Pakistan’s Telecom Authority ridiculously Bans 1600 words from SMSes, DoT/ TRAI please don’t follow cue!


OK, I am pretty sure Indian Telecom bosses will not do the same, but you can never vouch for Babu’s in India…can you?

If you have already not heard about it, Pakistan’s Telecom Authority has come out with a ruling that all the telecom operators in Pakistan will have to ensure that around 1600 designated words will be banned while sending sms text messages. Today is the deadline for Pakistan’s Telecom Operators to implement the ban!


I can understand banning of certain keywords that probably are insulting to religious sentiments or are out-right obscene. If at all, count of such words should be in the region of 50 or max 100. But banning 1600 words is just unfathomable!. With that kind restriction every 10th message may get banned from being sent.

I just went through the 1695 words that have been published on Google Docs – and here are some words which I think just don’t make any sense.

  1. Damn / Damn it
  2. Deposit
  3. Devil
  4. Deeper
  5. Dome
  6. Fairy
  7. God Damn
  8. Harder
  9. Headlights
  10. Hell Yes
  11. Hen House
  12. joint
  13. looser
  14. lotion
  15. quickie
  16. robber
  17. showtime

I mean I just don’t understand the reason for banning words like “fairy”, “robber” etc.. What should I do when I have to quickly message someone that “I have a robber in my house” !

Just for fun, I suggest you go ahead and have a look at the entire list – it will at least be good for laughs, if not anything else.

I really pity our Pakistani friends and I hope that DoT / TRAI do not follow the cue of their Pakistani counterparts and implement this sort of directive here as well!

What do you think?

  1. Balaji yadhav says

    Quickie,Deeper,Harder,Hell Yes ………….
    Wonder why was it banned

  2. Tablet World says

    One cant send a SMS like "Pls suggest a remedy for JOINT pains" or "My car's HEADLIGHTS are not working, can I borrow yours?"….

  3. Gayatri Murralidharan says

    shocking! is this some moral science class project!

  4. Daniyal Hasan says

    To be very honest. Where is this going to lead to? A better world? Maybe. A better community? No. peace? No. More frustration amongst the youth? HELL YEAH!

  5. Rohit says

    Just checked the list. I agree that the list contains a lot of abusive and inappropriate words but the words you mentioned are not justified for ban.

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