Qwerty Android Mobiles Comparison: LG Optimus Pro vs Motorola Fire


LG Optimus Pro and Motorola Fire are two Android 2.3 powered phones released in the last two days. The phones share similar launch dates and whole lot of other things too. Both the phones have the same form factor of touch + type with a 2.8 inch touch screen and a full QWERTY keypad, both are powered by Android 2.3 and both are priced in the same price range 5K-10K.

LG Optimus Pro and Motorola Fire are so closely competing with each that it is hard to pick a winner. But we looked at the subtle differences to come out with a winner. Read the rest of the post to find out.

LG Optimus Pro


Motorola Fire

Screen Type & Size

Both Optimus Pro and Motorola Fire share the same screen type and size with the same exact resolution. The actual feel might be different but nothing to differentiate based on the specifications.

Processor, Memory and RAM

LG Optimus Pro and Motorola Fire differ in the processing department. LG Optimus Pro comes with a 800 MHz processor without any dedicated GPU, while Motorola Fire comes with 600 MHz processor with a Adreno 200 GPU. This is a subtle difference for a normal observer but a key difference for us.

Both the phones are powered by 256 MB RAM and the memory can be expanded to 32 GB. Not much to choose from here.

Camera, Video and Audio

Not much to choose in this department too. LG Optimus Pro comes with a 3.15 MP camera and Motorola Fire comes with a 3 MP. Does 0.15 MP matter? It won’t for the casual observer. With a GPU on Motorola Fire, the video performance could be better than LG Optimus Pro. FM radio is present on both the phones.


Nothing to compare here too. Both the phones have similar connectivity and come with a WiFi hotspot option.


LG Optimus Pro has a slightly bigger battery (1500 mAh) when compared with Motorola Fire’s 1420 mAh. That doesn’t guarantee a longer talk time. In fact, the talk time details of both the phones are hard to come by.


There’s a 1K price difference between Motorola Fire and LG Optimus Pro. Fire wins this department, which is also a key factor in choosing a phone.


We have done comparisons in the past and haven’t seen this close a match. LG Optimus Pro has its advantages and Motorola Fire has its advantages. Considering everything on the plate, I would pick Motorola Fire because of its price, GPU and Motorola’s cozy relationship with Google.

May be the Google relationship doesn’t count for much but the other two factors are worth considering. If Motorola Fire is qualified for future Android software upgrades, I expect it to be one of the first phones get that update.

PS : Based on the looks, LG Optimus Pro has a more professional look like a Blackberry. Motorola Fire carries some baggage with it and looks like Samsung Corby.

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  1. Nilesh Mishra says

    compatibility of motorola to be good.

  2. Joe Red Joe says

    Camera no flash led

  3. Rohit says

    Really, we rarely see such a close competition. If I have the option of choosing between these two only, I will also choose Motorola but when it comes to brand name, I always prefer Nokia or Samsung over others.

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