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It is quite interesting that hundreds and thousands of articles are written on Mobile phones, but majority of them only talk about GSM phones. CDMA has not really been written much about. I have been using a Reliance CDMA connection for almost 4-5 years now and I find CDMA service more cost effective than its GSM counterparts. So I decided to give CDMA phones a little limelight as well.

When I decided to write about top 5 CDMA phones, I thought it to be a very easy task. Well, it definitely was not as easy as I thought!

The CDMA Operators decided to open up for the OMH (open Market Handsets) thus rendering equality across CDMA with regards to operator selection. Like GSM, a customer has ability to choose any CDMA service provider. There have been lots of phones which support CDMA and new launches have been pretty common. Just last month LG launched 6 new CDMA OMHs. Most of the CDMA handsets have pretty much same features ranging from low-end to high-end ones. Handsets are available from 1000 Rs to 20,000 Rupees. The Handsets which really mattered were only handful of them.

Here is my Top 5 CDMA handsets which every person with CDMA must look at!


Top 5 CDMA handsets in India

1) Samsung Galaxy i899

Samsung CDMA

India’s First CDMA Android Phone. The phone comes with all your preferred google Services. Sadly though it only supports Cupcake OS ( Android 1.5). It supports High-speed 3.1 Mbps speeds, and boasts a 3.2MP camera with Autofocus and LED Flash. It has an on-board Memory of 230MB + 32GB Expandable through microSD Card.

Samsung Galaxy i899 Specifications

  • Android 1.5 OS
  • Dimension 116.5 x 56.4 x 12.8 mm
  • A 3.2″ AMOLED Screen
  • 3.2 MP Autofocus Camera with LED Flash
  • Supports GPS
  • Supports Wifi as well.
  • Ability to install custom apps from Android Market

Samsung Galaxy i899 price: Rs. 13500/- (approx)

2) Blackberry 8530


The reason this phone lost to Samsung Galaxy is due to its lesser Talk time, and Poor 2 MP camera (which is without Flash). This one’s another bold Business handset which competes with top GSM phones as well.

Blackberry 8530 specifications:

  • 2.0MP Digital Camera (with 5X digital Zoom)
  • 256MB Flash Memory
  • Wi-Fi® enabled
  • Built-in GPS capabilities ( Includes Blackberry Maps and e911 capabilities)
  • 3G technology
  • CDMA Dual Band: 800/1900 MHz
  • CDMA Dual Mode: CDMA 2000 1X with Ev-Do
  • Bluetooth® enabled
  • Multimedia Player
  • Wireless Email
  • Organizer
  • Browser
  • 4.5Hrs Talktime and 17days Standby time

Blackberry 8530 price: Rs. 18000/- (approx)

3) Samsung M369

Samsung CDMA M369

This one again Goes to Samsung. This handset is a Full QWERTY with High speed Internet & Mobile TV app a 16GB expandable Memory, Email, Instant Messaging,and a mobile tracker. This one’s Got a 4Hrs Talktime as well.

Samsung CDMA M369 Specifications:

  • 2.2 ” TFT LCD Screen
  • A 2MP Camera, with 60min Video recording
  • Full Fledged Polaris 6.15 browser with TV App
  • Youtube Video Streaming
  • 104MB internal Memory with upto 16GB expandable via microSD
  • High Speed Data access upto 2.4 Mbps using EVDO
  • Mobile Tracker
  • Talk Time # Up to 270 min* and Standby (Standard) Up to 420 hrs
  • A Full QWERTY keypad.

Samsung CDMA M369 – Rs. 6649/- [ Buy Now ]

4) Corby TV (speed) Samsung COrby CDMA

Yet Another Samsung Handset to feature in TOP5. Sensuous Curvy Body with ability to play TV. Supports 1X and EVDO. This handset is a OMH means you can use any operator you like.

