The Real Grass-roots Innovation by Indian wins Best Product Design!


When I saw this low-cost low-tech simple yet extremely useful Product design – I was quite amazed as to why have we not seen it as yet. It would have saved back aches of thousands, if not millions of people who carry / push load on daily basis.

In a contest arranged by Core77, the product – Load Carrier for Labor – designed & created by Vikram Dinubhai Panchal of The National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad won in the product / equipment category!

This winning product was made at a miniscule cost of Rs. 300 and has potential to affect lives of millions of people across the globe. “Load carrier for labor” project aims to improve the working condition of labourers and workers at many places globally like construction site, factories, ports, railway stations, etc The objective is to prevent various occupational hazards and demonstrating Product design and ergonomic consideration in welfare of human life.

Load Carrier for Labourer Pictures


[A push cart as well as a backpack which can pick-up heavy loads]


[To carry Loads overhead with ease]


[and a pushcart as well…]

Won’t this Rs. 300 product be a dream come true for labourers who carry heavy loads day-in and day-out. This is the Real grass-roots innovation!

You can check out the details of this product by visiting their product page.


    Fine product 1 Can be used in Sabarimala pilgrimage in carrying people & essential commodites

  2. megashare says

    okay type nathing super…just a utility Insight.

  3. Sean says

    That’s the beauty of India Engineering.
    it’s cheap, useful and usable by everyone.

  4. Chandra Mohan says

    nice to see innovative products for common man.

  5. Rohitash says

    very simple, uncommon product design, very useful, easily produce-able, at low strain & high output giving design…… excellent !!!!!!!!!!! really appreciable invention by.

  6. Anantha Rishikesan Thamotharan says

    WOW, looks great… good to know that innovation are focused on these areas…….

  7. Pradeep Ghosh says

    Great Innovation. Congrats to Khemji bhai, Prof Anil Gupta and Prof Panchal for bringing such an innovation.

  8. Vaz Fredrick says

    problem are the wheels , -Indian roads aren't good enough – got to have 4×4 type wheels.

  9. Piyush Khanna says

    For Us, By Us…

  10. Arun Kumbhat says

    Genius is always simple…

    1. Paritosh Bhandari says

      big fan of simple yet useful stuff

  11. Mary R Jami says

    its simple to look! bt really helpful….. elegant…thnxxx theee 4 your great mind.

  12. Sachin B Shetty says

    check this out! Load Carrier for Labourers – This is innovation! I say

  13. Nithya Suresh says

    superb! very useful innovation for the will be nice if it comes to the practical life as early as possible.

  14. Bhavya Gupta says

    Wonderful and so simple innovation! Bravo!

  15. Rahul Hada says

    simple yet very useful innovation.

  16. Rubish says

    It certainly seems useful and amazing, but we can’t really say if it would be a success, until we put it out in the market or ask 30-40 laborers to use it.

  17. Rajeesh Panekkatt V says


  18. Malleswara Rao Venkata Balabhadra says


  19. Mihir Naik says


  20. Egbert Bouwhuis says

    Nice idea, wonder how it looks like after a few years of (heavy) use ;-) and also wonder how it will compete with new small innovative lorries. Any comment on this?

  21. Sandeep Kr Singhal says

    Great mind have been invested to bring out this concept on the desk…

  22. Venkataragavan K Naranyanswamy says


  23. Raghu Raman says

    useful forever

  24. Shradha Bagaria says

    Really happy to know that people think of such ideas and work towards them… :)

    1. Debrup Sanyal says


  25. Sajjad Hameed Siddiquee says


  26. Manoj Deshmukh says

    super duper!

  27. Vamshidhar Beera says

    I need one..samsaara bharam moyadaniki..hh.

  28. Ahmed Anwar says


  29. Sachin Soni says

    simple thing essential for innovation…….

    1. Sachin Soni says

      gr8 work..

    2. Sachin Soni says

      must watch..

  30. Goutam Kumar says

    This is really heartening to see such a simple yet powerful innovation capable of effecting lives across the globe……i m willing to invest my time and energy in to this!

  31. Hari Panchal says

    Really innovative! I like it. it is a effective. I want to know that who has made it/resource person please.

  32. Anil Gupta says

    I am very happy that khemji bhai's idea of panihari which was taken up for value addition at NID through gian and nif;s grids has been taken so much forward by prof Panchal, keep it up, we are happy that these problems are getting attention fo designers at long last.

    1. Navdip Modi says

      Very nice innovation…It's very helpful for Construction site..

    2. Irfan Ahmed says

      They should make a heavy duty version for the coolies in Shimla — it was always frightening to see those men carrying all kinds of huge loads.

    3. Abhinav Gupta says

      This is very good indeed sir. Brig Ganesh Pogula had pointed out a number of issues with the existing design and this seems to have tacked a number of them, successfully..!

    4. Hari Panchal says

      excellent innovative,I like it.

  33. Praveen Mg says

    Innovation doesn't have to be complicated; it can be as simple as this..

  34. Senthil Kumar says

    Simple as well as elegant design…beyond expectations.

  35. Shekhar Shetty says looks simple…

  36. Prasath Thirukonda says

    WOW! Simple design

  37. Naveen George says

    All cheers to you Vikram dhinubhai Panchal….
    I simply have no words to praise your Genius.

  38. Parth Mishra says

    Just Awesome

  39. Ajay Walia says

    Good Work!

