WOW ! Google Maps now shows 3D imagery with Google Earth!


Google Maps has now raised the bar when it comes to online navigation and maps imagery. They have now Introduced Google Earth on Google Maps Online, and it is called “Earth View”.

This new viewing mode brings 3D perspective to Google Maps, which is quite different from the Satellite view. This new Earth View feature would be available on the web browser only after installing this Earth Plugin.

Now, instead of just looking at flat terrain, you will be able to get actual 3D view of places like Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, Opera House, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower and many more.


Think about it, lets say you are going on vacation – Now you can see your hotel and nearby places in 3D view and decide on your complete destination list to visited :).



Although the Earth view may be seem to be a bit redundant, as photo realistic geographic data are already available via a 2D satellite view and, if you want to see an actual view of your route, via Streetview.

However, while Earth view does not quite deliver the detail of Streetview, it is much more comprehensive and can give you a realistic bird’s eye view impression of a location or route you are planning. It may not be the best way to print a map when you are going on a trip, but it may supplement the data of your navigation system.

Now the big question however is, how will Bing or Yahoo compete with this kind of offering. Even today Google is most popular when it comes to Mapping and navigation and with this new feature, it probably has put nail in the coffin for all others.

What say?

  1. Akhilesh Akki Bhopali says


  2. Sofan Maliq Wahyudi says

    ada cerita tentang KS kita pak???

  3. Dradjat Budiyanto says

    nice to see Google Earth again (terrain, lat, long, et, after nearly.
    two years vacuum!

    1. Sofan Wahyudi says

      ada cerita tentang KS kita pak???

    2. Nancy Yoed says

      Halo mas ….ni Nancy…

  4. balaji yadhav says

    Agreed with your point on backpackers getting a true picture of the hotel and its surroundings but Google 3D is not a true picture it is just a projected 3D model not a real time live photographic images of the hotel,But atleast they will get an image of the street of the hotel and a birds eye view and make up their minds on their real star status.
    I have found 2D maps and enquiry with people to be more useful to locate the destination rather than relying on GPS when i travel.Of course i have never traveled outside India so I’m not sure about their use then.

  5. Arun Prabhudesai says

    I can understand your concerns on broadband speeds and you not been able to view, but I have a modest 1mbps at my place and I was able to use earth view without a hitch.

    And your second point that why would one want to see places before you visit is – Most often than not, tourist places are not what we imagine…with earth view we can see it and gauge whether it is good enough for us to spend time on visiting it or not. Another thing would be finding exact location of the hotel in the new place, whether it is really how is has been advertised or they are giving you a shack instead of a 5 star hotel that they promised…
    Trust me – Earth view is boon to such bagpackers 1

  6. balaji yadhav says

    Why are you saddening me with articles like these I was never able to experience the joy of satellite imagery with Google earth in 2D with my broadband speed of 256-300 kbps at home.I tried to access Google Earth from my office network which claims to have 8 Mbps with no appreciable decrease in loading time.Another visual feature which i will never enjoy – 3D satellite imagery.I’m not sure why tourists will like to view it here inGoogle Maps before going to the location cause they will probably get more valuable info from the tourist agencies rather than 3D visuals.Tourists probably will be enthralled by the 2D photos in tourism websites and contact and book hotels after reading their hotel websites.(Cost conscious).By the way hi def imagery and 3D may be good for movies but not for business.
    Why – Simple my face looks much more beautiful in a 2D low resolution photo than in a hi def 3D model.Understand,they are just too realistic HaHa!!!.

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