Samsung Corby TV Specifications:

  • Touch UI with Widgets. ( Facebook, twitter and 27 other useful ones)
  • A 2.8″ TFT display
  • 2MP Camera with Autofocus
  • Ability to Play TV and Radio Bluetooth connectivity to Headsets and Stereo Music.
  • A Mobile Tracker
  • A Browser to connect to internet.
  • Hi Speed Connectivity with Data Speed upto 2.4Mbps
  • Inbuilt Youtube player.
  • 80MB internal Memory and upto 8GB Expandable via micorSD

Samsung Corby TV price – Rs. 7669/- [ Buy Now ]

5) LG Cookie ZIP 510 CDMA


New LG510 is a full touch Open Market Handset with broadband speed and video online capabilities. Includes a full fledged internet browser. Feature wise this one’s pretty close with Samsung Corby TV but looses out in ability to play Live TV and Just a 4GB Expandable memory.

LG Cookie ZIP 510 CDMA Specifications

  • A 7.62 CM TFT Full Touch Screen
  • A 2 MP Camera with only 2X digital zoom
  • A 72MB internal Memory with Upto 4GB micoSD expandable
  • A lot of embedded games like Sudoku etc.
  • BREW 3.1.5
  • upto 5Hrs of talk time
  • Other usual stuff like Bluetooth 2.1 , FM radio etc
  • High Speed Internet Access

LG Cookie ZIP 510 CDMA Price: Rs. 7899/- [Buy Now]

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Let me know if I have missed out any, but as far as I know these are the top CDMA phones in India !

  1. Suhas Walse says

    I am using reliance CDMA phone from its first day of launching in 2002 (It was really a “Kar lo duniya muthi me” in those days) I am Happy usingl Reliance CDMA even today but…seems there is some problem. I never had any kind of technical problem at all, now a days I have to search to buy a voucher from shop to shop asking if they have recharge voucher in stock, or new CDMA phone in stock, I keep wondering why nobody around me is using CDMA phones or lets say have people in India have rejected it

  2. Baljeet Singh 'Jeet' says

    I have also cdma connection for last 6 yeAR. AND I AM SATISFIED WITH CDMA SERVICE. but all cdma users face mobile handset problem. bcoz latest and high end mobile handset not available on cdma network. pl sugest me any cdma mobile handset which I can record my call.

  3. Dinesh Shakya says

    sabse sasta cdma ho to batae..

  4. Arun Nair says

    no new modals at all.

  5. Jatin Gupta says

    cdma mobiles with wifi.

  6. Arjun Aggarwal says

    You will start getting the best CDMA phones from India, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, China etc. on the portal from the 15th of June 2012. Just watch out for the launch. In the meanwhile, you can tell us which CDMA handset you would like to buy by emailing us at sales AT cdma DOT asia

  7. Nishanth Gaurav says

    Hi.. just thought of sharing this wonderful mobile shopping app MintM which rewards me with mint points for just visiting the shop while shopping and redeem them with variety of items in various outlets. Made my day.. Freely available at.

    Works great with Android and Blackberry.. Happy Shopping! Enjoy :)

  8. Dhananjay Singh says

    All having battery Problem. I used 3 out these 5.

  9. Srinivasan says


  10. akvavas says

    Model: SCH-F699,CDMA Slade Hand set.

    One week of using it started to show complaints. Under this circumstance, I consult with your authorized service center and replaced its mother board. And only after six months of usage, it again shows complaints and I consulted with the same authorized service center they informed to replace the new mother board again.

  11. Sandeep says

    Hi all,
    Need help in getting internet connectivity on Reliance CDMA. I have been a Rel CDMA user for the last 7 years on basic handsets. I purchased a new Motorola XT800 handset supporting dual SIM – CDMA and GSM and runs on Android 2.1 I want to setup internet connectivity on my CDMA SIM. I changed my SIM to OMH for this. The vendors asked me to contact Reliance Customer Service to get the settings. But the online support persons offer very poor service, they lack proper knowledge of thier own services. One guy even confirmed that you can’t get internet over CDMA, it is available only through GSM! I am thoroughly confused. I found postings on this site by persons having good technical knowledge. I wold appreciate if any one could offer me advice in this matter.

