Single entrance Test for MBBS from 2011 – A blessing for the students!


India is the most competitive country in the world in terms of students appearing for various national exams. The number of students to seats ratio; be it in engineering, medicine or MBA can go from 5:1 to sometimes 15:1. Some of the mind boggling statistics include

  • 13 lakh students appeared for AIEEE 2010
  • More than 2 lakh students appeared for CBSE PMT 2009
  • Around 3 lakh students appeared for CAT 2009


Add to this the lakhs of students who write various other hundreds of exams throughout a period of two – three months and end up spending thousands in exam fees alone.

The presence of so many exams has caused humungous problems to the students –

  • At present there are more than 17 exams in the country for medicine. A student aspiring to become a doctor has to at least sit for 5-6 to have any chance
  • Students end up spending money like crazy giving exams left, right and center. So for many, before they really pay the fees for their education, they have to take loans to pay for these exams
  • Sometimes, some exams overlap or are in a gap of one or two days of each other. This results in students having to take flights to travel between examination centers
  • Since currently the exams are organized by various state boards, each of them have different rules, regulations and also eligibility criteria. This puts magnanimous pressure on the students shoulders

Finally, our Medical Council of India has decided for a much required Single Common Entrance Test. More than anything else, the biggest gainers from this will be the students.

Other than the fact that the above mentioned problems would be removed, it would remove all the tension and stress associated with the fact of having to take so many exams.

According to the modalities worked out, different colleges would have cut offs like on the lines of CAT on the basis of which students would be shortlisted though the students will have to apply to different colleges separately. This would also help in maintaining uniformity and consistent standards across the country.

This system could also prevent politicians from exploiting the system for their own personal goals!

Having one exam actually has the potential to remove all the ills of the system. But only time will tell whether this move will be really successful.

Do you think having a single entrance test for management and engineering will help too?

  1. Lovely Mahajan says

    it is a worst rule not a blessing for the students.

  2. Sumit Bhagat says

    it's contradictoryyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. Sumit Bhagat says

    it's contradictoryyyyyyyyyyy.

  4. rashmi says

    WTF is going on every year they r changing d rules nd its diffgicult for d students nd students get confused. these people dnt have braoins actually always disgustng. all students have different capabilities nd if one exam hw can every child prove his or her talent??????????????????????????????//

  5. dipu says

    its a very good decision for those candidates who does not have capability to afford so much money for giving examinations on different states and locations and also good that govt decided that score card of candidates valid for 3 yrs those candidates who already gvn exam suppose age limit is crossed after given exam but scorecard valid for 3 yrs i think it is beneficial for the candidate those who apply for medical.

  6. ratnesh kumar upadhyay says

    respected sir,
    i m very greatful to you for passing this rule,it will not only decrease our pressure but furthermore it will get us focussed entirely on a single exam.It will make us relieved,as far as my thinking is consurned.It could also not be neglected that those students who r preparing for their entrances with a totally different criteria would be depressed after hearing this,bt for future coming stdnts,it is a blessing in disguise.
    thank u

  7. Chanchal sharma says

    hii to alll well cet i dnt know it will be gud or not…bt i know i wll b selected dis year…..nd after 6 years i will be a doctor…thankkk u…

  8. karisma says

    heyyy ………… anybody having any idea bout cet recently………… if have then plz plz share wid us………….. frends notification aagyee kya…………..

    is realllyyyyyyyyy googly situation…………………….almost every forms have been dispatched ……………sooo aipmt on head … nothing could be predicted yaar..
    plzzzzzzzzzzz tell meee…………..

  9. GARIMA SINGH says

    YAAR I M STILL CONFUSE MCI will take any common exam for medical in this year on not because almost every forms are individually available in shops plzzz tell me wats going on???????

  10. rutuja says

    hey,SONA i agree with ur opinion. the maharashtrat govt is just sleeping from august when the MCI had given such instruction. moreover in 10th also the best of five was given. they are just taking us backward.

  11. PRATIBHA says

    i am not satisfied with the decission of common enterance exam for medical.

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  13. Julia says

    heya guyz…
    BHU forms aa gaye kya…??

    1. Ravindra says

      Ya……….BHU form aa gaya hai……

      Last Date of collecting the form is 21.02.2011
      Last date of Submitting the form is 09.03.2011
      Screening Test -08 may
      Mains – 12.June

      Best of Luck !!!

  14. jiya kapoor says

    i meant depend instead of deen (srry for mistakes)

    1. richa says

      I’ve filled AIPMT and KMC, and AFM i’ll dispatch soon. The other students must’ve filled many more forms by now. There’s no chance in hell MCI can conduct the NEET this year……… there was a huge article in the Hindu yest. which said the notifications MCI issued in December for common entrances have been put on hold and the Health Ministry and Mci are holding a meeting frm. Jan 11 – 13 to discuss about NEET… maybe you can find the article on the Hindu’s website.

