10. Hemant Chhajer says

    after reliance and idea any one launch 3g unlimited plan? Bcs after promised data they reduced their speed to 2g data,.. So is it there any unlimited data plan with lifetime 3g speed?

  11. Gurpreet Singh says

    Reliance 3g plans are good until FUP but after FUP , the speed is capped to a pathetic speed of just 64 kbps.
    That means your download speed will be in 8 – 10 KBps.
    So think before choosing a plan…..

  12. Peeyush Kumar says

    I don't know how one can say that its 'affordable' when there is a limit with FUP. Real deal will be when we will get true unlimited plans like rest of the world. TRAI should consider this issue soon or yet 3G will be a vapour-net.

  13. Ian Kathar says

    why don't people compare diffrent brands of 3g wit aircel 3g? wat we hv here is Rs. 750 worth 5gb on the other hand aircel r givin away sum very cheap plans, like Rs. 997 worth 10gb unlimited now how much differences is there wit reliance's Rs.750 n ofcourse there's Rs. 198 worth 1gb. no offence but I don't think reliance hv done any better job then aircel.

    1. Priyankeshu Parihar says

      well aircel is not offering 3G in many circles so it is nto much talked about! Reliance and Airtel have almost nationwide availability!

    2. Ian Kathar says

      Aircel has wide Network Coverage of its 3G Services and available in almost all circles in India. Currently Aircel is providing 3G service in more than 20 circles in all major cities and some towns of India..n yes! its true reliance n airtel hv more licence for 3g establishment over aircel but we the cosumers r not talkin about that but wat we r talkin about r the Pricing of plans. so wat they should do is not compare among the high pricing plans if that happns the rate wil nevr come down..who wans to spend Rs.600-Rs.700 above for just 1 Full HD movie, infact we cn all check out the Rs. 997 unlimited plan of aircel 3g worth 10GB

  14. Suneel says

    Reliance is well known for its pathetic speeds and un-responsive customer support. So, people who would be apprehensive even to prefer Reliance than any one else.

    But, slashing the prices is highly welcome as mobile startups can have a fresh breath of confidence that their products or services are within the reach of a common man.

    And reducing the prices now might be a catch to increase the subscriber base and make them get into the habit of using 3G and then raise the prices again. Just like how it happened with 1paise per 1 sec voice calls.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Agreed….and the reason for me being excited is that Internet startup Ecosystem stands to benefit the most due to falling 3G prices… If 3G price war happens like it happened for call tariff’s consumers will benefit hugely… broadband prices will come down as well…

  15. Albert says

    Thanks for the Good news Arun.

    5GB Data for Rs. 750 is the golden plan for 3G users like me. But what about Post 5GB usage? I mean the FUP details.

    If they are offering 512Kbps after 5G means, I will cancel my AirTel landline broadband and buy this Reliance Dongle. Currently AirTel is screwing landline broadband customers with 256Kbps old school speed.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Albert as far as I know, it will be 1x speed…thats what the spokesperson told me… which means 256 kbps only… But I am not sure… We will come to know about it tomorrow.

      Will update the post once I have further info…

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