  12. Nikhil Mistry says

    i am using galexy pop cdma,but is bad 6275 is the best phone in cdma.i request to nokia please re launche 6275 model with up grade model.

  13. Deoraj Chaudhary says

    i am really looking for low-end Nokia CDMA phone set just to run my CDMA Ruim…will somebody advise me please which could be the best set for that…

  14. Tally academy says

    All these sets are nice however nokia 6275 handset has been tested as one of the best handsets which stands value for money

  15. Garvit Nayyar says

    yes I want a blackberry or samsung or apple.

  16. mohan says

    i need information about dual system of cdma mobiles

  17. Ni3 says

    i am tata user from last 7 years
    cdma always best in network, voice & data
    there is not important featurs but service.
    gallaxy pop and m369 both best.

  18. Santa Rao says

    r there any gud cdma mobiles in HTC

  19. Akhil Chawla says

    Go for Motorola XT800 CDMA + GSM Android Smartphone.

  20. PRATIK says


  21. Mohsin Khan says

    Reliance Cdma Handsets @ very Attractive price check out

  22. Naresh Soni says

    short listing

  23. Deewan Bhatia says

    I want to buy t9 keypad cdma phone with slim body & everage screen…..

  24. Arvinder Kharbanda says


  25. Sunil Arote says

    Wants Nice CDMA phone with rich feature……..

  26. Mayank Gupta says

    worst handset

  27. Malli says

    Yah he is right, please don,t trap by looks. Its waste waste phone. I don’t know why SAMSUNG is spoiling their name by launching unreliable phones. With all above problem within observed, added in 20 day mic is not working they need 7 days to replace the spare part. Think twice before buying Samsung mobiles reliability and service is very poor.

  28. Mohammed Sajid says

    CDMA phones are very rare.

  29. Rahul Kumar says

    excuse me can I replace other sim card……..

  30. Sandeep Sandeep Sherma says


  31. Ankit Agrawal says

    supporting both gsm and cdma required…………

  32. dpi says

    Wow! Still RCDMA is used by many die-hard CDMA fans. Happy to see this.
    There is a dedicated forum for RCDMA users run by RCDMA user group(not affiliated with Reliance Telecom), there is lot of useful discussions going there. You can purchase lot of imported and advanced handsets from the reputed member-sellers.
    Please welcome to

  33. Sunil says

    I am using LG CDMA set of Reliance from lost 5 Years, I am satisfied with Reliance Network. But I could not get the cdma handset with good features. Can you guide me or List of top 10 CDMA sets available in india so that I can select to buy the best handsets. And one more issue is I Am also using Airtel Connection Using E63 Nokia set. In case If i get good higher end sets with dual sim (CDMA + GSM) so that I can use one mobile for both the connection, Can you List top 10 Dual sim (CDMA+GSM) mobiles set for me to choose.

  34. Mushrath Ulla says

    what bot htc…

  35. Sabyasachi Pradhan says


  36. Gopi Nadh says

    not enough want to see more.

  37. Om Prakash says

    Apni to mohabbat ki itni kahani hai,
    Tooti hui kashti or tehhra hua pani hai,
    Ek phool kitabon may dam tor chuka hai,
    Magar kuch yaad nahi aata yeh kis ki nishani hai.
    bast reliance cdma phones & netwoek.

  38. Munish Dhiman says

    girl ne bani yaar.

  39. Ying Nount says

    Want to see CDMA 450MHz….

  40. MD Ejaz Ahsan says

    price of the phone is not updated.

  41. Indramani Mishra says

    totally agree with rajeev….. need to see more CDMA cellphones.

  42. Om Prabhakar Bharti says


  43. Rakesh Pandey says

    Samsung CDMA M369 is good phone, using from last 8 month.

  44. Rakesh Pandey says

    Samsung CDMA M369.