      1. richa says

        the article said math marks in 12th will be considered for admission to MBBS through NEET…. what about students like me who never opted for math in 10+2 ??

        1. Ravindra Sinha says

          Hi Richa,

          Please inform me abt the recent Exam Dates for MBBS 2011 for differnt states….like MBBS for Bihar, Jharkhand, BHU and others. See i belongs to Bihar……so pl help me to know that may i fill the fom of BHU or not……….?? is there any residential proof issue…Bcz i belongs from Bihar so i have residential Certificate for Bihar only..


          Ravindra Sinha

  15. jiya kapoor says

    hey all…….. i hv filled the form of AIPMT nd posted…… r u sure only one exam(NEET) will happen u cant just deen upon these comments……. any official news or anybody who can tell where to get the latest news for this officially plzzzzz….. rplyyyyy……..

  16. richa says

    tell me one thing Abhinav, haven’t you filled any forms for the different colleges yet ? aipmt, kmc etc. If you have, how do you think the NEET will be conducted, with so many forms having been filled by most of the students already ?

  17. abhinav says

    hey frnds there is a buzz that mci going to take NEET mbbs frm this accedemic year 2011 and this is done…………….. one news is that….exam will be held on 1st week of june 2011……………. so be happy yaar n lets welcome this…………

  18. Subroto Banerjee says

    Dear friends,
    For next session i.e. June-2011 admissions, All-India-PMT (AIPMT) should be upgraded/modified so that it can be used as a single examination for JIPMER, IMS-BHU, AIIMS, AFMC, Wardha, other Deemed Universities/Private Medical Colleges (like Manipal, DY Patil etc.) and various State Level Private Medical Entrance examinations.
    For State Govt. managed PMT entrances, since it follows the state level study pattern, it should be taken-up as a single examination from June-2012.

  19. jiya says

    are u all guys mad still thinking upon it it will not be conducted ppl……. it will be conducted in in 2011-2012 batch yr …….. plz go nd buy the forms…… guys end it here dnt think abt it

    1. aaliya says

      you yourself z saying that it will b in 2011-2012!!!
      so its dis xam itself right!!!

  20. aaliya says

    should i wait for NEET 2011 or fill aipmt and other forms ???

  21. viijaya says

    i thinkl this is one of d stupid nd simply rubbish decision we students had ever heard .,,,,,,,,,actually we dont think this decision led to a better futuer of india……….

  22. sujan says

    i don knw bou othrs .bt 4 me if ter s nly 1 test .ten ta seeats shud b mmmre.koz m studnt f northeast.n v gt less oppurtuntis…… its diffclt 4 us..

  23. nadeem says

    guys aipmt forms agaye…on

  24. Raman says

    Reservation in education & employment based on cast & religion must go . Let the government help people based on the economic condition of the people and based based on location ( Village , town , City etc ) . KILLING MERIT BASED ON CASTE MAKES TALENTED PEOPLE BEING SUPRESSED . LET GOVRNMENTS STOP CHEAP TRICKS OF VOTE BANK SUPRESSING TALENT OF MANY IN THE NAME OF CASTE .



  25. nadeem says

    no idea yar..decision has not yet come….nd i’m frm bikaner,rajasthan nd i am preprng fr pmt hre only…

  26. Vinod says

    Do u study in aakash inst,ddn?
    whens da forms comin anyway?thnks bro…waitin 4 reply

  27. nadeem says

    hii guys..i m nadeem nd i m also prpng fr pmt…do u hve ny infrmtn rgrdng the applicatn frms..nd pattrn,,decisn of mci…

  28. Rieona says

    who is the hell to take a decission for single medical entrance?if a student cant sit due to some reasons then his or her year is simply gone.think also the negative side.pls withdraw this decision.moreover its very tough for general.if you really want to bring any change in education,then kindly remove quota.coz geting a same mark,a quota student get chance bt not a general,wats this?anyway if u have any recent information then pls inform whether supreme court assaured or not abt common medical entrance 2011

  29. jiya says

    hey u mad ppl still discussing on this there will be no common test it will be frm next yr 2011-2012 so all those who wanted this decision shud be overruled can b hppy ( no me i m not happy wid this) any ways back to studies…….. hv a gud study byeeee all

  30. Vimal says

    Is the any recent news? please yaar share with us if u know ……….thanks

  31. Vimal says

    Welcome back, i was waiting for you.
    But there is nothing recent to share about CET . Let’s see what happens……………………………but when?????

