Top 13 Tourist Destinations in India [2015]


[Last Updated: 12th Oct 2015] We have made slight modifications in the list as per the changing circumstances. We have also added couple of destinations that we think should be mentioned here.


I have not done a top 10 list for a long time now, and with Summer Holidays on, I thought it was a good time to post this list – The top 10 tourist destinations in India.

India is very very diverse – probably the most diverse of countries that you will find on this earth. We have some of the Coldest places in Kashmir, A place that has highest rainfall in world – Cherrapunji, and also one if the driest places on the Earth – The Thar Desert. Adding to that – More than half of Indian boundary is home to beautiful beaches. And don’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow capped mountains.

Mix all this with different cultures and hundreds of Languages and Dialects – You have a got a potent mix of diversity. If you really think, I really am amazed that with such diverse people & geographies how do we operate as one single democratic country !

Anyways, I am digressing here. Let me now give you


The Top 10 Tourist Destinations in India



Agra’s Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world, the mausoleum of Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world, and one of three World Heritage Sites in Agra.

Completed in 1653, the T?j Mahal was built by the Mughal king Sh?h Jah?n as the final resting place for his beloved wife, Mumt?z Mahal. Finished in marble, it is perhaps India’s most fascinating and beautiful monument. This perfectly symmetrical monument took 22 years (1630-1652) of hard labour and 20,000 workers, masons and jewelers to build and is set amidst landscaped gardens.

Jaipur / Udaipur

Jaipur is also popularly known as the Pink City, is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is a very famous tourist and education destination in India.


Lots of people flock to Jaipur to view the various forts and monuments in Jaipur which reflect its glorious past. Tourism is a significant part of Jaipur’s economy. Some of the world’s best hotels are located here.

Forts & Monuments

  • Hawa Mahal
  • Amber Fort
  • Jaigarh Fort
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • City Palace
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Jal Mahal
  • Rambagh Palace
  • Chandra Mahal, The City Palace, Jaipur
  • Diwan-e-Aam, City Palace
  • Central Museum, (Albert Hall Museum)

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Goa is Famous for its pristine beaches, infact 90% of all the tourism in Goa happens only for its beautiful beaches in Coastal Areas. Goa has two main tourist seasons: winter and summer. In the winter time, tourists from abroad (mainly Europe) come to Goa to enjoy the splendid climate. In the summertime (which, in Goa, is the rainy season), tourists from across India come to spend the holidays.


In 2008 there were more than three million tourists reported to have visited Goa, more than half million of whom were from Foreign visitors. Infact, many foreigners have made Goa as there home for its laid-back and relaxed lifestyle !


Kashmir was once called Heaven on Earth, and once of the most beautiful places in the world. However, in last couple of decades, terrorism has faded its charm – A place home to Himalayan Ranges.


The State of Jammu & Kashmir has main three geographical regions known as “The Lesser Himalayas” or the “Jhelum Valley” (Kashmir), “The Inner Himalayas” or “The Indus Valley” (Ladakh & Frontier areas) also called “Trans-Himalayas”, and “The Outer-Himalayas” or “The Southern mountain range” (Jammu). The area of Jammu & Kashmir is 2, 22,236 square kilometers.



Though there are several places of tourist-interest in the town and district, Kanyakumari is especially popular in India for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset. The confluence of three ocean bodies – the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea – makes the sunrise and sunset even more special. On balmy, full-moon evenings, one can also see the moon-rise and sunset at the same time – on either side of the horizon.

Kerala (Backwaters)


Kerala, situated on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Named as one of the “ten paradises of the world” and “50 places of a lifetime” by the National Geographic Traveler magazine, Kerala is especially known for its ecotourism initiatives, Beautiful Backwaters and Alternative healing massages.

Old Delhi

Delhi, Capital of India has many attractions like mosques, forts and other monuments that represent India’s history. The important places in Old Delhi include the majestic Red Fort. New Delhi on the other hand houses many government buildings and embassies, apart from places of historical interest.


The Qutub Minar, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb have been declared World Heritage Sites.