  45. Sunil Gupta says

    cdma phone in range of 3000 to 4000 with all features.

  46. Gm Pavan Kumar Pavan says

    pavan:wanted samsung m350 cdma mobile where can iget.

  47. arif kamaal says

    Kya lo kya na loo. samajh he nahi aata. 6000 ke range me cdma with gsm lena chaahta hoo , tell me soon

    1. jass says

      i am using samsung w259 having (cdma + gsm) try it.its the best phone.battery is good, features are best. everything is just very good.

  48. desi says

    yesterday i bought samsung galaxy s2 ,locked with Sprint (USA). when the phone becomes unlocked (after contract period/or early termination with penalty), will it still work in india- if i go for cdma provider like reliance? please render help.

  49. Nilesh Nagose says

    I want CDMA + GSM with Andriod OS 2.2+ in reputed brand…any suggestions.

  50. Vikas Thakur says

    mahenge hain

  51. Punit Saini says


  52. Mukul Kumar Singh says

    Want Best CDMA for Best Sound Clarity while Talking Pls Suggest.

  53. Ajit Singh says

    I like Samsung CDMA M369 Specifications:

  54. Sutikshan Mehar says

    I want cdma phone in blackberry so please give me deatils plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Bunty Pathak says

      hav u got one??

  55. kailas says

    I am a tata indicom user since 6 years.
    the call rates and connectivity is best. I have also used Vodafone, Airtel, videocon but all GSM providers are not giving good service.

    now i am looking for new CDMA model
    nice to read all comments.

  56. Sri Nivas Movva says

    Features are very less when compared to GSM mobiles.

  57. Virendra Rajak says

    cdma mobiles with wifi.

  58. Zaayera says

    Hey.. cool article.. m using reliance CDMA since 6 yrs.. though i have a basic LG model.. nw i want to switch to a better one.. came across this site.. u top rate these 5models..if u had to switch to anyone amongst these, i mean to select the best one.. which would that be.. ?

  59. Afreen Naik says

    blackberry dhamal

  60. Bharath Obani says

    wat else option.. those don't look top 5…

  61. Amith Sharrma says

    supporting both gsm and cdma required…………

    1. Mohsin Khan says

      Go for Moto Photon 4g.. check out

  62. Kulvir Sidhu says

    say no to samsung..

  63. Caring Bird says

    range should be middle 2 high…. although it 's ok I lke samsung phons in middle range.

  64. ???? ????? says

    Want to see more CDMA phones.

  65. Preeti Rathi says

    Want to see more CDMA phones.

    1. Rajeev Ranjan says

      yea….didnt find anythn gud n value for money here

    2. Sumit Roy says

      i m also

    3. Chander Kumar says

      yes mail me

    4. Akash Dixit says

      Hi preeti,i am selling my samsung galaxy s2 for Rs. 13,000 Rs,because i need money urgently..
      contact me on FB via akash dixit

    5. Jatin Bhutani says

      ya i need cdma with gooog looking cell

    6. Ankit Gupta says

      preeti wch ph did u buy……..

    7. Preet Singh says


    8. Parmod Dabas says

      hi,,,, ya

    9. Rakesh Kumar says

      i also Want to see more CDMA phones.

    10. Ankit Gupta says

      htc desire vc is bst dual phone… gsm+cdma. loved it…….. awesome mast phone

  66. Rajesh Balu says


  67. Ganesh Bhujbal says

    Any good mob. co. supporting CDMA & GSM?

  68. Impact Taritakul says
  69. Anonymous says

    its bad phone m369.

  70. Mithilesh Bharti Goswami says

    Samsung M369 really good phone I use.

  71. Sreejish Vijayan says

    Any good mob. co. supporting CDMA & GSM?

    1. Abhishek Sinha Roy says

      Samsung Deos W259

  72. Nishit Agrawal says


  73. Rajeev Sharma says

    I went to ga;axy i899.

