1. […] to its Indian users – Close to the heels of news coming out that the transactions over USD 500 will be reversed, Paypal seems to have done a complete U […]

  2. Hari Yellapu says

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  3. Sojan says

    Oh it is a terrible news. I heard a news that RBI is asking the details of the clients who received $500 above transactions and Paypal is denied it, so this will happen.

  4. Pooja Gupta says

    There is such a big need for a PayPal alternative (specifically for Indians).

  5. Pradeep says

    terrible news!!!
    there was already so many issues and now this shocker
    You said it right “Paypal days in India are coming to an end – This just cant go on!”

  6. Shrikant Joshi says

    PayPal was a useful site when they allowed PayPal-to-PayPal transactions without a fee – that is probably the only plus in PayPal’s long list of minuses. After that, it has been all downhill. Then they succumbed to shitty govt. regulations without so much as a squeak of protest. For me, the banning of the WikiLeaks account was the last straw.

    Time to delete that PayPal account once and forever.

    Alternatives? Search and ye shall find.

    Or maybe, it is time to build one. Whuffies, anyone?

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