What to look forward to on trak.in in 2012!


Trak.in had a decent year 2011 – The average traffic at last year grew by almost 50 percent. We had set a target of doubling our traffic last year – We could not achieve it, partly because, many plans that we had, did not get implemented (for whatever reasons).

In 2012, though we have quite a few ambitious plans for trak.in – This post talks about few of those, so that are readers are aware of what to look forward to in 2012.



Trak.in Redesign

Trak.in redesign has been pending for such a long time that I am myself ashamed of giving any dates. It was supposed to happen somewhere around June 2011, but has not happened yet. One of the reasons is the framework on which trak.in is built – an update to that framework was expected to come last year and it has not come yet. I will be giving it till the end of January – but if the update does not come till then, I will be forced to move to another WP framework.

One of the most important things that we plan is to make our Homepage more friendly to wide variety of readers. Currently we are not doing a good job presenting our content.

If you are a WordPress (thesis) designer you should get in touch with us!

Moving to Cloud

One thing I have been extremely happy about in 2011 is the uptime of our servers through-out this year. It has been phenomenal to say the least. We only had about 4 hours of downtime in 2011 and we plan to reduce it even further in 2012. The site load times have been below 5 seconds, which is average right now. To reduce the loading times of trak.in to sub 3 seconds,  we will be moving to a cloud based infrastructure. This is expected to be done sometime in June 2012.

Reduction of Advertisements

We will be reducing the number of advertisements that appear on the blog, especially to our regular users. We will also offer readers a option of hiding all the advertisements, so they will have a Ads-free reading experience!

New Writers

Throughout 2011, we have tried to bring a mix of writers who are experts in different fields. But getting passionate regular writers is extremely difficult. However, we have been talking to various expert writer and they will be coming on board in coming months. Expect some real quality articles from them.

If you are interested in writing for us, do get in touch with us!

Mobile Version and Mobile Apps

Trak.in has also seen big jump in number of visitors that come either from their mobile phones or tablets. Currently, we do have a trak.in mobile site, however, to visit mobile site, user he has to type a different url – . We will shortly implement a function where automatically reader’s device will be detected and content will be served accordingly. We will also be releasing trak.in mobile apps for different mobile platforms which will work on push rather than pull technologies, which will make readers aware of content as soon as it is published on trak.in.

Content Quality

This is the most important thing that we will concentrate on in 2012 – Quality of content that is offered to our readers. Over past year, we have sometimes fallen short on quality, but going forward, we will try to minimize the errors and improve the quality of content offered on trak.in!

We have quite a few other things planned as well that you will see implemented in 2012 – but mentioned above are some of the aspects that will surely be done.

If you have any suggestions for us, do not hesitate to comment or send us a mail. We take our readers seriously and will do utmost to ensure their satisfaction!

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