Top 10 facts about ICC Cricket World Cup !


We are just one day away from Cricket world cup Extravaganza. The cricket fever has gripped the nation. Most of the cricket fanatics know most of the when’s and where’s and who’s and how’s and why’s of this Tournament. All such data is available on net. So we decided to compile all at one place for your viewing pleasure.



Some interesting facts of 2011 ICC World Cup

1) Duration of ICC World cup :

  • Cricket World Cup will be played from Feb 19 to April 2.
  • Qualifying round matches will be till March 20
  • Quarter Final matches will be played between March 23 to March 26
  • Semi Final matches on March 29 and March 30
  • Cricket World Cup Final will be held April 2

2) Host nations :

This world cup will be jointly hosted by 3 countries – India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

3) Participating Teams :

There are total of 14 teams participating in this world up comprising of 2 groups with 7 teams each

Group A Group B
  • Australia
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • England
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • New Zeeland
  • Bangladesh
  • Zimbabwe
  • West Indies
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Kenya
  • Ireland

4) Total number of World Cup matches

Total of 49 matches will be played (incidentally one of the highest compared to any previous world cup). There will be 42 qualifying matches, 4 Quarter Finals, 2 Semi finals and 1 Final

Out of total 49 matches India will host 29 matches (including a Quarter Final, a Semi Final and the Final). Bangladesh will host 8 matches (including 2 Quarter Finals) and Sri Lanka will hold 12 matches (including a Quarter Final and a Semi Final)

5) Total venues in all :

There will be Total of 13 grounds used for this tournament

India – 8

  • Eden Gardens, Kolkata, Capacity – 90,000 (3 matches)
  • Feroz Shah Kotla, New Delhi, Capacity – 48,000 (4 matches)
  • Chinnaswamy, Bengaluru, Capacity – 42,000 (5 matches)
  • Chidambaram, Chennai, Capacity – 50,000 (4 matches)
  • Mohali, Chandigarh, Capacity – 35,000 (3 matches including a Semi Final)
  • Motera, Ahmedabad, Capacity – 50,000 (3 mathces including a Quarter Final)
  • Jamtha, Nagpur, Capacity – 45,000 (4 matches)
  • Wankhede, Mumbai, Capacity – 45,000 (3 matches including the Final)


  • Zahur Ahmed Stadium, Chittagong, Capacity – 20,000 (2 matches)
  • Shere Bangla Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka Capacity – 25,000 (6 matches including 2 Quarter Finals)

Sri Lanka-3

  • Rajapaksha Stadium, Hambantota, Capacity – 35,000 (2 matches)
  • Muralidharan Stadium, Kandy, Capacity – 35,000 (3 matches)
  • Premadasa Stadium, Colombo, Capacity – 35,000 (7 matches including a Quarter Final and a Semi Final)

The Quarter Finals will be held at Mirpur, Dhaka (2 matches), Ahmedabad and  Colombo. Semi Finals will be held at Colombo and Chandigarh. The finals will be held at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai

6) How teams proceed progressively to next stage?

Each team plays 1 match with 6 other team in its group. The least scoring 3 teams get eliminated and the top 4 from each group goes to knock out stage.

  • Quarter Final No. 1 : No. 1 team of Group A will play against No. 4 team of Group B
  • Quarter Final No. 2 : No. 2 team of Group A will play against No. 3 team of Group B
  • Quarter Final No. 3 : No. 3 team of Group A will play against No. 2 team of Group B
  • Quarter Final No. 4 : No. 4 team of Group A will play against No. 1 team of Group B
  • Semi Final No. 1 : Winner of QF No. 1 will play against Winner of QF No. 3
  • Semi Final No. 2 : Winner of QF No. 2 will play against Winner of QF No. 4
  • Final : Winner of SF No. 1 will play Winner of SF No. 2

7) ICC World Cup Trophy and Prize Money

There are two original Trophies with ICC. One would be held in its Head Quarters in Dubai and the other is given to the Winning team. Both the trophies are identical, the only difference would be, the Trophy in ICC Head Quarters will have the names of all the previous World Cup winners inscribed on it.