    1. sona says

      Yes Vimal no news…

  32. sona says

    Is there any recent information ?

  33. Ramana says

    R N KUMAR,s proposal supported . Let us do it to our best . It is Tamil Nadu Government which filed in Supreme Court against Single Entance Exam. India is not only Tamil Nadu but other large chunk of states and UT,s . Singe entarnce will definitely benefit every one & takes out hasseles of the students apperaing for mutliple entrance exams . MOHFW & MCI should not yeild to objections of one state & prive institutions , but should look to the interest of large number of students across the country . It is high time decion should finalize within a week time as students should not have any ambiguity about what thet are going to write and should help them prepare well provided teh pattren & syallbus are known.

  34. R N KUMAR says

    A/C NO- 20016004408

  35. Vimal says

    Hello Friends……
    What is going on……..
    I think now its final that every thing will be as per previous rule …..
    Nothing is going to change……Its INDIA yaar !!!………ha ha ha

    1. suramya says

      Hi guyz,
      i talked to cbse officials…they told that the decision is finalised.
      you can also consult..their

  36. R N KUMAR says


  37. Ramana says

    Hai mayank !

    I uderstnad you mean to get managment seat . I think there won,t be change in proprtion of seats . Yes, provided you sit in the NEET ( if at all it takes place ) and you are in the oder of merit among the paid seat applicants for the particular institute .

  38. mayank says

    hi guys. ,
    can any1 plz tl me if i can get a paid seat next year????

  39. RAJ CENA says

    hi friends………
    i have some information about single entrance test for mbbs-11.
    National Eligibility cum Entrance Test
    This system is expected to be amended from the year 2011 onwards. Before its inception itself, the system has won several opinions; both positive and negative!

    Pros and Cons of the Medical Entrance – NEET

    Though the system is been designed with positive objectives, expecting favorable medical consequences; it has surrounded with people’s perception about the system implementation; some voting for advantages and others were serious about their thoughts of its disadvantages!


    It would definitely demolish the jeopardy happened due to the countless entrance exams that were conducted by every colleges/universities for medical admissions. This single system for medical entrance would solve the stress due to the complexities of numerous entrance tests!
    It would save time, energy and money of the students. The students would have spent a lot every time, while applying for the entrance exams; such costs would be saved from now onwards!
    This system is certainly a positive growth towards the quality enhancements of the medical education standards in India. In fact, the MCI has designed the system very strictly that all the admissions would be made merit based and even, it is insisting the same standard for management quota too.
    The students’ sufferings due to multiple entrance exams are not negligible! The fact that at the end of every academics, there were numerous students running to the Supreme Court requesting justice on the cases, where they were treated worst due to the biased admissions; flawed questions, etc… could not be forgotten! The efforts and consideration of MCI on these issues are really appreciable and the thought of single medical entrance test is awe-inspiring and it is definitely would be a perfect solution to these problems!
    The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will allow class XII students to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to almost all medical colleges in India, including private medical colleges, from 2011 academic year.

    A single merit list will be created for close to 35,000 MBBS seats across the country, which will show state, minorities and SC/ST quotas.

    Management quota candidates should come from the national merit list. The objective was to set up a standard for basic medical education.

    Under-graduate courses at the AIIMS in New Delhi and Post-graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh may be outside the NEET’s purview as these two institutes were set up by separate laws, which need to be amended in Parliament to introduce the new system.
    so i think single entrance test will be held 100%
    ……… of luck for everyone.

  40. sona says

    Hi Vimal

    No Information i think they have put the decision on hold.So only they know whats happening.I didnt see any news anywhere.

    1. Vinod says

      Hi Sona,
      u know wns da forms comin?thnks

  41. pankhuri shandilya says

    hiiiii vimal …….. n all my frnds …. yet nothing information have been bounced by mediaperson . so i dnt ve any idea yaar. infact neither single sign of any infrmtion regarding this avail on net also.. but u all dnt bother about this matter ….. everything will be well…… be happy all ….thanks.

  42. Vimal says

    Hey Sona & Pankhuri ,
    You both were saying that something is to be decided today after the meeting of MCI & health ministry…..
    So, Please inform me whatever the decision comes……I am waiting very badly. Thanks.

  43. Vimal says

    Hey friends ,
    Please read this article n stop this discussion here n go back to your study……….. its enough yaar !!!

  44. Ramana says

    Every body,s opinion is well honored . Opposition to change always exists. BOG of MCI are not fools . All this excerise has been done in the best interest of students of all states , all classes . Single entrance will definitely be better than appearing for many exams and trying luck in at least one ? A stusdent who is potent will never worry for minor issues like this , but his goal is to achive the seat , irrespective of what exam it is

  45. alexander chawang says

    i think, this is a wise idea.