  74. Harry Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  75. Harry Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  76. Harry Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  77. Harry Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  78. Harry Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  79. Harry Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  80. Harpreet Madan says

    gud but what what are the more features ,, glaxy i500.

  81. Saurabh Saini says

    COOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……..Samsung Galaxy i899.

  82. vijay says

    duo handest are not value for money

  83. Ulhas Patil says


  84. K.S.Sajit says

    Sadly Nokia doesnt support the CDMA services in India and the link between ADAG and Nokia doesnt exist anymore. CDMA services offer better clarity and unhindered network but the CDMA sets cost a fortune more compared to its GSM counterparts. I hope better sense prevails and Nokia will unveil good sets in the future for CDMA services of Reliance communications in India- after all Nokia is NOKIA.

  85. Salil Tambat says

    I have been consulting a lot many people for their opinion about switching from CDMA to GSM and every attempt resulted in concluding that CDMA is best compared to GSM. I have been using Rel CDMA myself and I am thoroughly satisfied with them, be it service or signal. The only hitch I have is not being able to freely switch between cell phone, the freedom that I get in GSM. Even the cell phones available for CDMA are limited. Our most trusted brand “Nokia” doesn’t even have a cell phone to support Reliance CDMA. Lets hope to have some good phones in 2011. It may change the overall thinking for CDMA service.

    1. Swarup Sarkar says

      Dear Salil, I am also a customer of Reliance CDMA mobile. I have been experiencing a flawless service with my NOKIA CDMA 6265 handset since 2004. It is a slider type handset having all the features including 2 MP Camera, Video Recording, Bluetooth, SD Card, e- mail, SMS, MMS & R- World etc. The handset reruires a BL-6C Battery. Recently I had been to a NOKIA Authorised Service Centre for replacement of the battery. They informed me that the battery is available because so many NOKIA Handsets require BL-6C but NOkia discontinued the manufacturing of CDMA Handset. Since then I am seriously considering to replace it with a Samsung Galaxy i500 CDMA Handset. The same runs on Android 2.2 Platform and is feature packed. Currently the same is not available in West Bengal.

  86. Andy says

    Do Not buy SCH – M369 by Samsung. Its a shity bad phone. Memory card is of no use. You cannot store your mails in it nor keep your phone book or messages in it. Push e-mail support is also very bad nothing functions on it and you receive mails some times after weeks of original receipt to your e-mail ID. Only g-mail works on it rest of e-mails do not. You can only search names in phone book by there first name . it does not searches by middle name or last name(which is very nicely done in nokis phones). For Sms to groups you will have to again select group contact individually which is really boring specially for people like me who have to forward 2-300 messages per day.Even pc sync is not that smooth and good.

    1. Anand says

      Samsung SCH-M369 is not good to use than its looks. we don’t have option to reject the waiting call. what the functionality it has?? to open the music player its taking ages. I don’t know what happened now videos also not playing, its only giving voice no video. even if I follow the manual i am not able to browse from PC by connecting this mobile to PC. I think china mobiles are better than this model.

      1. Malli says

        Yah he is right, please please don,t trap by looks. Its waste waste phone. I don’t know why SAMSUNG is spoiling their name by launching unreliable phones. With all above problem within observed, added in 20 day mic is not working they need 7 days to replace the spare part. Think twice before buying Samsung mobiles reliability is very poor and service is very very poor.

  87. Reo says

    Thx for putting this list together .. I use reliance with Samsung galaxy i899 (mayb the first set sold in blr) .. its a real good combination .. I get fast internet connection through EVO with Android … only wish we cud get newer 2+ versions of Android and better battery

  88. dpi says

    Hi, Im also using now a Rel – CDMA. But the real issues is the Open Market Handsets are not reaching even 40% of the GSM phone segment. MNP will give a major explode in the CDMA. Lot of cdma users will port to gsm due to only one reason – non availability of good handsets.

    1. UMESH says

      there are good cdma handsets available in the market. and also a lot of choices, MNP can be expected only from postpaid customers & corporate customers. not on the prepaid segment.

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