  40. Ajay Walia says

    Guess not we should make it available Easily , so that people can use it.

  41. Sarath Babu R H says

    Gr8 Idea!

  42. Bijit Kundu says

    great design…

  43. Arun_ls says

    great, the best I have seen of an Indian design.

  44. Vartran says

    Cool design for a lady…

  45. Pradeep Nimmagadda says

    nICE iNnovation..Very helpful..
    Simple nd Awesome.

  46. Shereena P Joy says

    gud one :)

  47. Nitin Donde says

    I want one. where do I place an order for it. can it be delivered at iit delhi? I'd like 1vwith bigger wheels though…

  48. Harshad Shah says

    Most suitable to Indian working conditions, need based innovation in material handling/lifting system at minimum cost, certainly to be admired & welcome by Indian labors as a convenient equipment.

  49. Nitin Donde says

    wow! love it.

  50. Usman Malik says

    I am not sure how this is innovative, but respect for the initiative to put all the features of External Frame Backpack together with trolley.

    Respect from Pakistan.

  51. Chris Wilson says

    I like it!

  52. Durlav Dhadumia says

    really great work..simple and quite effective…

  53. Andy Morgan says

    Another simple yet effective invention…Kudos!

  54. Pradeep Chaudhary says

    That's just great. just imagine how this will change the life of labors.

  55. Gajanan Gambhire says

    Awesome…Very simple and mind blowing.

  56. Prashant Patil says

    nice innovation.. simple but very worthy.

  57. Chris Song says

    coming to airports near you!

  58. Arunachalam Thirumoorthy says

    Really good n simple.

  59. Manika Bhagra says

    Great thinking, needed badly especially in the hills! The point is when do we see it hitting the market? When does this Rs 300/- thing become visible on the roads being used by those in need?

  60. Tushar Mhawarkar says

    that's a great design, will help a lot to the workers at construction sites.

  61. Raj Ahmed says

    awesome…best things in are world are always simple and efficient.

  62. Mohan Gowda says

    really a wonderful job.

  63. Sonal A. Usgaonker says

    this is very similar to a dolly we use at school to lift classroom furniture; comes in pretty handy. Great innovation!

  64. Ravi Sharma says

    Great Innovation! Simple and effective.

  65. Anuradha Mulkar says


  66. Santhosh Kumar Mh says

    simple nd nice, I think construction people shuld make use of it..

  67. Samriddhi Sengupta says

    Truly amazing! Why didn't we think of this before! Kudos @Vikram Dinubhai Panchal!

  68. Aswad Joshi says

    "Mathyawarche jadd zaleyyyyyy oozheee"…..arey maag heee pushcart vapra….zakhasss..VCs r u listening?

  69. Yvette van Keulen says


  70. Niloy Debnath says

    We see a lot of innovations coming out of India, however most of them hit a bottle neck, when it comes to commercialization. A brilliant effort, nevertheless!

  71. shree madhan says

    nice idea it helps the poor people

  72. Carolyn Ray Weinhold says

    That will work great in Africa.

  73. Singh Pushpinder says

    exhibition of brilliance.

  74. Akshat Upadhyay says

    Scuh a goodwork! But it il surely have issues with wheel size. Whatsoever its a masterpiece.

  75. Aparna Samala says

    just superb , I hope it reaches to people who can use it on daily basis.

  76. Badari Nath says

    The Reeeaaaallll Innovation.. Hats off.. abundance of talent in India but what about support and encouragement for them?

  77. Jelumalai Jayaraman says

    Simple & More Usable!

  78. Madhu Sudhan says

    Defnitely a Lifesaver.

  79. Felicia Woods says


  80. Nikhil Patel says

    Real nice! Hope it becomes a reality – though slightly bigger wheels may be better.

  81. Jay Shah says

    Excellent talent! "Lifesaver" for many people around the world! Rated -AAA +++++.

  82. Jeff Cave says

    aka The External Frame Pack… It's a nicely designed one, but its funny how "Old" is "New". Mine is 40 years old, made of aluminum, has the wheels but not the overhead, and the bottom folds out of the way when you need to store it.

  83. Roberto Mutigli says


  84. Michael McDonald says

    If you think this is great, check out "Eye In The Sky Screener!"

  85. Shridhar Hegde says

    good :)

  86. Narayanaswamy says

    This is awesome! Truly wonderful idea.
    But, I still doubt how this will change the conventional mindset of people.

  87. Saurav Kaintura says

    its awesome………………….

  88. Praveen Gill says

    Needs bigger wheels and field trial.

  89. Sagar Arlekar says

    Simple + Brilliant.

  90. Amit Lakhotia says

    Simply awesome!

  91. Chart Guru says

    nice, very good product.

  92. Mobile Locator Software says

    This is really the best design. It is cheap so a laborer can easily buy it and make his life much easier than before.

  93. Onkar Joshi says

    The great example of “Thinking out of the box”.

  94. Saurabh Mukhekar says

    Really nice, very happy to see that somebody also trying to boom our farmville and others.

  95. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  96. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  97. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  98. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  99. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  100. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  101. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  102. R Durga Sekhar says

    Best product for labor and better one for poor indian school kids… Change india, change parents perceptions.

  103. Yash Gadhiya says

    Amazing. Our school kids may have a use for this!

  104. Manoj Joshi says

    no doubt excellent & most creative things are so simple…

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