  46. pankhuri shandilya says

    hey…. frends dnt get upset yaar….. what a need 2 take stress on such an issue which is nt in ours hand, …. lets hope tht every thing will be f9. m pretty sure tht whatever will be declared …..will be surely in every bodies favour dnt forget this is democratic country … anyway lets take a look on 30th aug 4 wht going 2 happen????

  47. sona says

    Hi vimal
    Sorry i didnt check this site.3 days back i read in times of india that this matter will be discussed on 30th august with health council then they will take i think only after 30th august we will come to know about this but i think they will implement this proposal.

  48. deep says

    after reading evr1 comments…i can say that evry1 hs a a plus ponit to support their view.but why dont u tnk d other way yaar…before the decision we hd many chances and now after the decision we hv one chance left”do or die”.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Now if you think its do or DIE, thats your thinking. Please don’t generalize that on this forum

  49. Vimal says

    Hey Friends,
    I am still waiting your reply, regarding the latest news provided by MCI…………( Please type in simple language Don’t type in farsi or urdu ok)

  50. jiya says

    yr plz all give the right decision of mci coz its a gr8 hell now plz dnt comment on dis just give ur information whtevr u get

  51. Vimal says

    Hi Friends,
    Today in class, my sir was telling us that CET is not going to apply this year because of the objections of private medical college of Maharashtra and Tamilnadu etc. And also , this is the front page news in news papers of Allahabad…

    Friends (Sona, Jiya, Aditi & Aseem Rastogi) is it really true ? if yes please share with us …….i am wating for your reply…..

  52. pankhuri shandilya says

    hey frends firstly i was totaly disagree vid the system but later on sudden idea stuck 2 my mind… actually we r really preparing hard but tell me one thing why coz of statism we r unable 2 give more seated n best colleges paper… thts point of interrogation 2 all of us. so in tht way being meritorious we r not selected n also one hidden thing will come out.. tht is selling of seats thts so shameful. moreover we r facing prob of counselling hecting. its okkk to have separate syatem for central exams like aiims . bhu jipmer etc etc….. but wholy for other exms lets hope for one way window system…. thanks hv a cool day 4 all of u.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      That’s what I have said before that having a centralized system will reduce the chances of fraud or exploitation by so called authorities.

  53. pankhuri shandilya says

    hiiii frends…. well m actually perturbed coz on 30th aug there will be genuine announcement ragarding exam … so i dnt hv any news plzzz any body hving inform me at [email protected]

  54. pankhuri shandilya says

    hey …… m actually very perturbed coz of further such announcement………. is any cming step have been taken … well i dnt hv any news.. so plz any body hving .inform me @ my id plzzz…. [email protected] thanks.

  55. sonia says

    yes i do agree with u this is not a gud decision. if a student is not well or unable 2 give exam on that day what will hapen to his future? the state level students study level is different . how can u judge in single exam in mid . sibble sir please thing again thanx if not thinking again for spoiling life of punjab students .

  56. Vimal says

    Hi Friends,
    *Is there any recent news from MCI???
    * I think MCI has promised to issue the notification today regarding this
    CET ???
    *If you have any recent news regarding this, please share us here please…
    or u can just simply mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] …..thanks

    (I am very sorry Sir Arun Prabhudesai )

  57. pankhuri shandilya says

    hey…… well in 2days paper i cm 2 knw tht there will be certain changing in tht … so lets hope 4 our betterment…. plz someone hv anything more than tht inform me plzzz….

  58. jiya says

    plz yr if somebody knows anything abt it share here or reply me plz…………!!!!!!!!!

  59. jiya says

    srry for mistakes…….. and i think supreme court has given the orders but still they will reconsider it nd we will be able to know abt it exctly….. i think within one week coz i read it in a newspaper………

  60. jiya says

    hey all i think cet will not b introduced coz tamil nadu’s minister is againt it nd had written a letter to prime minister to reconsider the decision so i think it will not b implememented

  61. sam says

    this is a great step…it shud hav been implemented earlier…those opposing are the ones who want to get a seat without studying…hehe

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      I don’t agree that the ones who are opposing want to get a seat without studying. But yeah, the ones who are oppposing have their reasons. But then everything has its pros and cons

  62. seema says

    wat abt d students having internalship i.e their quota from their university such as A.M.U. & J.M.I

  63. pankhuri shandilya says

    hii … well first of all i genuinly like 2 give my most regardable thanks 2 mci n union ministry. arrey its a great revolution in terms of medical field. how longer we would face the prob of state exams … somewhere bearing more seats n best college so that rest of tailented student keep on reluctent of tht. so plz being a medical aspirant whoever r … cmom yaar support the system as far as possible. so m completely in favour of tht …. hoping 4 evarl body assurance. thanks.

