Top Indian Brands on Social Media [Twitter & Facebook]


Media2Win, a digital Advertising agency based out of Mumbai recently launched real-time ranking of Indian Brands – Brands Going Social – on Facebook & Twitter Social Media Platforms. The BGS platform presents real-time data of followers, daily additions, rank changes along with latest discussion that are taking place.


BGS follows over 260 Indian brands on Twitter & Facebook and as per latest rankings, MTV India is the biggest Indian brand on twitter with over 142k followers. MTV India also was one of the first brands to get on the Social Media train and they rank 2nd on Facebook as well.

Twitter ranking of Brands is based on number of followers, while Facebook rank is based on number of FB likes of the brand page. Another great thing about BGS is that one can see the rankings based on Individual category as well.

Top 20 Indian Brands on Twitter

Rank   Brand Twitter Followers
1 image MTVIndia 142,060
2 image ndtv 89,945
3 image twi 33,515
4 image KKRiders 26,286
5 image IPL 23,307
6 image clubforce 20,556
7 image Cricinfo_news 18,859
8 image ibnlive 16,492
9 image YahooINNews 15,065
10 image slideshare 13,693
11 image HeadlinesIndia 10,793
12 image tatadocomo 8,821
13 image IndiaPRblog 8,611
14 image Infosys 8,663
15 image forbes_india 8,382
16 image timesofindia 7,931
17 image ChannelvIndia 6,825
18 image VogueIndia 7,005
19 image PenguinIndia 6,490
20 image RCBTweets 6,245

Top 20 Indian Brands on Facebook

Rank   Indian Brand Name Facebook Likes
1 image Zoozoo 853,286
2 image MTV India 729,782
3   Fastrack 547,770


image Facebook India 414,938
5 image Axe Angels club 401,340
6 image 385,752
7 image Mumbai Indians 367,364


image Nike Football India 324,977
9 image Wildcraft 322,962
10 image Tata Docomo 299,214
11 image Pantaloons 264,091
12 image Kingfisher 263,826
13 image NyooTV – Online Social TV 242,474
14 image BlackBerry® India 237,102
15 image Sony Ericsson India 204,296
16 image Just Dial 181,426
17   Yash Raj Films 180,905
18 image Levi’s 172,908
19 image 167,740
20 image TaggleIndia 155,565

Have a look at BGS if you are interested in knowing which Indian brands are popular in Social Media. I am sure this will be a great reference list for Media and Advertising agencies.

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