65% softwares used in India are Pirated worth $2 billion !


India is in forefront when it comes to piracy – According to the report released by Business Software Alliance along with IDC, Indians used 65% pirated software in 2009 ( Piracy % = Unlicensed Software Units divided by Total Software Units Installed ). However, this rate is 3% lower than what it was as compared to previous year.

The annual commercial value of unlicensed software in India stands at a whopping $2.03 billion. Comparatively, China has piracy rate of whooping 79%, which accounts for a dollar value of more than 7.5 billion.


Software Piracy in Asia Pacific


Top Countries in Piracy in 2009


Top Countries in Piracy in 2009 (Commercial Value)


 Some of the Key findings of the reports are :

  • Global PC software piracy dropped in 54 of the 111 countries studied; however the worldwide piracy rate rose from 41 percent in 2008 to 43 percent in 2009, due to exponential growth in PC software deployments in emerging economies.
  • The United States, Japan, and Luxembourg continue to hold the lowest piracy rates of economies surveyed (20, 21, and 21 percent, respectively).
  • In Asia Pacific, economies with the highest piracy rates include Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan.
  • China’s piracy rate dropped 12 percentage points during the six years from 2003 to 2008, but slowed last year. This was, to some degree, a result of growth of activity in the consumer sector, but there was also less focus on anti-piracy enforcement by the government and by some vendors during the recession.
  • Factors driving piracy rates up included rapid growth of the consumer PC market (India, China and Brazil), and greater activity in the installed base of older computers where unlicensed software is more prevalent, and the increasing sophistication of software pirates and cyber criminals.

What about you – Are you one of those who use pirated softwares :)

  1. Premium Domains says

    Indians used 65% pirated software in However, this rate is 3% lower than what it was as compared to previous year.

  2. ashok says


    indians making software globally so let this poor country have a discount.why poor people pay instead the rich americans and eurpean and arbs paying. and our goverment has no issue in lossing usd 866 mn taxes, because recently govt helps telecom business by providing 35 billion usd (17600000000000 inr) tax benefits and for coal industry it is 10 times more.

    india rocks

  3. Weng Fu says

    I am surprised that India does not lead the world in software piracy because it is evident that India leads the world in corrupt practices of most kinds.

  4. vikash says

    yeah i have all software in my pc are pirated costs around $5,000 + songs and i have not paid even a ruppe for this . i have seen only a single genuine copy of windows vista in my cousins lap top which was installed in his lap top when he bought it. except this exceptions i have not seen any genuine software in any PC.
    I amazed to see this 65% it is too low then i was expecting it should greater then 90%.
    I bought windows xp +windows 7 disk in 40 ruppes around a dollar.
    Actually even 60% Indian even do not know that they are doing piracy.

  5. Madhav Shivpuri says

    What is interesting is that in terms of Commercial value the developed nations and the top developing nations (BRIC) figure here. Does that mean, they are smart at pirating the expensive softwares? Makes complete sense if you ask me :-)

    With the onset of online apps and SAAS, wonder how much would piracy come down in the coming years. Would we see more software pirates getting jobless?

  6. Varun Sharda says

    yesss, i am one of those who use a lotttt of pirated softwares, movies, songs nd everything……but wht really shocking is tht i hav seen our govt. departements( Jaipur’s passport office) using pirated windows…..

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