Fifa World Cup Final – Spain Vs Dutch – Paul the Octopus rules !


Fifa World Cup has its 2 finalists – Spain & Netherlands, but there is already a star winner of this World Cup, it is “Paul the Octopus”.


If you are living under a cave and don’t know who “Paul the Octopus” is, here it is –

“Paul the octopus” is an octopus, who lives in Sea life aquarium in Oberhausen Germany. Paul, who is referred a “psychic octopus” or an “oracle octopus”, has shot into limelight by predicting the winners in this ongoing, FIFA world cup.

With the Semi-Final prediction also come out correctly, he has 100% record of correctly naming the winners before the football match in which Germany have played.

Paul the Octopus has become so popular that since Spain defeated Germany, Paul has topped Twitter trends and is the talking point of every social network.


Would you believe, that even bookies have started taking bets on whether Paul the Octopus will correctly pick the winner of of the FIFA World Cup final ! European based is offering odds of even money that Paul will tip the winner.

Coming back to the Finals of the World Cup – Both the finalists in this World Cup are first timers (Netherlands have reached Finals twice earlier – 1974 & 1978)– they have never been World Cup Finals. Infact, Spain who are the favorites, best performance came in 60 years back in 1950, when they reached the quarter-finals (correct me if I am wrong here).

Now, Paul the Octopus is going to hog the limelight till Sunday’s Epic World cup final clash. Till now he has only predicted in games involving Germany, so it is not clear whether his Psychic powers are limited to games involving Germany or they also goes beyond that.

Whatever said and done – Paul, the Octopus is the biggest winner and star of this Fifa World Cup.

On a side note, this also the first time, I am seeing such huge football following in India – I thought last one was quite popular in India, but popularity of this world cup has risen in multiples…do you see that as well ?

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  2. Peter says

    Paul predicted it rightly and all the 10 predictions of Paul were right
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  3. samira says

    just spain

  4. Yash says

    Pure coincidence! But its fun! At least this Octopus has a better success rate than all our Babas and Numerologists on TV!! :) Guess Ekta Kapoor should go consult Paul before naming her next soap!

  5. drake says

    It was right, luckily! German game was cold and boring for the whole world cup; we will see some warm football hearts in the final

  6. Hossain Imran Raju says

    Dear viewars, Aqtualy I’m not great man, but my prediction- holand win Final Cup
    My Cell : +8801674117864

  7. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Yes All, I got it…I have made the changes – and yes, Netherlands have entered Finals for the 3rd time…

  8. Dutchy says

    The Netherlands were finalists in 1974 and 1978 (and semi-finalist in 1998), but never won the World Cup.

  9. Khan says

    correction holland are not first time finalists they r in finals FOR THIRD TIME

  10. JamesChrist says

    In India people worship cows, dogs, cats, donkeys, monkeys, pigs, and if this Octopus comes to India he will be known as Octopus Baba and a whole shrine and temple will be built around him! haha

  11. Venky says

    Make a correction. This is not the first time that Netherland has made it to finals. Its their third time. Just that they have never won. 1974, 1978 and 2010

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Venky – I stand corrected- you are right….Dutch have reached finals in 1974 and 1978 earlier..

  12. Pradeep says

    Yesterday only i cam to know about Paul. Strange.. funny but its all true..Let Paul put money in betting and he could make lots of money:)

    yes Spain is the fav now

  13. Ravi says

    Paul incorrectly predicted Germany versus Spain match in the UEFA Euro 2008.
    I guess the Spanish finished at fourth place finish in 1950.

    Whatever it is I think Spain should win this one!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Agreed, Spain deserve to pick this world cup…and After Brazil, they are my favourite team :)…so GO SPAIN !!! pick up the world cup :)

  14. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hi Arun,

    If only I could be well known even 1/10th the time as Mr.Octopussy, I will die a happy man ;-). “Paul the octopus” is probably going to be the most important name/ phrase people will remember until next worldcup. I won’t be surprised to see tshirts, hats etc come with something related to Paul.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yeah I think so too… Paul the Octopus seems to be heading the ZooZoos way :)

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