  64. Arun Prabhudesai says


    I have deleted a few comments here which do not add any value to this discussion.

    Also, please be reminded to use sane language while discussions – Although, we try not to delete any comments, I am forced to take the step when situation goes out of hand.

  65. vimal says

    Hi Sona,
    You can see this by clicking

    plz reply after reading OK?……..

  66. Vimal says

    To Sona,
    Thanks for your reply……
    Hi friends,
    Is there any recent notification released from MCI? If yes, Please inform us by writing here…..

    I am very tense about :-
    1. Will the eligibility criteria be similar as state board ???
    2. Number of attempt which will be given to a candidate???
    3. The upper age limit ???
    4.The common syllabus which is going to be applied ???

    Friends, If you know the RECENT & CORRECT answer of above questions then please….reply me at [email protected] Thanks……

  67. DRAVIN says


  68. alok says

    hey guys any news ?i already have attemted cbse thrice.i am just giving delhi pmt.will they change eligibility this year ?i am shattered yaar

  69. aditi says

    yes yogesh these people are comparing IIT with medicine when enginerring guys have thousands of useless colleges n seats.U know i gave my 3rd chance last year.i dropped 2 yrs n this year im just thinking of state pmt.and its august.

  70. YOGESH KUMAR says

    I’ll tell u my experience, 2 frnds of mine –1.intelligent haven’t get through in AIIMS, BHU. AFMC but succed in CBSE,
    2= not get through inDPMT, IP bUt succed in uttrakhand pmt
    So it’s not right for a student who is dropping their precious years to sit in only one exam
    What abt those who drop a no. Of yrs. For this noble profession.
    It’s for sure that the no. Of students commiting going to increase next year
    If they want to make it uniform then allow govt. State pmt to conduct exam including private
    For eg, in up there is upcpmt (govt.), upcmet (private), bhu (govt.)
    So, make a single exam in state level so that pvt. Exam broker don’t charge 15 – 18 L as donation (capitasion money)
    Kapil sibbal , if listening do not spoil our life, plz implement it in next year so that student get aware with such huge decision b’coz what abt. Those who already avail 3 cbse attemt
    This decision should be discussed with all major bodies including students b’coz this decision will gone affect our life……

  71. Aseem Rastogi says

    @sona @vimal @viki @jiya

    Guys there is no end to criticism of anything in life. You can go on and on about what should be there and what shouldnt. The point as I said again is to analyse the good and bad aspects about anything. There are always two sides to a coin.

    FYI even IIT JEE has a limit of giving for 3 times. Even these exams are written by rural students. And I am sure for rural students, they would be given some choices. Wait for the entire information from the government before criticising anything and tearing it to bits.

  72. Aditi says

    Hi sona
    How are you ??where are you from ??Delhi ??

  73. sona says

    @ vimal
    I will email you
    you are absolutely right.only after MCI notification things will be clear.AIIMS n AFMC doesnt come under MCI so they will conduct their separate exams n even central universities like VMMC,BHU,JIPMER,CMC,St johns, will conduct their exams but nothing is sure untill n nless mci declares.
    People who are using italians slangs (jabroni) and other words can only understand these policies .I dont think there are any modertators here or this type of language shouldnt be allowed not in virutal not in real life.
    1.MBBS is definitely not about State board or central board but its definitely about the SYLLABUS of central board and state board.Basics are always same but in competitive exams its not just about basics its about in depth knowledge of that particular topic or subject.and in a country where there is so much diversity this rule cant be suitable n if it atleast not for the present session.
    2.We do need BEST doctors thats why the present system is better because it tests your all skills.
    3.I have never seen any 200 pages form ever in life even after appearing in all medical entrance exams this year so cant comment on this issue but i think students are ready to go to 1000 places apear in different exams but want to rise in life.want opportunities to excel,are ready to work hard.
    4.its not about my chance its about OUR chance.yes we dont get opportunities all life so definitely they do matter.just one exam n year gone that too with limited attempts,age limit n present reservation scenario.

    Thank god AIIMS AFMC arent ready for this.The way AFMC tests you is so nice that you love it.We have passions for somethings in life makin them easy or cheap can never be even the worst will just be the so called non sense of this entire system.

    Anyways Guys its time to get back to books n stop hitting our head here…Hopefully one day we will be doctors n policy makers as well (Haha )

    All the best

  74. Ramana says

    It is a good decion to have one exam. It will take out hassels for students to appear for several exams & save their time & effort . Preparing for one exam is lot easier . No student will get affected as indiviaual state qouotas will remain same

    1. DIVYANSHU says

      ya u r rite . i m agree with u . that cet is like a dream cme true for medical prepairing students .

