A Big Hoax: UNESCO announces INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM as BEST in the World


Note: Looks like this is a very old hoax… however, I put this up because I came across it just today and that too from 2 different sources. Hence, the reason for putting this up. Now I feel like a fool :)

I am sure by now most of you may have already saw message pop-up on your Facebook time line, or then in a forwarded email or on a forum saying UNESCO announces INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM as BEST in the National Anthem in the World.


Now, I am sure all the Indians out there are very proud of it, unfortunately it looks like a hoax – A figment of someone’s imagination.

Please do not believe it.

I personally tried finding more information on it and there is absolutely nothing about it either on UNESCO or any other reputable site. The message is only on social networking sites and forums. There is absolutely no proof of it. If such an announcement was true,it would be widely reported and of course hotly debated as well!
The story is no more than an Internet rumour or a prank played by someone.

So, if you find this message anywhere…send them this url!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Arti Bhatti says

    I don’t think so any national anthem needs a comment or accreditation from UNESCO or any other international organisation. The national anthem of each country is best in its purpose and meaning. we must respect that and not rate them.

  2. Rohit Srivastwa says

    It's a stale & false claim. I used to get these as forwarded spam few years back.

    the fwd:fwd:fwd>>> days of emails are now back on facebook :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, you are right…it is stale… But I had not come across it earlier and not only that.. I saw it twice in a day..on FB and on email…and so I thought it was new… I should probably add a note in there..

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