Bihar gets more Tourist arrivals than Goa!!!!


Don’t get shocked with that headline…that’s the face!

Kidnapping, Murders, Rapes, Robberies – A day didn’t go by when one of these things didn’t happen during Lalu’s regime in Bihar. He and his family members held onto their seats in the assembly like the necessity with which a person stays in water. They didn’t care about the welfare, protection and safety of people. It was all about power and status. But you may ask on where in India it hasn’t been this way? Yes everywhere it is like this. But in Bihar it was just beyond anyone’s imagination. Everyone had lost trust in the Bihar system whether it is outside India or even us Indians.

But then came Nitish Kumar – probably the game-changer. I for one didn’t think he could change much. But considering he had to deal with India’s most illiterate, poverty ridden, having one of the highest population states he has done a tremendous job.


Infrastructure has been given a big boost under his reign. More than 7000 kms of roads and 1500 bridges have been constructed. An equal number of cesspits have been constructed. Obviously once the infrastructure improves, the investment climate of the state would improve because it would attract greater number of organizations. This propelled a real estate boom with an 18% increase in inflow of cement as well as reducing transportation time by more than half.

The law and order situation which was once the worst part about Bihar has improved with the number of kidnappings dropping from 1425 during Lalu’s time to 315 during Nitish’s period. It is no more regarded as very dangerous to go out after 8pm. Police patrolling and also Nitish’s strict orders of clearing backlog of cases has seen 40000 cases been cleared in less than 3 years with people being really convicted.

This has in – turn helped in increasing investment by various companies like NPCIL and other private players. A state which did not have its power unit, Bihar is today at the threshold of creating history with the strides it has made.

All these factors have come together to help Bihar surpass Goa in the number of foreign tourist arrivals. Bihar has attracted around 4.2 lakh foreign tourists compared to 3.7 lakh by Goa. It’s domestic tourist arrival has also increased to 1.33 crore. Ironically tourist arrivals in Goa seem to have gone down because of safety and security issues.

Bihar is well known for its heritage sites and popular Buddhist circuit of Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda and Vaishali, besides, historical sites linked with Jainism. But sadly these sites are just that – “WELL KNOWN!” Over the years people haven’t really visited because of the various problems in Bihar with security being the prime concern.

But with so much of development in all spheres, tourists seem to be finally flocking to this historical hotspot. The increasing tourists have prompted the Bihar government to partner with the Discovery Channel for shooting a 53 minute documentary to promote tourism in the state and especially attract foreign tourists.

Earlier this year, a CAG report lashed the Bihar Tourism Development Corporation on its lack of planning and professional approach.

Looks like finally this could change now that tourists are arriving in hordes here!

  1. Arun Raja says

    congratulaion for all bihari due to respect of Indian tourism…….. BIHAR ROCKS…

    1. Arun Raja says


  2. Manoj Upadhyay says

    Kali Rat k baad ka savera……..

    1. Manoj Upadhyay says

      This is a victory of pple of Bihar who came out of caste and religion based politics

  3. Vishal Jha says

    wow..super facts

    1. Sandhya Laxmi says

      hii cell no. plzz, i lost the one you sent earlier :('

  4. Vibhu Atulya Bihari says

    we cr excitd for wt we can.

  5. Rahul Vatsa says

    shri nitish ji knows very well bihari youth's voice..nitish ji is not only the son of bihar is the lovely father too…i salute his excellency…JAI BIHAR.

  6. Amit Singh says

    gud work..

  7. Mrigendra Pratap says

    But need to attract more tourist by providing good and safety environment. Bihar has lot of potential with good historical monument……..Lot of places should add as tourist place along with Jharkhand…. Jai Bihar

  8. Line Varhede says

    Could something be done in Goa too?

    1. Rajeev Ranjan says

      Bihar unlike Goa attracts tourists for religious purposes. Tourists in Bihar need better institutional facilities that can take this number to double. Goa, as this article suggests is a festive destination leading to a transcendental culture. Goa will improve as the bank balance of its patrons improve.

  9. Ajit Priyadarshi says

    Its a great pleasure to here the above news…
    Tnx C M…
    N plz give eletrical facilities to bihar people especially in rural areas of samastipur n many other districts..

  10. Pradeep says

    Its great to read that BIHAR have attracted more tourists than Goa.

    I am sure Mr. CM will look into it and can further improve the tourist places in Bihar to attract more and more visitors.


  11. Ashwini Sah says

    The wind has really gone positive. When I visited my hometown last month, the changes were shocking. Roads have gone superb and education industry is at its peak.

    Pleased to hear this fact about tourism. Government and industralists industrialists should come forward to continue the momentum.

    Jai Bihar

    1. chandan shah says

      It is great to hear about my loving motherland bihar i m so happy that i have no words….just jai bihar….

  12. NK Smith says

    This is truly amazing news… Ten years ago this kind of progress was almost unimaginable.

  13. Altaf Rahman says

    When I was working in Vietnam during 2007-2008, I visited the Indian Embassy for some work. I was surprised to find some locals standing in queue outside wating for the gates to open in the morning. I learnt that most of the locals are Buddists and those who can afford wish to do the piligrimage to Bodha Gaya (Birth Place of Budha). I also leart that it s a daily occarence in Embassy who issue visit visas to Budhist piligrims.

    Those people hold India and Indians in a great esteem. In general Vietnamese are the most friendly people.

    Unlike other nationals who fall head over heals on sight of white skin, Vietnamese respect Indians in the same manner as Westerners. Literally every Vietnamese know Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi (a contemporary of Ho Chi Minh) more than anything Indian.

    Just my two paisa :)

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