Ajanta Ellora


Ajantha & Ellora are 28 – 30 rock-cut cave monuments created during the first century BC and 5th century AD, containing paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art and universal pictorial art.

The caves are located just outside the village of Ajantha / Ellora in Aurangabad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Since 1983, the Ajanta & Ellora Caves have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Darjeeling in India owes’ its grandeur to its natural beauty, its clean fresh mountain air and above all, the smiling resilient people for whom it is a home. Known for its natural splendor, Darjeeling’s best gift to its’ visitors is the dawn of a new day. The mountains awaken first with a tentative peeking of the sun.


A steep ride, five kilometers from Ghoom, or an invigorating walk up a steep incline, leads sun worshippers to Tiger Hill. The air is chilly with darkness and damp. To the east, a dull orange sun emerged painting the sky with brilliant strokes of magenta, gold, orange and fuchsia. The snow capped Everest, Kabru, Kanchenjunga, Jannu and other peaks slowly emerge from slumber to start a new day. The sun worshippers gasp at the magnificent sight.



Mysore is a tourism hot spot within the state of Karnataka and also acts as a base for other tourist places in the vicinity of the city. The city receives the maximum number of tourists during the period of the Dasara festival when festivities take place for a period of 10 days. One of the most visited monuments in India, the Ambavilas Palace (also known as Mysore Palace) is the center of the Dasara festivities.

New Additions [2015]

Leh / Ladakh

Leh Ladakh
Leh Ladakh

The Ladakh capital city of Leh lies near the eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir, on the crossroads of the historic “Silk Route” from Sinkiang to West Asia and to the plains of India. The humbling monasteries of Shey, Hemis, Alchi, Thikse and Lamayuru will nurture your spiritual needs, and the landscape of Leh provides for a number of adventure activities including mountaineering, white-water rafting and trekking along the Markha Valley.



The capital of the state of Sikkim, Gangtok is an attractive tourist destination, reflecting a unique ambience which derives from its happy blend of tradition and modernity. Alongside the deeply felt presence of stupas and monasteries, Gangtok also bustles like any other thriving town. Some of the key places to visit include Rumtek Monastery, Do-Drul Chorten, Enchey Monastery, Tashi View Point and the local bazaar, Lal Bazaar.

If you like Cold places

Rohtang Pass

If you are fond of cooler temperatures, Snows and mountains, Rohtang Pass HAS to be on your list! There are multiple reasons for it.

Rohtang Pass

First and foremost, Rohtang Pass is one of the very few places in India where you will find snow throughout the year – if you love skiing, you cannot miss this place.

However, do check your calendars properly as this place is closed in the winter months for nearly six months. The season starts from April-May and runs until October, after which this place gets lots of snow and the place is closed. Afterall, this is 13,000 feet above sea level!

Hope you have found this Top Tourist Destinations in India article interesting. If you have any questions, do drop in a comment

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  13. Sonali says

    I recently had the opportunity to visit Amritsar and the recently opened Gobindgarh Fort. This fort is over 300+year old and has never been open to the public/ civilian atleast for the last 170 years. It has a history of having been under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the British raj, post independence- the Indian army. Even the gorgeous Kohinoor diamond was stored here.
    History here is told via the means of state of the art technology through their various shows. Currently there are 2 shows. 1 show being a 3D with special effects on Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the other a beautifully done evening show using projection mapping. What a marvellous way to teach and learn history!!
    This fort is very different from any fort you have been to earlier. Very neat clean and tidy spaces. Offering the best of Amritsari/ Punjabi food and also goods to purchase.
    I am made to believe that in the near future several more shows and activities are to be added.
    This is a must visit destination for every and anyone visiting India/ Punjab.

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      Sir, Andaman & Nicobar Island is not listed here its also a one of the best tourist places in India like Havelock Islands, Neil Island, Chidyatapu, Jolly Buoy Island of Corals etc..

