Now, Mass Media to be taught in higher School itself!


There isn’t a week that goes by when we do not hear about new initiatives in Education SectorKapil Sibal is fiercely changing the Education Landscape in India. Just last week it was also announced that Education is now a constitutional right of everyone.

Mass Communication is emerging as a viable career option with the advent of the fast growing media and communications industry over the last decade.

Mass Media platform with coverage spreads across broadcasting for infotainment to entertainment can be engineered across a number of fields such as advertising, public relations, entertainment, film-making and communication.


Now, CBSE board plans to include this buzzing industry of Mass Media as an under-graduate course in the school itself to students who have just stepped out of Class X.

What more? If all goes well, students can now opt for exclusive specialization in the field of Mass Media just like prevalent main stream fields of Science, Arts and Commerce in Class XI and XII. The course is expected to be offered to students in 21 schools in Mumbai, Pune and NCR, starting June 2010, before across the country coverage for this new filed in schools.

This step of likely introduction of Media courses at the school level is a welcome step towards a shift from mere theoretical based courses to a more realistic and practical way of approaching education.

Career in journalism is a fast growing and prestigious profession with prospects of high salary and income, among other new age businesses. The opportunities in the field of mass media are growing by leaps and bound and at the same time challenging in this fast moving and shrinking world.

The prospects of exclusively launching Mass Media courses in the school could lay a foundation for the industry to emerge as a standalone industry with specific categorization of interests among the interested students to specialize in the subjects of mass communications and media courses.

Mass media has the potential to transform India by better dissemination of news and other broadcasting services in almost all the fields of businesses. The extend of social changes that the mass media can bring in various field of businesses is still highly untapped and minor innovations can lead to quicker redressing of the long standing problem.

Inculcating of mass media preaching at a relatively early age can prove to be a booster dose for this fast emerging industry with wide spread coverage and potential to transform the prevalent procedures and processes of broadcasting and social awakening.

CBSE schools are also planning to introduce new syllabus conforming to board standards of International Baccalaureate (IB), as per a recent announcement by HRD Ministry. And, now, with the news of introducing Mass Media in schools under its purview, CBSE board is definitely making significant amendments towards the shift of the education pattern for the students.

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