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Yes, has its own Google Plus Page now – We wanted it since Google launched 4 months back, but it became possible only after Google+ opened pages for Brands and Businesses. Google  Page

And before you ask – It will not be an automated RSS / feed push to Google Plus like Facebook or Twitter. I intend to have real activity on this Google+ page. Obviously, we will post all the article updates there – But we plan to do a lot more than that!

The first and foremost will be hangouts, an awesome group video chatting feature of Google+. I will have weekly or twice in a week hangouts, where readers can come and discuss anything and everything they want.

We will also be posting a lot of updates on Google+ which generally are not fit to be covered on main blog – so you will have a lot more fodder to chew.

There are lot more things in pipeline, as Google+ plans to add lot more features to these pages in coming weeks and months.

But for all this this to happen, you need to be part of this page. Go ahead subscribe to Google+ Page!

Just click on the Google Plus Icon below to go to the page!

Looking forward to seeing you there…

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