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      ¤ Arunachal Pradesh
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    I really love to be in kovalam beach and Kanyakumari was amazing experience………

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    every one can fight for 2 to 10 stage but dont fight for 1 ,first is only for taj whether u compare on international level……becouse taj mahal is logo or symbol of india…..somebody only knows india becouse of taj mahal…..tajmahal which is highest capital earning tourist palace in india. So please dont west ur time for 1st rank it will be alwys resrv.

  93. NIKITA DUDEJA says


  94. Mahesh says

    All are awesome . i am seen above three place and another is going to next year. good job bro

  95. Anshuman Pandey says

    it is very nice. I like it. It was like iIwas there at Agra,Ellora,etc,.may god bless india

  96. nihal s vivan says

    supper supper supper

  97. Red Rag Biggy Soma says

    may god blessed India <3 <3.

  98. ashish sharma says

    havelock island in andaman is one of most beautiful place in asia . life mei 1 bar jarur dekne ka

  99. Bodh Gaya India says

    I am John from India. Actually I am a student but my Hobby is Tour Guide work and all management for tourist in Bodh Gaya. My only Hobby is this if u needs any kind of help in Bodh Gaya Bihar or India and u want to hang out with me in India any where. u please mail me at [email protected] and send me message in Face Book. Your Private tour guide in India …….

    Bye and Tack care.
    You’re Joh

  100. aditi says

    Well, Kanheri Caves in Sanjay Gandhi National Park is also a nice place.

  101. Siju George says

    Nice list I agree with you. However, Kerala is not just famous for its backwaters. In addition to the backwater tourism, kerala is a hot spot for beaches like varkala, kovalam etc and hill stations like munnar, thekkadi etc. Major attraction of kerala is its wonderful greenery.

  102. Jerin says

    ‘God’s own country’ Kerala is the best place in india

  103. chirag says

    It’s really gaild to know that we so to much visit or know about our country
    Nice oneeeeeeeeeeeee

  104. Sanjay says

    Hello Sir,
    Isn’t Manali a best place?

  105. Yury Persits says

    Ok, since many of you are very familiar with India, I would like to ask for suggestions. My wife and I will be travelling in India in early August. However, we only have six full days. We will be flying into/out of New Delhi. The suggestions I have received so far have been New Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi. I am not interested in seeing tons of temples, but want to see Indian culture. Considering that most flights are fairly short, we don't need to limit ourselves to only Northern India. I'm not interested in visiting lots of temples, but am interested in Indian culture, history, food, and shopping. Hyderabad has also been suggested. I don't want to visit more than three cities. All suggestions are welcome. This will be our first time in India. One last thing… the Taj Mahal/Agra is already covered (before the said six days). Thank you

    1. Anna Valabov says

      Ask Julie. She traveled with her friend in India :)

    2. Dhairya Bapodra says

      Visit jaipur and than fly from there to hyderabad for roundtrip of two day in beteen for 6 days…
      Jaipur & hyderabad both got indian culture + history + shopping destinations
      You can get good genuine pearls from hyderabad( you required to check govt proved places)…. Similarly jaipur you will get best leather goods and indian clothes and even show-pieces….
      In terms of history both places have amazing museums and heritage tourists places…

    3. Ashish Garg says

      as u wud be landing delhi and you dont have much of a time i wud suggest that u visit agra n move to jaipur jodhpur jaisalmer, udaipur n back to delhi. In agra u wud c one of the seven wonder of the world, in jaipur & jodhpur u will be able to c the rich heritage, culture, history and food, in jailsalmer u will be able to see the sand dunes and the awesum sonar fort but it will be pretty hot during ur stay and udaipur (the venice of the east) it has loads of place to wud luv n then back to delhi . travelling too far extend wud not serve the purpose that u want as u want to enjoy the heritage, food, history and shopping.

    4. Yury Persits says

      Ok, so it looks like I will be visiting Kerala (Cochin) for 2.5 days, 1 full day in Jaipur, and 1.5 days in Udaipur. What suggestions do you have for Kerala? Flying in on July 31, out on 8/3.

