2011 & 1983 Final Cricket World Match – Uncanny Similarities that will surprise you!


Ok…This is an Elaborate April Fool Joke….the 1983 World Cup Final was held on 25th June….

I just got an SMS forward which was quite interesting. I did not believe it at first, but after checking it myself – I was quite astonished.

Here are some similarities, which will take you by surprise as well

Did you know that 1983 World Cup Final match between India and West Indies was also held on 2nd of April 1983. Not only that, both 2011 & 1983 Finals are on Saturday. Also, the Calendar of that year is exactly the same as it is in 2011.

Check out the Calendar for both the years!

1983 world cup final2011 world cup final

That is some real coincidence – Ain’t it ?

Now, what are the chances that the result of Finals will also be same ? Bets? anyone…?

Let us know if there are any other similarities !

  1. Prabhjot Singh says


  2. Dibyasundar Nayak says

    Yes, the final was on 25th June but 25th June was Saturday too like this time. And what you haven’t noticed and mentioned in this post is that India played its semi final on 22nd june 1983 on a wednesday. India’s SF this time too was on a wednesday.

    1. Ashwanth says

      In 1983 India, lost a match and another match was a draw. Its the same in 2011 also. ;)

  3. Ravindranath says

    & also few more comparisions……..

    in 1983 wc, exactly 175 runs scored by kapil dev; now exactly 175 runs scored by sehwag.
    in 1983 wc, mohinder amarnath was name man of the match for 4 times in legue stage for all round performance & now yuvraj is doing the same.
    in 1983 wc, kapil dev was the best captain of his times & now dhoni is doing the same.

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    Hello Arun,
    Before the tournment, I fancied South Africa and claimed SA will play India in final and SA will win.
    Now that SA is out of the equation, I think India has 60% probability.
    Sachin will fulfill one more rare feat which is missing from his bio data (of being the part of World cup winning team). One feat that I dont think he will ever achieve is a Test match triple hundred.

  5. Manish says

    1983 world cup final was held on 25th June not 2nd April. Check the wikipedia entry

  6. Sarang says

    The other similarity: India is in the final ;-)

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