ICC WC 2011 Trophy ICC HQICC WC Trophy 2011 winning team

Prize Money :

  • Winner – 3 Million US Dollars,
  • Runner Up – 1.5 Million US Dollars,
  • Total Prize Money – 10 Million US Dollars.

8) ICC World Cup 2011 official Mascot

The official Mascot of ICC world Cup 2011 is Stumpy, the Elephant.

Stumpy the Mascot of ICC cricket world cup 2011

I am not sure how an Elephant represents Cricket or ICC World Cup, but that’s a different case altogether :)

9) ICC World Cup 2011 official Song :


The official theme / song of ICC World Cup is De Ghuma ke (3 Min 56 Sec).  It is composed by Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa. It is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Divya Kumar while the lyrics are given by Manoj Yadav

10) ICC World Cup 2011 Official Event Ambassador :

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Did we miss out anything ? let us know !

[This post has been written by our regular reader – Altaf Khan]

  1. Anup Patra says

    finally ipl stated end of an era.

  2. Sufi says

    I m totally flattered on this facts post to this i don’t even have a single information about World Cup but after reading this i m feeling like i knew everything about this world cup. Wow this is kinda amazing. Thank you Sir for your great efforts.

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    Thanks Viral.

    A slight correction. Mine are not 2 cents. They are 2 paisa. I am a hard believer in the fact that one day Rupee/Paisa will grow so strong that the world will start using them instead of Dollars/Euro/Yen. So I stick to 2 paisa :)

    Now coming to selecting Team India, its very difficult task.
    We can not have the same set of 11 players for all opponents. It depends on who to bring on to counter who. e.g. I will bring Ishant Sharma and Bhajji if Ponting is creating trouble. Then I will let Ishant go back to sleep.

    How ever if an ideal Team India is to be selected the below are my 11 players (with a stand by of 3 more just in case)

    My Team India will have 5 specialist batsmen (including keeper), 2 all rounders, 4 specialist bowlers.

    1) Sehwag (Opener, Specialist batsman)
    2) Sachin (Opener, Specialist batsman)
    3) Gambhir (Specialist batsman)
    4) Virat Kohli (Specialist batsman)
    5) Dhoni (Specialist batsman cum Keeper)
    6) Raina (Batting allrounder, can also bowl)
    7) Yuvraj Singh (Batting allrounder, can also bowl)
    8) Bhajji (Specialist spin bowler)
    9) Zaheer (Specialist pace bowler)
    10) Srisant (Specialist pace bowler)
    11) Nehra (Specialist pace bowler)

    Stand by :
    12) Ashwin – Stand by for Yuvraj (he can bowl well and bat reasonably better)
    13) Munaf – Stand by for Zahir because Zahir is not 100% fit with injuries.
    14) Piyush Chawla – Standby for Bhajji specially for spin and can replace Yuvraj when it comes to minor matches like India vs Zimbabwe or Kenya or Canada or Ireland.

    Note :
    1) I feel pity on Ishant Sharma who has lost form just in time for World Cup.
    2) Though many ppl want the head of Srisant, we also have to understand that at the moment he is the fastest bowler India has and he is regularly into wickets. His temperaments can be controlled by management.
    3) Praveen is injured just in the nick of time so not considered.
    4) Zaheer is beyond the peak and stuttering, so as a team selector I am more worried as there is still no light in sight for replacement.

    Well, this is my Team India. If any one disagrees they can have their own Team India. Well, what is your team?

    1. Altaf Rahman says

      After posting this comment I realized that I left Yusuf by pure oversight. Anyway now that I posted, I will let readers decide about the right 11.

  4. Viral says


    Finally, your 2 cents have growed into 2 dollars in form of this article :)

    So, now its our turn to post our 2 cents on your article. This is a nice bit of round-up on the world cup from so many angles of view. Why don’t you add your favorite Team India XI for your readers out here. It would be nice to read about your perspective on players as well, now that we have a first league match with Bangladesh soon.

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