Advantages of buying a used car in India


We know nothing beats the feel and drive of a new car, but gone are the days when your idea of buying a used car in India was limited to dodgy road side car mechanics. The used car segment in India has recently taken massive leaps and the buyer now has access to certified used cars, good post-sale services and much more.

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Here are 5 reasons why you can consider buying a used car in India.

Used cars come with warranty

We know that the sound of warranty is music to your ears when we talk about used cars, isn’t it? Well that’s exactly what you get when you purchase a used car from one of the many company owned used car outlets. However, you should note that this warranty generally comes with a certain limit on the kms you travel in that stipulated time period.

Post-sale services

Company owned pre-owned car sales outlets also offer great post-sale services. For example, Hyundai Advantage offers two free services on your purchase of a used car in India. Ford Assured on the other hand, offers 3 free services when you buy a used car from one of their outlets. The thought of post-sale services on used car in India itself is comforting for any buyer. No longer do you have to argue and fight over the replacement of a broken part with the local mechanic.

You can buy a higher model in your budget

Let’s consider for a moment that you are planning to buy the Tata Indica and have a budget inclusive of the car itself and on-road costs. Your budget only allows you to buy a brand new entry level Tata Indica from the Tata Motors showroom. However, at Tata Assured, which is Tata Motor’s flagship entry into the used car market in India, you may be able to find a higher level model of Tata India at a cheaper cost. Now we must not forget that the used car too comes with a warranty and a certain level of peace of mind. Wouldn’t you like having all the extra benefits of a higher model including an air-conditioner, mp3/cd player, power windows, good upholstery, alloy wheels and other attractive accessories?

Insurance is cheaper on used cars

No rocket science here, ladies and gentlemen. As we would imagine, the insurance premium on your new car will be much higher than a used car. The value of the used car you buy in India will already have depreciated, which means that you will be paying a lower premium than what you would pay on a spanking new car.

Certified cars come with a pre-delivery check by expert engineers

Another big advantage of buying used cars in India from a company outlet is that most companies offer certified used cars which come with a pre-delivery check of the car. This means that expert engineers will do certain technical checks on the car and assure you of the reliability and quality of the used car that you are about to buy.

After reading this if you think you need to look at Certified pre-owned card, Here are some of the Auto manufacturer’s used car programs:

What do you think? Are Used cars a good viable option?

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    Used car markets still remains dominated by local mechanics etc and hence we have a need for an online evaluation tool like becomes essential. We provide the value if your car online instantaneously. Please check and let us know your feedback.

  2. Car buying selling says

    “I really liked the part when you discussed do and don’ts of a great car buying selling, and especially the part about how to buy the car correctly. Really helped me improve my car buying and selling You think you could make a post about car buying courses? I would have loved that!”

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    Even if we buy a brand new car, with in 1 or 2 months, it gets some sort of dent or scratch and in 6 months it looks like a old car unless you are obsessed with your car and show utmost care to the car.
    If you are parking your new car in public places like near theaters, Malls or exhibition grounds, some useless guys will scratch the car. They get some kind of psychic pleasure in doing that.
    From this angle, in 6 months after you buy a car (new or used car) you cant tell the difference. This is another advantage of buying a used car.
    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Now that is a real big reason.. I fully agree with it.. A new car becomes used as soon as it comes on the roads in India!

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