    5. Abhishek Verma says

      Hi, I am Abhishek from India near to Delhi….if you guys want to see Indian culture, then go to Gurgaon city. and in gurgaon you can go "Kingdom of dreams". This is the best place for you and for food and shopping you can go "Ambiance mall". this mall also in Gurgaon…so spend 1 Day in gurgaon City. New Delhi Airport to Gurgaon City runing time is 30 to 40 minute via Car. if you also like hills and Tracking then you can go Dharamshala City then from Dharamshala to Kullu-Manalli. Really fabulous Place. if you need more about my India….Feel free to call me on +919899101345…I am working In GE Capital in gurgaon City. I am happy to help you.

    6. Vin Nan says

      jaipur-hyedrabad-varanasi-new delhi-amritsar..

    7. Sathish Kumar says

      i think u looking for north india.. better u can come to south to chennai or bangalore..u can see complete different culture than northern india..u people will like south indian more than north india.. here my suggestions(mahabalipuram one hour travel from chennai airport it is 1500 years old rock cut temple.not only a temple it is a great architecture and world heritage site) MADURAI once it was a capital of pandian dynasty it is also called 1000 temple owned city and 3000 years old city and u wud find the meenatchi amman temple a world heritage site.. u can feel the old culture and society by entering this city.. TANJORE once it was the capital of the great chola dynasy of india..better u can see any one of this city(my preferense is madurai) OOTY its a hill station der u wud find the nilgiris train it is world heritage train running since from 1895 and also u could find the muthumalai reserve forest der u could see tigers, elephant, leopard etci.. next kerala Gods own country.. so many back water tourist spots r their, one day u can spend in boat house its completely extrodinary.. u can feel a complete dravidian culture in south india and u can see the one of the oldest culture and one of the oldest speaking languaga(tamil)..

  106. saranjithsingh says

    woooooooooooow kerala is wonderfull

  107. Dipto Manna says

    If u can get some more interesting places then pls email me.
    I will be waiting for ur reply.

  108. Dipto Manna says

    Thanks Mr.Arun,
    I got project in my school, focusing on the topic of indian tourism palces and its importance…
    & u helped me to light up my project work so fast….
    THANK YOU!!!

  109. [email protected] says

    HOTEL PANKAJ !!!!!

    CRAP CRAP CRAP …stinky hotel with stinky rooms…uugghh

    Fell ill when i ate there, had to be admitted to PGI

  110. dinesh says

    is there any trevling searies nearby uttrakhand. If so it is, pls contact on my e-mail address.

  111. Dcruz Rox says

    it was really good…but I think Kashmir should be number one.

  112. Natalia Rose Nelson says

    awesome india

    Visit my blog guys

  113. mukesh chaudhary says

    nainital is the butiful pleces onec u visit it ok gooood life and happy journiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  114. Janhavi says

    Absolutely love touring India! Ought to include Ooty, Coorg, Uttarakhand, Nainital! They’re places where the endless scenic landscapes allow you to just relax.

  115. ashish uniyal says

    how can u forget uttarakhand….
    It is among the most beautiful destination in india,

  116. Shubhajeet says

    I like this list that has given.Since i visited that place,thats way i wnt giv suggetion. Darjeeling is very beautiful place in India.It is situated 70 km from Siliguri city.Siliguri is the one of the largest and capital city in northbengal of the most modifying city in north east region.Numbers of high quality hotels are here so that tourists can stay.Darjeeling is very wellconnected with Siliguri.Vehicles are available from here.Fair is not more than 120 rs/head.

  117. Shubhajeet says

    In India kolkata is also very good tourist destination.there are so many visiting places in this city like Victoria Memorial(one of the great stucture in britsh raj),Alipoor zoo,a number of botanical gardens,the great Howrah Bridge,one of the biggest field in india named “kolkata Moydan”.

  118. Eborwanmi Rabon says

    Why don’t you list Meghalaya also….a lot of tourism place in there if you come and see it by yourself…Many foreigners came and visit it….thanks :)

  119. imaginary says

    good ,worst, better, no explanation

  120. Ayesha says most beautiful places in Pakistan which you never seen in your life. I Like India as well wanna visit their inshallah

  121. sourabh kumar says

    please upload pictures of udaipur also.