  75. jiya says

    srry guys it is cet only cbse will be conducting it and inclusion of aiims and afmc nd other central colleges is not yet clear……!!!!!!!

  76. jiya says

    r u ppl not reading the newspaper still struck in this article……… mci got permission frm supreme court and in 1 week all the details will be issued nd i think its name is also not cet it is N.E.E.T. but still u ppl also once look into it coz i cant say it surely………!!!!!!!!

  77. Sameer says

    A common entrance test is just common-sense, perfect solution, here’s why:

    – The State Board Issue:

    1. MBBS is not about UP board or Bihar board or whatever state you come from. It is about medicine, biology, science and more. These are some common subjects which every aspiring medical professional has to learn. If your state board fails to teach you these common subjects, then you’re not eligible to become a medical professional just yet. The common entrance test will have these common subjects which any aspiring medical professional should be proficient in. This is what you will be tested for. You won’t be tested for your expert knowledge in UP or Bihari cuisine or language or politics, etc – because as a doctor that will be of no use to you.

    – The ‘Rural’ or ‘Backward’ class issue:

    2. As far as ‘rural’ or backward class students are concerned, they will be given alternative options within a justified limit. Such as, you can take the test in Hindi, or the language of your choice. Maybe a fee cut here and there. Then you already have reservations. However, the syllabus has to be the same for all. We want proficient doctors, no matter if they’re rural or urban, don’t we? If you don’t know certain basic subjects required for medical science, then you don’t belong to MBBS or any medical course for that matter – you will be saving people’s lives, not taking them due to your lack of knowledge.

    – The 200 page forms & demand drafts & 1000 different eligibility criteria and other stuff issue:

    3. I’m sure nobody likes travelling to 10 different places hundreds of miles apart and paying thousands of rupees as ‘Prospectus’ and other bullshit fees for every other exam. It is supposed to be an entrance exam for god’s sake, not some kind of an endurance exam. And then as mentioned above, nobody likes to deal with the difference procedures, eligibility criteria, filling forms correctly, mailing them, getting photos, demand drafts and this and that and blah blah blah. Fuck BHU and Fuck AIIMS and all these MBBS colleges. I don’t care about your fucking prospectus and your god damned 200 page form. I’m going to fill a single form, travel for a single test, care only about its eligibility criteria and all the formalities and be done with it.

    – The ‘oh what about my CHANCES’ issue:
    For all of you MBBS jabronies crying out loud about your ‘CHANCES’ being less and all that. Know your role, and shhh. Because a single entrance test doesn’t make any difference in your chances of getting selected at a certain college. What happens now? You apply at AIIMS, BHU, CMC, etc etc. If you’re really really good, you can get into AIIMS. And then so on.

    What will happen if there’s a single entrance test? If you’re really really good, common-sense tells us you will still get picked up by AIIMS – who will obviously like to admit the top scorers within that common entrance test. And then so on. So where’s the difference? Where’s your CHANCES being lowered now?

    Just my two cents. Be a doctor, not a whining, bitching, moaning jabroni.

    1. richa says


      only hope there are some optional papers for english and logic & reasoning, marks of which are considered by the colleges which require them..

  78. viki says

    There should not be a single entrance exam. Chances are more if one appeared many entrance exam like now. So I donot support single entrance system as MCI decided to hold from next year.

  79. ankita says

    hey i think it will work. coz one paper means we can prepare acc to it. we dont have to go thru diff courses as is demanded . i support it. thanks mci.

  80. Ani thakur says

    sir plz send eligibility and syllabus for new common mbbs entrance test on my id [email protected]

  81. vimal says

    Hi Sona,
    I am VIMAL from Allahabad U.P. I am preparing for PMT & I am very disturbed from when i heard about this CET, because of those reasons which i have mentioned in my article. I am very influenced with your writing. I request you to join me for discussing more about this topic via mail-
    [email protected]

