Indian female Mobile Web usage lowest in world! [Opera Report]


Mobile Web Usage is overwhelmingly dominated by Men – 96 percent of all to be precise. According to latest Opera State of Mobile Web report, only 4 percent female users use Mobile web lowest in the world. Even countries like Nigeria (5.4%) have more Female Mobile web users.



Comparatively, the global percentage of Female Mobile Web users stands at 23 percent, growth of nearly 100 percent over 2009. South Africa has highest Female users (43.5%) followed by the United States (35.6%), Russia (32.4%) and the United Kingdom (31.5%).

As far as the Mobile web user age-group is concerned 91 percent of all are less than 27 years of age, clearly showing high adoption by younger Indians.

Mobile Web Growth in India

Mobile Web saw significant growth (371.7 %) in mobile page-views as well as user-base (354.6%) over last year. [previous SMW reports]

Top 10 sites in India browsed on Mobile (unique users)


Top handsets for July 2010

1. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
2. Nokia 2700c
3. Nokia 2690
4. Nokia 3110c
5. Nokia 2730c
6. Nokia N70
7. Nokia 6300
8. Nokia 7210c
9. Nokia N73
10. Nokia N72

Its all Nokia for now, but soon enough we should see a change in the top mobile handsets chart – and I would not be surprised if it is one of those local Indian Mobile brands :)

  1. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hmmm…. now you definitely sound like a “Male…..” :-)

    Yeah… still waiting for the ladies to shed some thoughts on this.

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    Hehe, Madhav,

    This is one such topic, in which talking anything out of “politically correct” can be constued as being, – you are a “Male Chauvinistic p**”

    However I would like to say that the reason has got some thing in common with road accidents involving ladies driving.

    Both have got something to do with the speed of eye – hand/finger coordination.

    The reason for lesser penetration of usage : The lesser the success with the toy, the lesser ppl use it.

  3. Madhav Shivpuri says


    Interesting. Is there any survey on why this is the case?

    Ladies, can you please through some light on this?

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