How India Offers Unexpected Advantages for Women in Business!



Women traditionally have had a limited role in business in India. But that role has been changing in recent years. With the proliferation of globalization, the status of women has changed in the workplace.

Some unexpected advantages and opportunities have opened up for women in India. Whether it’s working for an international credit card conglomerate or the family business, women are taking advantage of these opportunities, as explained below.


The people of India have long valued education. And nowadays, women have access to take advantage of the education, too. By focusing on their education, they are able to obtain the knowledge needed to become business savvy and successful in the work place.

Many women are now receiving specialized education through women’s polytechnics and training institutes. These programs offer training that has been developed specifically for women, helping them find the opportunities that work best with their family and household responsibilities.

Other women have taken advantage of opportunities to study abroad. These women find that when they return to India, there is a great demand for their work, as they have been able to study other countries’ business practices and they are able to adapt them to work with Indian society.


The increased access to technology throughout India has enabled women to utilize the skills they once reserved for their families. Now, they are able to share these skills with others throughout India and the world.

This is thanks in part to programs like that of the Science and Technology Applied for Rural Transformation (START) project, more than 300,000 families have gained access to technologies that have helped them transform their livelihood from low paying domestic jobs to successful businesses.


Business women in India receive fair pay in the workplace. According to a recent blog post on, women in India are paid the same as men, with pay being determined by education and ability with none of the social stigma influencing the decision. This is an enormous advantage over other countries, including the United States where women still receive lower pay for completing the same work as their male counterparts.


Women in India run at least 10 major financial institutions. And when these and other businesswomen are talked about, it’s in a respectful manner and tone.

Commonly address as Madame, despite age or marital status, social factors are stripped away at work, creating an environment where women are able to focus strictly on business.

Attitudes and Experience

Women bring different experience and outlook to the workplace. They approach problems differently than men, which allows them to present different, often more successful, solutions. This provides an advantage not only to the woman but also to the business that she works for.

Women also, in general, are thought of as being good team builders. They have an interest in the people they work with, wanting them to succeed as a team. They are able to apply their maternal instincts to the workforce to help build their coworkers’ confidence and lead them to their full potential.

By tapping into their natural instincts and abilities, Indian businesswomen are carving a niche for themselves in their workplace. They recognize the difference in their attitude and experience when compared to their male counterpart and they are utilizing it to their advantage.

[Daniela Baker is a blogger. Currently working for, based in US as a social media advocate in the credit card industry]

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