Top Free SMS web-sites in India!


Do you want to send Free SMS from Internet?

Tired of sending smses through your mobile screen?

Do you want to send free smses to many people at a go?

There are many Free SMS solutions available on the Internet, and here is a run-down on various Free SMS sites in India from where you can send messages to your family and friends with ease – without worrying about costs.

Top Free SMS sites in India


160by2 is one of the most famous Indian Free SMS sites. Thousands of Indians users use it every day – Just login with your mobile number and you will be able to start sending messages in less than 5 minutes.



Way2SMS is a site which is very similar to 160by2 when it comes to sending Free SMS messages. It is fast and easy, and send Free SMS to any Mobile network in India. Way2SMS also allows you to Get email alerts for your gmail, yahoo accounts too.


Indyarocks Free SMS Service

Sending Free SMS has never been so easy. With Indyarocks you can even send Free group SMS to your friends registered on Indyarocks. Your Free SMS can be up to 140 characters. Indyarocks allows sending unlimited Free SMS to any Mobile in India through


SMS Gupshup

SMS Gupshup is essentially a social messaging service to share and connect with friends and fans. It is one of the world’s largest free messaging services and goes much beyond just plain simple sending of free smses. SMS Gupshup has Millions of users and billions of messages have been sent through SMS gupshup till now !

SMS Gupshup

Ibibo iSMS

Ibibo iSMS links your phone to your ibibo account, so you can start calls – or hear from callers – all over world while keeping your existing phone number private. The service also enables you to send free SMS to anyone anywhere in India on any network.


SMSFI Free SMS is a yet another website from where you can send free messages, but mind you, you have to go through a lengthy registration process. I have personally not tried it, but you can try for yourself and let us know how it works !


There are few other ways also how you can send free smses to your friends and family. Here are some of the interesting ways of doing it.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

You can also send SMSes using Instant messenger like Yahoo messenger. It allows you to send free SMS in India, You can send SMS directly from your inbox too. Just compose a new message you choose a new mail message or Instant message or SMS to mobile. (I have personally not tried this, but it seems that it works well)

Rediff Bol


Similar to Yahoo Messenger, you can send Free SMSes through Rediff Bol messenger

This is not the full list, there are many more sites like Youmint and SMS7 that offer similar services.

So, there you have it – The list given above should cater to nearly every need of yours when it comes to sending free smses through with ease. Try out the sites given above and let us know the feedback on how you found them.

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