New Indian “ish” Watch gives Indian Standard…err Stretchable time!


I don’t need to explain much about how punctual Indians are – They are always “just 5 minutes” away from anywhere, which generally takes considerably much more time. The timings are never perfect – They are generally 8’ish or 11’ish. Infact, it is sometimes so ingrained in our Psyche that if by chance you reach on time, you are the odd one out!

Two creative minds have taken this concept of Indian Time and actually designed a watch around it under the brand name HYPHEN. The watch called “The ‘ish Watch” aptly shows that Indian times are not standard but stretchable! This watch is brainchild of  Prasanna Sankhe, Ex-Creative Director for Publicis India and his partner Alok Nanda.

Indian ish watch

Here is the ish watch in their own words:

In India, ‘fashionably late’ is safely replaced with ‘predictably late’. Cow blockades, politician escorts, and cratered roads, compound the problem and offer a valid excuse. So when you reach half-an-hour after the appointed time, you don’t explain yourself. You wait for the other person to arrive.

We used this life insight, and added some dark humour to it.

We simply added a suffix to time periods. And moved the numerals from their classic perpendicular positions, tilting them to an approximate point on the dial. Hence six was not six. Eight was not eight. It was ‘six-ish’ and ‘eight-ish’. Thus was born the ‘ish Watch’.

The audience instantly connected with the watch, as it reminded them of the times they had been either the victim or culprit of tardiness. However, as a ‘non-punctual’ attitude is almost part of the Indian ethos, they bought into the idea and the watch, without delay.

They have come up with a wonderful video that presents the ish watch in its full glory – This is a must watch :)

If you are in Mumbai you can pick up this watch from the Filter shop at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

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