Indian Man has survived 70 years without food & water – Miracle or Myth ?


Okay, this is not something related to business, but quite unusual and thought I should share it with our readers.

This could really be termed as a miracle – An Indian Yogi named as Pralhad Jani  claims that he has not had food or water for 70 years. He is now 82 years old and quite healthy.


Although, the claim for not eating or drinking for 70 years is unsubstantiated, he has been kept in one of the Indian hospitals to study how he can do that. He has been in hospital for past 8 days and has not touched water or food and appears to be in great health.

Have a look at this video of Pralhad Jani:


Pralhad Jani claims to have been blessed by a goddess when he was 8-years-old, which has enabled him to survive without sustenance and that he derives energy through meditation.

If you are not aware, there are many people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water.

So what’s your opinion? do you really think he could have survived without food & water for over 70 years?

  1. Shannon Manjrekar says

    If this is true can he teach us? If yes then the starvation in India will be eradicated.

  2. Navin Kumar says

    I will ever believe it.

  3. Karol says

    even if u are a religious fanatic like ASHIKA here, it is not hard to accept science proofs of this (experiment) and screaming around it is against the law of physics! ain’t too bright. cuz there is no such thing like “against the law of physics!” physics are unchanged from the beginning, only we have not explored evan 1% of it especially our brain abilities.

  4. Rithesh Bastard says

    this is interesting..

  5. Bikram Walia says

    This is just crazy!

  6. Ashis Ray says

    how is it possible?

  7. ?????? ??????? says

    Yes. Our world is full of surprises.

  8. satish says

    Hi All,
    It’s Great to say we are INDIAN, but we see our indian only consume lots of food and waste food, if each and every person do meditation “PIRAMID MEDATION”. in this no one will be poor /starve from HUNGER.

  9. Skittles says

    Its been quite a while now, id like an update on his status :D

  10. Mohamed says

    Hi!it can be possible for a human to stay without water or food within 3days talking about 70years come on guys?think about!!

  11. Jitendra says

    It is not any miracle to live without food. Once you learn and practice to live more on cosmic energy , requirement of food becomes reduced to very little. Many are there who regular practice long fasting, of course not without water because we are in different word ,where we have to do our daily work also. but its very easy to live without food for a month or more and without any reduction of waight with yoga practices taking direct cosmos energy to our body. Read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa yogananda.

  12. Tash says

    i believe the man is true…..coz miracles do happen ….which point to existance and endless power of god……and till today the human couldnt find the answer to the most basic questions like where we have come from and where do we go on death …..and so many others………it is jus the another special of godzzz challenge to humans… keep us busy and confused……….lol

  13. ASHIKA says

    It is written in the Bible end times such unusual things will happen which will draw people’s attention away from God. So many things are happening in today’s world which upsets people’s mind and brings fear in their hearts. For it is written in the scripture God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I am not criticizing this yogi for what situation he is in. But my humble request towards everyone is please accept Jesus before its too late. He died for our sins which shows how much he loves us and rose again on the third day which shows his promises never fail.

    1. Suneel Kondeti says

      I agree with Ashika.

  14. awantika says

    what the hell yogi????
    what u trying to prove?????
    better change your attitude

  15. FRANKLY says

    I think this is fraud this cannot be true . Even Jesus Christ in the bible stayed for 40days and 40 nights and i considered him as a Spirit then this man. man give me a break . I know some news is just for entertainment then that should go under that . I cannot be fooled just like that

  16. thandie says

    to Daniel

    I believe that if you really believe on whatever you worship, it works for you. This is his gift, he is different and it is real and already he has stayed more than ten days without water and food and he has not been to the toilet, what do you think about that. Daniel, in this world anything is possible. I think this is far beyond your imagination. believe me, it is possible.

  17. Sanjeev says

    in our ancient time, we have heard about people having many power such as live till the time you want, transform into two bodies, keeping youthful, having power of 10,000 elephants and so on… and this is quite normal for us to know and believe because many sacred men survive and do work ship and meditation without food in instance cold weather without cloths on in and around Himalaya. they occasionally come down to meet people and go back very soon…. even I heard long back in US sometime in 1980-85 an Indian woman was investigated because she also never took food and water for the last 55 years….. and many stories which we felt and believed as stories but we have truth in that…
    So we should believe and work to get something similar in small for us, our family and our society.