  122. spurthy kapa says

    Interesting read, enjoyed reading your post and came to know about few amazing places… Thanks for the post

  123. Kapil Patil says

    Very good and informative article. This article is very helpful for tourist who plans to see India.

  124. Casa Medica says

    Thank you!! Very helpful

  125. Tessy says

    Hmmmmm! Am just confused, am planning to come to india soon for sight seeing, i dont know even a soul there, do d hotels do a tour guide n site seeing kind of thing? I would also love to make friends from india before coming, interested friends should send me requests on facebook : Gifty Kafui- Tessy Mensah. I would also love to know names of where i can find Catholic Churches and its convents. Thank u.

  126. Sagar says

    India is having lot of tourist places, our whole life is not enough to c all teh places….

  127. ajmerasurender says

    this place are good, but still the government can develop the places so it can be benefit to the tourist who are visiting the place the can come back again.

  128. top10india says

    nice list ,
    i must say there are lots of other places too in our country…

  129. surya says

    nice, just 10 there r lot of them in our country

  130. sam says

    jodhpur has better tourist destination than jaipur
    -Mehrangarh Fort
    -Umaid Bhawan Palace
    -Jaswant Thada
    -Kaylana Lake
    -Osian(sand dunes)
    -Dhawa (Dholi) forest area
    and most important thing food of jodhpur is very Lassi, Mawa Kachori, Pyaaj Kachori, Hot & Spicy Mirchibada (A preparation made with potato, onion, chilli and gramflour), Dal Bati Churma, Panchkuta, Lapsi (a special kind of dessert made with wheat, Jaggery, and ghee)

  131. nirbhay says

    please add bodh-gaya,the lord buddha city and oldest university nalanda,rajgi,vaishali

  132. Shubham Jajoriya says

    gwalior is also a famous tourist destination.

  133. Rajnish says

    Offers best holiday tours packages in India at cheap cost

  134. Anil Arekar says

    Nice compilation.India has many beautiful spots.
    Khajuraho,Leh, Konark,Bedaghat,auli(winter season),Valley of Flowers, Hampi, Tarkarli, Madurai temple and Golden Temple may be missing from the list.

  135. Bharat Bhusan Nanda says

    where is odisha puri?

    1. Shweta Tripathy says

      Really agree with you and bikarm, puri is the weasome plase, it’s has the natural beauty as well as the holy palce of Load Jagganath so it should be there in top 10 coz there is no season for tourist, they come 365 days here in puri. not only puri but also various place of odisha is planty of nature, so i would suggest peolpe to be there once.

  136. Vinod Kumar says

    jaipur is beautiful allora maharastrame kaha hai.

  137. Rahul Sharma says

    so nice place.

  138. Nachu Nasar says


  139. Shaliza Aneesh says

    ossam my country is so cool I am proud I am a citizen.

  140. Vyshakh Arakkal says


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  142. Saurabh Malviya says

    where is the name of varanasi?
    which is included in world's top 100 tourist destinations lists..

  143. Abhay Kumar Asthana says

    The place its so beautiful. If you go there then never would like to come back.

  144. Shakti Singh says

    HAMPI is also on of the best place to visit in india.

  145. Raj Rider Chowdary says

    beautiful place I like to u.

  146. Rahul Singh Yadav says

    bah kya bat hai.

  147. Paresh Gohil says

    these are the great destination well now a days people a well. I have been to the place its so beautiful.

  148. Vikash Agrawal says

    relly that's all are nice place…..

  149. Patel Parth says

    nice information…

  150. Okesh Sharma says

    I want to go jammu & kashmir, hi kya jagah h,
    10 month no holiday from companY EVEN sunday, pls I want to spend my life's 10 days there,
    Ye sab lelo, par muje ek bar jammu jane do, sara life idar hi katna hai, 10 din wahan ke liye de do.

  151. ????? ?? says

    Missed Shimla and Manali……………………………..

