Mukesh Ambani dethroned from Richest Indian Tag… 7 Indians in Forbes Top 100 Billionaires List!


While the NRI industrialist Lakshmi Mittal has been ranked as 44th most powerful person on the globe by the Forbes magazine; what really stands out is his emergence as the world’s richest Indian with a net worth of $31.1 billion powered by recovery in steel demand and higher margins at ArcelorMittal.

While topping the charts for India, the steel-baron has successfully toppled Reliance’s Mukesh Ambani who enjoyed the coveted most richest Indian tag for three years in a row. In fact, Mukesh Ambani has seen a slight de-growth in his wealth to $27 billion, down from $29 billion a year ago.

India’s Billionaire Club


While LN Mittal ranked 6th amongst the world’s top billionaires, Mukesh Ambani came in at 9th on the global podium. The elder Ambani sibling was ranked 4th last year.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway chief Warren Buffet, both of whom are currently pursuing active role in philanthropic activities, turned up the heat at 2nd and 3rd spot in the Forbe’s billionaire club.

Surprisingly, Carlos Slim Helu & family, the Mexican telecom mogul, has managed to cling on to the numero uno position for the second consecutive year with a net worth of $74 billion, up from $53.5 billion last year. His overall wealth has more than doubled from $35 billion a couple of years back.


At 36th ranking in the billionaire list, Wipro’s founder Azim Premji has witnessed a setback from 28th rank last year, with his net worth remaining almost stagnant at $16.8 billion this year.

The Ruia brothers of Essar Group – Shashi and Ravi Ruia – with interests across steel, power and telecom businesses have clocked a net worth of $15.8 billion to be ranked 42nd amongst the Richie-rich list of billionaires. Gautam Adani of diversified Adani Group came at a distant 81st rank, followed by Kumar Birla at 97th spot.

One bad news for Anil Ambani fans! The wealth of this ADAG-honcho has witnessed sharp erosion from $13.7 billion during previous year (36th rank) to $8.8 billion this year, failing to figure even in the top 100 billionaire’s list of Forbes. Its a fall!

At best, Indians can just hope that Mukesh Ambani will make to the world’s Top 5 billionaire list next year. That will ensure enhanced visibility for India on the global stage; of course, over and above the glory that the nation is witnessing right now.

Any special comments on India’s billionaire club?

  1. Manju Nath says

    god job sir thank you for giving this information.

  2. Arif Saiyad says

    oh wow really a good.

  3. Dinesh Kumar says


  4. Chinedu Chukwuma says


  5. arman goshal says

    This is HUGE money…

  6. John Sifonopolis says

    Does these have all the silicon valley tycoons in there. I dont see likes of Vinod Khosla of Kliener Perkins who’s networth is in Billions, also HCL co-founder Arjun Gupta, and Media magnet Keyur Patel, who’s stake in studio alone is worth $7Billion+, Ram Shriram of Google investment fame worth billions, and atleast fifty more that I can count. They are super rich, super under the radar, and very powerful givers to the society. They are the one’s who should be listed here.

  7. Altaf Rahman says

    Hello Madhav,

    Just heard abt the earthquake in Japan. Hope you are safe. Pls put a comment on this to let all of us know that you are safe.

    1. Viral says

      Yes, waiting for your buzz!

  8. Altaf Rahman says

    There is something wrong in the Forbes list of Billionaires.
    Those with a wealth of 1.1 B Dollars are all clubbed at rank 1057 while those with a wealth of 1 B Dollars clubbed at rank 1040. However it gives a general impression that there are about a thousand Billionaires in the world.

    I wonder on what basis Forbes determines the wealth. There are many ways people get left out of the list.

    The black money people have can not be ranked. Like the recent case of Hasan Ali Khan who laundered 8 billion dollars. Similarly Hosni Mubarak who laundered between 25 to 70 billion dollars. Almost all dictators from Ferdinand Marcos in 80s to present day Mubarak looted their countries and stashed the cash in forign banks. Slowly they set up fake companies with the sole aim of washing the color of the money from black to white. Slowly they become respectable.

    Also another interesting case, this time more white :)
    In all Indian cities and towns, land values have gone up in last one decade. In some places, one square yard land costs between 1 to 5 lakh rupees. In those cities, there are some old, traditional families who own few acres. Those media shy families are worth billions in US dollars. But they prefer to stay away from lie light (for fear of becoming focus of tax men). So we have no chance of knowing our own rich cousins :)

    @ Viral, My comment to your last para (I am not opposing your view but please take it positively)
    I would prefer to see 1000 Indian names even at the bottom of the list rather than have one Mukhesh Ambani name at top. What say :))

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Altaf, very well said…. It is better to have a 1000 millionaire’s than have one billionaire… absolutely correct !!

      1. Madhav Shivpuri says

        Count me in as wannabe on that list!

        1. Altaf Rahman says

          He he Madhav,
          I will certainly ask Forbes to add u next time.
          I want to be rich but dont want to be on the list.

          Being on the list comes with so many social responsibilities. You know what I mean? (Like feeding the taxmen he he). Just kidding.

        2. Viral says


          I thought you were already on that list, not just a wannabe, weren’t you? Well, let me check that list again, for once. :)

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