SOPA and PIPA explained Beautifully! [Video]


This whole week Internet has been abuzz with SOPA and PIPA. Most of the online biggies opposed these 2 acts that threaten to put an end to the way we share & express on the internet. Wikipedia went to the extent of blackening out their entire site for a period of 24 hours.

Most of us know and understand that SOPA & PIPA will bring heavy censorship on internet sharing, however, do you know the details of how these 2 acts will work?

Salman Khan of Khan Academy has made an excellent 11 minute video, that beautifully explains the nitty-gritties of these Acts and what they could end up enabling.

If you watch this video, even a school going kid will understand what SOPA and PIPA acts are all about.

SOPA & PIPA explained

[This video has been put as number of our readers requested us to put something up that could explain them these 2 acts – The above video does that job beautifully]

[via- @aparanjape]

  1. Jagan says

    Perfect explanation. let see the future development in this.

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