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Indian Auto Expo 2012 unveiled some great Cars which are expected to come in 2012 – We have made a list of what we thought were the best of the lot and the ones which really excited Indian users.

Last week a hacker group released a secret memo that showed Indian Government having a pact with RIM, Nokia & Apple granting them Indian market presence in lieu of backdoor access on their devices and network!

Indian Telecom growth seems to have slowed down drastically – India recorded lowest growth rate of Telecom Subscribers in past 5 years. The surprising aspect of it was that Tata Docomo lost close to 4.4 million subscribers in one month.

Social Media is important, especially for reputation of Individuals & Companies – Here are tips to protect Company’s reputation on Social Media!

RBI has announced “Zero Liability”reforms for Indian Credit Card Consumers. This will ensure that Credit card companies cannot fleece their consumers.

Another big news of last week was that Government approved 100% FDI in Single Brand Retail – This will great news for many existing and potential foreign brands that want presence in India.

Here is a look at all the Indian funding deals from the previous week. (2nd to 8th Jan 2012)

Maharashtra Government has launched a new electronic portal – Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS) – to receive online payments in addition to the conventional modes of payment.

Tata has added another feather to its already crowded cap! They have unveiled a prototype of a approx. USD 20,000 electric car – eMO – that can easily carry four passengers.

Ecommerce is currently hot in India, with Millions of Dollars of VC money getting invested in it – Here are 8 reasons why Ecommerce will fail in India.

Government announced another initiative that will subsidize Mobile Bills in rural areas – But given the rules of this scheme, it looks like not many will benefit from this scheme.

A Delhi High Court Judge has given a stern warning to 21 internet companies including Facebook, Google & others to ensure checks and filtering of “obscene & offensive” that is published on their platform otherwise they will be forced to pull the plug on these sites just like China.

The pilot of Aakash Tablet has run into rough weather – However, given the interest that it has generated, MHRD is planning to float a tender of Millions of cheap tablets.

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