  82. Sona says

    @aseem rastogi
    Thanks for sharing your experience.Govt will publish the notification in 3 days n its final now.I think i got very upset as i have been preparing for this from 11th std.I just love medicine.Like i said studying n preparing for medicine is entirely different.
    1.You talked about common eligibility.In my state there is no upper age limit in Delhi no upper age AFMC 21,in CBSE 25 in BHU 25 is the age limit.Here they are saying they will reduce it.For me this is my dream profession n i dont know how it is justified to have upper age limit when people say there is no age to study.
    2.You are talking about less cost right ??when there is lots of reservation WE THE GENERAL CLASS ARE SUFFERING ( 51% reserved seats in my state) WE NEED MORE CHANCES TO RISE IN LIFE NOT THIS SO CALLED LESSER COST.e are ready to work they are limiting everything.reservation,number of attempts reduced,age limit n ONE EXAM.
    3.Cost is not important than more chances in life especially when it comes to what u become in life.MOREOVER WHEN RURAL STUDENTS WILL HAVE TO COMPETE WITH CBSE N ICSE STUDENTS THEY WILL HAVE TO SPEND A LOT ON COACHING.
    4.Is india just delhi,mumbai n bangalore what about UP,bihar and MP nrajasthan ??
    5.Biggest issue is syllabus.In state exams we have detailed biology in CBSE its all about genetic n other topics.
    6.We all are different.If you are sharp then u can clear AFMC ( as it has logic reasoning) If you have good english go for JIPMER ( english is imp) if you too good in physics go for BHU,if you have real clear concepts and nice GK then go for AIIMS.and if you are really a dumbo ( hehe) then state exam is always there.when students have different skills i think they should go where they deserve to go.Earlier all students have these someone said its all about one go No its not fair in life.moreover medicine is more than that.not just one shot game.cant be that cheap. much justified it will be for REAL INDIA that is still the rural one??.Making policies in an AC room n actually facing that in real is different.when this rural india studied something else will be bound to study what they dont know.1000 rs on form will then look real cheap compared to the coaching where they will have to spend.
    Life is about survival of the fittest so i wish all the students here all the best.I over reacted as for me this is something i worship.sorry if i hurt anyone here

    I know

  83. Aseem Rastogi says

    @raman @vimal @sona @aditi

    Some of the points that you brought out about someone being sick and missing the exam, eligibility criteria are fairly valid points.

    But let me tell you my experience, I am an MBA student and have also done engineering in the past. I must have written more than 10 entrance exams some of which had to be written in different cities taking different modes of transport. In the end it was all more than 50k alongwith a lot of stress and also the disappointment of not making it.

    I have seen the same case with my sister in MBBS. Yes, I am not a medical student. But I have spoken to my friends and also seen how stressful it is for a student to go through. For every decision in this world, there are pros and cons. But the pros which outweigh the cons in this place are –

    1. One set of eligibility criteria rather than many thousands by different instis across the country

    2. Less cost as only one exam

    3. Less chances of exploitation by politicians compared to the present system where anyone involved can do what they want and what they dont.

    4. Greater transparency as only one exam

    You may ask as to how sure I can be of politicians not doing anything bad and many more things like that. But the point is that in this case the pros always outweigh the cons.

    We can always fight over this fact. I am not a supporter of Congress or for that matter any political party or wing. I am just a simple student like you all.

    @rest thanks for your comments. Pointing out the cons of a decision is always very easy. But I as a student, I agree not of medicine but of MBA and engineering have gone through so many entrance exams that it makes you feel completely stressed out.

  84. tarang says

    it is the rite decision taken by mci……..i totally agree wid this agreement… happy wid dis decision….if sum1 has problem…he or she…shuld understand and shuld go thru the agreement..dept.of cbse..and all such ..thinks our future..dats y such agrrements r made…as far as syllabus and all is concerned..dnt wry…they will let us know..abt dat……or our institutions will let us know..abt all such matters….

  85. Luckyless says

    I AM PRESENTLY studying in class 12. I am not understanding whether I have to face CET or it is for students of next year,i.e. for students presently studying in class 11 . Please help………

  86. neo says

    its a revolutionary decision and i appreciate it. and one thing more the people who are complaining that they are getting only one chance to perform, i would like to advise them that medical profession requires accuracy at one go…… its not a easy task to be a doctor. so if you are fit then you will survive……

  87. prabhu says

    it is perhaps a good decision b ecause vthge no of seats wiil increase for the student of orissa as their only 300 govt seats in orissa

  88. jiya says

    look sona i dnt wnt hv any harsh tlk wid u but u r not the only one who knows abt medicine alright……… everyone has their opinion and its my opinion bcoz in this country ur not the only one who resides alright there are so many ppl ou there who cant afford so many forms wht will happen to thm hun??? and as far as medicine is concerned i m also preparing for tht its not only u preparing for it all over (plz stop it here only….. )

    1. Abhi says

      Luk guys nw u all are messing up wid each other widout any reason.. Leave the decision on MCI, they also knw wat cud b a better way for medical aspirants. Some guys thnk its “do or die”, some fighting for elegibility criteria,. But why are u all neglecting the thng dat reservation is jtst for 50% seats even after dat general ones do nnt get all thore seats. Seats are there in clgs, they are nowhere gone, they are just given to some wreck richs wid the title as management seats or sum other stupid reservation.. Its a fair step by MCI to stop all dis unfair means used against brilliant talents of india..
      I shudnt say this but its quite common in some state pmts or private pmts dat exam papers are been leaked out by the professors of their own college, answer sheets are been exchanged during checking, roll no. of studnts being changed, some other guy sitting in examination hall under the name of other.. So to stop all dir i appreciate MCI for their step.

