Post snail mail invoices through Zoho Invoice zPost


I have been a fan of Zoho for a long long time – probably the only Indian online company making its presence felt globally.

Now, this is not really a big news, but I wanted to still publish it, just to show that why Zoho has become so popular. They have now come up with a new feature in their invoicing solution called – zPost, which resolves a real life problem which many SME’s & freelancers face.

There are many companies like Zoho who offer invoicing solutions – Most of them offer creating & sending invoices online. But, like most of you know, many clients do not prefer getting invoices online – They need physical invoices to make payments.


This is where zPost comes into picture – Zoho has introduced a new feature of Zoho Invoice that allows you to send printed invoices through the mail without ever leaving your computer!


Zoho Invoice in itself is quite a superior product, and with addition of this new feature, I am sure Zoho invoice will go on to become one of the most popular online invoicing solution.

The zPost feature is available now across all of Zoho Invoice plans. However, zPost is not free – to use it, you just need to buy zPost credits, which work pretty much like post stamps, only simpler (and without the licking!). Here are more details about how to use zPost inside Zoho Invoice.

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