Now, buy groceries on Facebook, aaram se !


Facebook is changing the world around us – It has now become much more than just a social network – It has become a gaming hub, a marketing platform, a event organizer, an ecommerce shop and hundreds of others things that we do in our daily lives!

Now, we can add one more unique thing to this long list – Facebook can now act as your Kirana shop as well! A new online store called Aaramshop has bought groceries on your favourite Social Network Facebook!

They do have a regular online store where you can buy stuff like any other ecommerce site, however, they also gone ahead and put their grocery listings on Facebook.


But, it stops there – I was actually quite excited when I came to know about it, but at this point their Facebook integration is limited to showing listing of products only.

What I really hoped to see was a deeper Facebook integration. Currently, if you click on the listings, it takes you to their main website and you can browse other products and make purchases there.

It would have been great if Aaramshop could have added their entire listing to Facebook, and also, allowed users to share, recommend & rate their products. That would have made it really viral.

I am sure going forward Aaramshop may have plans to do a deeper integration. The good part though is, you can register / signin via Facebook on aaramshop website and buy your products. I did not go through the entire process, but I do see that Aaramshop has taken efforts to make the website more social than others and Facebook acts as the main authentication platform for them.

These are signs of what we should expect in near future, where most of our online buying will have social (aka Facebook) component to it.

Give it a try and let us know what you think about about it!

  1. Arvind Dabas says

    This is a great idea, you can buy grocery at facebook, Online shopping is on boom this time and when it will attach to social media it will be super beneficial to all. I like the idea, go ahead and do some amazing work.

  2. Online Retail sector is definitely booming though it is still in nascent stage. With the jump of various Start-ups like AS into the online retail foray, it has become lucrative area even for retailers/wholesalers who have been selling groceries offline on stores without leveraging the technology and internet. One such Retailer/wholesaler from Delhi ( has also come up with similar idea of connecting with their customers directly through internet bookings; saving the time and hassle for customers and providing free Home Delivery within Delhi and NCR. These sorts of initiatives from the REAL Retailers/Grocers help us save Middleman cost and more importantly increases the accountability and loyality of the Retail stores. With more than 25 years of experience in Retail grocery trading in the hub of Grocery Market in Chandni Chowk, Delhi; is poised to provide Best Quality Dry Fruits, Spices, Pulses, Rice and many more. Nevertheless, only time and efforts from all these online Retailers will guide the future of Online Retailing and it will be interesting to see how customers perceive such initiatives. Though it is on the discretion of customers of what Business model they are more comfortable with, in terms of reliability and trust.

  3. Vijay Singh says

    Hi Arun, request you to visit and let me know your views.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks …will check it out and let you know..

  4. Vijay Singh says

    Hi Arun, Agree with you. Working on the facebook integration and mobile app which we understand will make the experience better and enable a larger consumer engagement.

  5. Vijay Singh says

    Hi, I represent AaramShop and completely agree with you views. We are currently testing out facebook app and should be able to provide seamless experience over the next few days.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Vijay, you have build a good concept – But like I have mentioned in the article, it is important that you do a deep integration with Facebook – which will make it quite popular and bring it to masses. Also, I just wrote yesterday about Facebook credits – It should not be a problem for you to implement that and charge for goods inside Facebook itself.

      Let me know what you think…

    2. Vijay Singh says

      Hi Arun, Agree with you. Working on the facebook integration and mobile app which we understand will make the experience better and enable a larger consumer engagement.

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