  152. Awneesh Pratap Singh says


  153. Sankar Maity says


  154. Jerin Jacob says

    kerala.. That's the ONE…

  155. Sanjeev Gupta says

    nice but kashmir should be at number one. khujraho, manali, diu, uttarkhand is better than last three choices.

  156. Navneet Gupta says

    these are the great destination well now a days people are attracted towards the Le Ledakh as well. I have been to the place its so beautiful..
    Reply · 1 · Like · Follow Post · August 20 at 11:20am.

  157. Damase Programmer says

    I m srry bt I will tell all of you the good places. if you go there then never would like to come back…


    these are the famouse one –
    nainital, almora, masoori, ranikhet, rishikesh, badrinath, kedarnath. haridwar
    shimla, kullu n manali, kangla, kasauli.
    leh, laddkha

    and these only 10% of people know about it –
    auli, the valley of flower, chopta, dayara, gangotri, yamunotri, chamba.

    these above are most attractive places to visit. you can find adventure, old history, mountain view, snow and everything.

    1. Ajmera Surender says

      the season will be end with feb r march after that if u visit also you can enjoy the places

    2. Anonymous says

      chamba is not good…………

  158. Ajay Kumar says

    Kanyakumari (TN) and Kerala awesome..

  159. Simran Nagdeve says

    Gr8 india………

  160. Dhanil Kr says


  161. Ranadheer Vunnam says


  162. B Traveller Destinations says

    Pilgrimage Package for all over India :contact us :9568126599,9319170030.
    or email us : [email protected] , [email protected].

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    provided good information… will help th traveller…very nce…

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    nice post

  167. Kaushal says

    in the north region Kashmir should be on top and if you want to see the clean city among the Asia then do visit Chandigarh

  168. Navendra Yj says

    hampi should be added in the above 10.

  169. Pratheek Parasam says

    very nice

  170. Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary says

    I visited jaipur it really awasome & I felt a great honour to me.

  171. Beloved Pixy says

    it is interesting! I want to go there!

  172. Siju Mg says

    What about the North-Eastern Part of India? Shillong, Tawang….

  173. Rano Ranjith says

    uganda brothers come and see kerala,,,, theonly paradize in the world.

  174. Kallol Gupta says

    Very attractive sites for visiting.

  175. Gayak R Chand says

    kerala, gods own country…………

  176. Anil Agrawal says

    well combined the various spots but MANALI MUST HAVE BEEN INCLUDED.

  177. Sweta Jain says

    these are the great destination well now a days people are attracted towards the Le Ledakh as well. I have been to the place its so beautiful..

  178. vandu says


  179. Dev Sharma says


  180. Rajith Hosdurg says

    kerala is great.

  181. Red Dior says

    can't wait to be there! lovely place!

  182. Eman Priyanka says


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    mast h yaar :)

  184. Ashu Pathak says

    cool places es.

  185. Doris Mae Gregorio Rodriguez says


  186. world is 2 travel says

    Great lists India is rich country for its geographically diversity and great hospitality love to travel there

  187. Line Varhede says

    Did you miss any of this places?

  188. Kumari Shreya says


  189. Aniee Gupta says

    andaman should b dre….

    1. Annie Gupta says

      xctly! it sud b counted :|

  190. Lalla Siddhant says


  191. Soumo Sarkar says


  192. Thakur Shiv Kumar says

    I love to see these places.

    1. Anonymous says

      bangalore is not there. feeling sad

  193. Sunil rana says

    Hi, I would like to mention here as per the rating for top 10 hot destination, may they forget have some another destination can add, as like Shimla, Kullu-Manali & Dharmsala and Leh-Ladkh.

  194. Shaikh Fahad says

    Add a comment…

    1. samreen says

      :) :) :)

  195. Sanjay Kumar Lodha says

    magan ho gaya.

  196. Kiganda Noah Ssonko says

    India is a tourist hub. And Uganda has Gorillas plus the beautiful River Nile.

    1. David Ssempijja says

      Sebo Hon. Kiganda, tho India is a tourist hub, its easier milking a lizard than finding an Indian tourist in Uganda.