  89. vimal says

    My only request to rule maker for this new common entrance exam is that – Please
    consider all those eligibility criteria which were accepted to state level exam, so that no candidate spoils its future & not go for any suicidal attempt & all that……..

    1. richa sharma says

      you people are fretting for no reason. Politicians don’t take such big decisions in their toilets.
      Everything will be well thought out. They have brains too to consider the petty things popping into your pea-sized brains.

      Stop opposing constructive decisions just because you have no faith in our politicals system.

      and i, for one, hate to slog for 2 -3 months giving one exam or the other every 2 weeks. now, it’ll all be over and done in one go… such relief..

  90. vimal says

    Hi. sona & aditi i am totally agree with u.
    I think this decision is never going to help us. Because till now every medical entrance exam had its own eligibility criteria, so what will be the COMMON eligibility for this exam ????
    Will all the state board’s rule be fitted in new rule ??????
    Each state board has its own rule for conducting the 10+2 exam (for example- In U.P. Board A student who has passed 10+2 with PCM can also apply for UP CPMT, if he he has passed taking BIOLOGY as a single subject IN NEXT SNGLE year privatively, while CBSE do not gives admition to this kinds of student )…….
    And also, every state board has its different syllabus, then how the common syllabus will match for every board’s syllabus ????
    So, how this rule will bring uniformity in rural student (who study thier board syllabus) and the student of metropolitan cities (who study maily with CBSE/ICSE board) ???????

    Just hell to this rule & stupid politicians who r going to apply it……….

    ………. [email protected] ………

    1. rashmi says

      hi vimal,is any new news about cet?if any, pls inform.

  91. Vyas tripathi says

    hey itz v rite decision. . .n i think itz d most correct for medical aspirants. Cbse conduct fair exam so we cnt going to cheated. .Thanx mci n cbse fr doing so.

  92. Aditi says

    Hi Sona I totally agree with you.In class today we all were discussing this n yaar really these policies suck !!!!its august n they are declaring this.hey where are u from ?where are u taking coaching ?i am from delhi

  93. jiya says

    it is a graet descision i m with this descision!!!!!

    1. sona says

      I dont think you even know the M of medicine so just stop.No one sleeps on examination day but can fall sick, can met accident cant prepare because of disease right ???Moreover if u have one chance out of pressure u mite not perform well n when u have options then u can perform well.PLS STOP COMMENTING WHEN U HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO KNOWLEDGE.

      1. rashmi says

        hi sona, pls inform me about cet if u know dat,do all states including bihar,u.p.,m.p.,orrisa etc conduct their state entrance exams or not?

  94. jiya says

    u all ppl are mad u will not going to understand
    @sona- if the person is really aspiring he/she will definately be going to attend the exam yaar its not tht he will miss it or something like tht coz as atudent i kno whn u hv exam 2morow u dnt even sleep at night how can u miss exam . nd these ppl r far more intelligent than us why to commnt on the ppl like tht

  95. raman says

    this is nt a gud decision….. v students suffer…. it shud b only 4 md……..

    1. Sona says

      This is the WORST DECISION.These people who are 70-75 yrs old are deciding destiny of so many youngsters.
      1.Every exam is different.In AFMC limit pattern is different.In army they need logic,reasoning,GK,english.2.In AIIMS only brilliants get selected.The pattern is different.They have assertion reasoning.In BHU They emphasize on all subjects.In CMC Vellore they have different Bilogy.In ST johns they have a christian paper.I mean different students have different so many exams give chances to all types of students.

      2.If there is one exam n if a student cant attend.his year is gone.



      1. Sona says

        Sorry for typing mistakes

        1. sona says


        2. sona says

          Being a middle class girl n a medical aspirant i know by this weird system how much we will be hurt.These stupid politicians should go to hell

      2. ajinkya ghogare says

        u r right sona. These 75 yrs old polititians are mad . They can’t understand basic things .

    2. khushboo says

      i totally agree with SONA..we shud hav more choices

      1. gaurav says

        if u cant do as much hard work den u dnt thnk 2 b a medico

      2. lakshana gupta says

        i also agree with u yar this govt will go to hell

    3. lakshana gupta says

      i m totally agree with raman this is not a blessings this rule is a worst decision for students i request all the students that plz don’t agree with this decision

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