    1. Black says

      Man don’t be fooled this cannot be happening Dose it means that this man is above the creator who created things for mans consumption ?

  18. Daniel says

    Thandie swaziland god is not granting all humans wishes, then noone would have to be hungry or suffer.

    Amit i think you read autobiography of a yogi paramahamsa there it is written of such lady.

  19. thandie (Swaziland) says

    It may look impossible but i think it is possible. I dont know what he believes in or worships, but if he worships God the Creator of Heaven & Earth it is possible because God grants you whatever you ask for. In my own point of view i think it is possible.

  20. aditya says

    It is proved. He was kept under proper observation and he did not drink or eat for 15 days. Its true, this person is different.

  21. Amit says

    Dont always discard everything that you cannot prove scientifically.
    IF he is really great yogi with a good sadhana, yes he can live it that way.. but here more importantly he says he got it at an age of 8.. may be by accident or by certain unknown reasons. If he is a good yogi it is surprising how come he is coming in such a limelight, as they rarely come forward. There is one more such case which i have read in some book, where the lady never had any food and drew all the energy from the sunlight. so yes it is not hard believe this one guy

  22. wazwa smart says

    this is beyond mediocrity i for one chose not to believe it and i think it is one of the centuary’s joke. yes, it is the joke of the centuary

  23. nikhil says

    it might be true to an extent doctor’s should keep him under observation for a month or so than only facts would come out since surviving without food or water for 10 – 20 days is quite as many saints practice that but if he challenges than the source of his energy should be studied .

  24. textilesinfomediarydotcom says

    When people are surprising to this news, I am astonished. Our ancient Siddha Yogies have enough prof. Humidity in the air is source of water. Sun and cosmic elements in air are survival food. Which is amply available in caves too.

  25. Joey says

    @Matt…They’ve already had him in isolation for 8 days dude and a previous study had im in isolation for 10 days, obviously he can live longer than 3-4 days without water… no human can do that. Period. His mind and his life force are very strong… 10 days without water…. wow.

  26. uma says

    I think this is possible.i can live without food and water max 3 days. but it’s really miracle.

  27. Nathan says

    hi Arun,
    i love only because of its focused articles about business and tech….
    leave these kind of buzzing news to normal news people.I like to read quality articles from

  28. sneha says

    He is a natural being who is free of all these materialistic things. May be the secret behind his living is living in his own way just connecting with the nature. He should not be restricted in a room and used for all the experiments and researches by the docs..He must be left free.

  29. Anju says

    first of all thank you for providing non-business post.i am fan of your regular post.

    Many amazing or surprising thing happened in the world and unfortunately experts, doctors,and scientist can’t find root cause.Before some days i have seen in national geography channel that a 12 year old girl had the victim of discharge of blood from all parts of body(including her eyes).and there is no even scratch found after washing blood.but still No doctor found the reason of discharging there is something which is beyond the imagination of human.if this is real than i may say it must be a miracle.

  30. matt says

    No, people cannot live without water for much longer than 3 days usually. This guy must be a fraud and I’m tired of the news reporting it as fact (or even plausible). 70 years? give me a break

    on the other hand, it is pretty funny, and reminds me that I can’t really take anything seriously when it comes to news-sites.

  31. Aniket Kaushal says

    I think this is possible. Anything can be made possible with body by using will-power and determination. But according to me, saying him a holy person or worshiping him is wrong. For being holy purity of mind is needed. A lot of such things are also possible through yoga asanas.

    1. olsi says

      it’s July and we don’t have any news. What hapen with this men?
      I am wondering if all we heared about him was trueth/

  32. Hailemichael says

    I don’t think so. How can a man stay with out food and water for such long period of time? Scientifically, this is impossible even to think. This could be direct intervention of God. Anyway I am waiting to hear from others

    1. Mahadev Jadhor says

      We imaginate something wherever our brain developed.

  33. Allison says

    Miracles hapen all the time, but this seems too extreme to be real. I’ll be interested in seeing how the observations go.

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