    2. Gayak R Chand says


    3. Rano Ranjith says

      u must see kerala,,and feel wat s real beauty

  197. Payal Das says


  198. Ankush Sohal says

    hey where is dharmshala.

  199. Edwin Amose says

    proud to my kanyakumari.

  200. Kali Satya says

    greattttttt.Thank you

    1. Anonymous says

      yeah its bean a woderful experience for me i have seen all those places……

  201. Saurabh Tiwary says

    well rated,,,,, I had been to all these places.

  202. Saurabh Tiwary says

    well rated,,,,, I had been to all these places.

    1. Cynthia Manding says


    2. Mukesh Rathod says

      Cynthia Manding hi H…R…U

    3. Cynthia Manding says

      Mukesh Rathod :Lfine)

    4. Mukesh Rathod says

      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Cynthia Manding which place

  203. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  204. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  205. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  206. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  207. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  208. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  209. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

    1. shash patel says

      Hi Manisha Sharma

      I would like to know is it safe to travel kashmir now ?

      1. Thushar Madhavan says

        Kashmir is very safe now, i went their last month. i realize why Pakistan is fighting for this place? really beautiful place. I don’t know how to say about Kashmir Valley,
        Its beyond the words……..

        1. Shaabir says

          It is the most beautiful place in the world.. n Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris…ONLY KASHMIRIS…..

  210. Manisha Sharma says

    tour to kanyakumari and kashmir is awsome experience, great.

  211. bikram says

    where is the konark and odisha

  212. Amitoj Kaur says

    gud one….

  213. Richardson Ward says

    Hi there .. great post .. It is most interesting blogs i’d like to visit again and again .. I am looking forward to see more interesting content like this .. Now i agreed that India is one of the beautiful place in this world .. specially their hotels :)

  214. Ray Saurabh Nath says

    Mr. Author: Arun Prabhudesai:

    I would like to draw your attention towrds this lin of your where you have posted top10 places to visit in India. I would like to tell you that you have acknowledge Bihar drawing more tourist than Goa than why can’t we see Bihar/Boghgaya as being top 10 tourist places in India. Please make some change here so that Bihar could improve upon its image and status as one of the best tousit places of this great Counrty.

  215. arvind says

    There are some here I wouldn’t rate among the top ten but everyone’s take on things are bound to be different.

    Goa and the Backwaters are okay but doesn’t deserve to be here. Kanyakumari, Mysore and Darjeeling are crap. I agree with Harpal. Golden Temple is truly special. Deserves to be here. No comments on Kashmir because I haven’t been there.

    1. Sandeep says

      @Arvind, you must have not visited Mysore palace, from inside, one of the best art and architecture you can ever imagine. And it is the 2nd most visited place in India. Backwaters of Kerala are surely one great tourism efforts from people of kerala, they are world class, believe me and Kanyakumari i’m not sure why it has made up in top 10.
      The top 10 list is complete i feel with a little bit of debate left to the people to comment.

  216. Harpal Singh says

    How can you leave out Amritsar, the Sikh holy city where the Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple) is located. It recieves more visitors than the Taj Mahal. Go to Amritsar in Punjab, India you won’t regret it.

    1. Md.Hassan says

      Oye! Harpal paji, tussi kamal kar ditta yaar. Golden temple is holy place not a tourist place. But hamara Amritsar hai bada changa, khub baddia.

    2. Navjot Singh says

      pakki gal aa veer

    3. Ghulam Nabi says

      Harpal Ji Golden temple is a place of worship not tourism
      tusi kamal kartay ho ji

  217. Altaf Rahman says

    A nicely composed and informative article. Though I wonder why Mumbai is not up there.

    1. gulshan says

      i like ol this places in india very much.. i wish i can roam here wid my dear ones . the best place is kashmir where i hav evere gone.! it was very enjoyable..! kashmir was a trip bto heaven for me..!!!

      1. Daniel says

        if we talk about beautiful resort places of the world.. i suggest you guys to visit hawaii island…. i was on a holiday to hawaii with my family … and the places was extremely awesome…

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