Average IT / Software Salaries in India [Report]


If you are an IT professional and in midst of a change of job or an appraisal, this report may be very beneficial for you. ZDNet Asia conducted an online survey between March 2011 and March 2012 to find salary packages of IT professionals from India.


The study findings are based on 508 Indian participants. Of these, 176 of them had less than 5 years of experience in IT industry and 254 had between 5 and 10 years, while 78 had more than 10 years’ worth of experience. Although this is definitely not a very large size, it is enough to draw broad conclusions about the salaries that IT professionals get in India.

So, if you are currently unsure of if your salary is more or less compared to your peers across IT Industry – This should definitely give you a good pointer at where you stand.

Average annual salary by IT skills & Experience (in rupees)

IT skills

Years of Experience
Less than 5 years 5-10 years More than 10 years
Application Development 431,616 881,376 1,364,788
Desktops/Software 318,395 640,154 949,618
System Administration 295,679 617,957 979,079
Servers/Networking 349,295 666,986 1,073,571
Web Development 447,126
Operating Systems 293,032 661,507 954,408
Database Management 386,741 685,909 1,214,667
Web Services 421,458
Infrastructure Management 334,958 781,422 1,209,714
IT Outsourcing 419,391
Consulting/Business Services 993,250 1,326,471
Web Development 798,637 1,271,278
Enterprise Applications 892,982 1,292,105

It is clear that if you are less experiences IT professional, Web development is currently the hottest thing. With everything moving on cloud, there is no doubt that web development is only going to grow. While if you are a senior IT professional or a consultant, you stand to earn higher than you peers who have other IT skills.

On the other hand system admin & Operating system jobs are lowest paid in the IT Industry on whole.

Average annual salary job function and industry (in INR)

Job Function            
IT, Web & Telecom Government, Education & Health Legal & Finance Media, Marketing & Sales (non-IT) Manufacturing, Services & Others (non-IT) Overall
IT Management 1,000,012 574,091 986,500 794,667 874,444 903,216
Project Management 965,149 632,500 453,333 923,488 772,143 930,901
Systems Development 585,276 385,250 688,000 492,727 574,525
Communications 722,750 423,667 384,667 603,281
Support 462,599 234,000 482,500 300,000 438,143 440,505
Administration 489,936 408,700 591,400 320,000 452,100 484,854
Other IT Professionals 834,250 220,000 766,000
Overall 731,996 478,827 667,800 744,217 564,922 695,236

If you are an IT professional working in IT or Telecom Industry you stand to earn much more than your peers in other Industries. Government, Education & health are the worst paying Industries for an IT professional.

Read the entire survey by ZDNet Asia who also have benchmarks based on various IT Job functions, years of experience & IT skills

  1. Sidhraj Solanki says

    its a great work but it is 50% wrong data.

  2. sid says

    All I can say for the people asking for more wages is that if you want the same rate as they get in west why would they send their work to india instead of doing it in their own country..

  3. Anish says

    Lets create a group in facebook so that all i.t professionals can come under a union to fight against low vages.

  4. Amol Kapalay says

    Jago coder jago!

  5. Shortchanged says

    The salaries are too less in India. 12 lacs per annum for 10 years of experience ! Its really less. Indians are willing to work for low wages and live with compromised lifestyles and thats why we get paid less. We need an union to fight for as good pay packages as you get elsewhere. Example: A job function say Tech lead J2EE, that pays you 90,000 USD in USA, would be around the same scale even in UK, France, Saudi, UAE, Singapore , HongKong, Australia. BUT, when it comes to india, a Tech lead will not even make 30 percent of that figure. Why the speacial CHEAP rates in india ?? Because you and me do not revolt against this. We badly need an union in IT

    1. Shaji says

      dont compare with west , East
      In India you can live lavishly with 10 L per annum
      we need to do a socio-eco balancing as well.
      other side of it, IT coding guys spend lots of time in time-pass, who will bear the cost of it.

      I have been a CEO of an IT firm and I understand the issues so you are wrong in projection.

      1. @bs says

        Dear shaji,
        U can see IT guys do lot of timepass but can’t u see they never miss deadlines.. They works like anything when project is in critical condition.. People like u will share at the most 30% of what earning and rest is totally in ur pocket…injustice.. Remember if u will keep people in organization happy ur organization will b wealthy or else tie tie fishhhh…

    2. raj says

      you are right , thats why i leave companies every bw 1-3 yrs to takes few moths off to relax, i did not mind leaving TCS sapient like companies …. becoz Its better to sit at home with friends family relative neighbour than to be such a RAT race …. with low income pkgs. we have wonderful life to live after all merely breathing is not LIVING

  6. Chirag says

    It’s too less compared to our western counterparts!

  7. JD says

    Boss..Hope you have not read this ;)

  8. Manu Maheshwari says

    IT salaries.

    1. Aditi (@gaditi13) says

      Good stats at the high level. This site: http://Zuby.in allows users to search salaries by companies, location and experience.

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