Now your US Visa interview on Video Conferencing !


There is good news for those who have to travel far off places at main centers of visa interview, like Mumbai, for the purpose of getting clearance to travel to the United States. They have already made the Visa application filling fully online, and now with Visa Interview on Video conferencing, getting US Visa is getting even easier


Fetching those American tourist visas could be a lot easier and relieving process, if the viability of the use of video conferencing technology, indeed, proves to be effective in facilitating travelers in reducing their waiting period.

The United States may consider making provision for video conferencing of visa interviews in India to cut down on the time taken to get clearances for travel to the country.”

According to the report, a provision could be in the offing in which a person does not have to travel to the main centers of consulates for the purpose of visa interview. Instead, the officials are determining the viability of conference calls in allowing people to go through their visa interviews which could help in cutting down the number of trips to the five US consulates situated in India.

California is one of the largest and most populated states of US. California commands a market share of almost 1/3rd of the total tourists visiting America.

Caroline Beteta of California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC) president and national chair of US Travel Association said,

“India is an important international travel market that has shown significant growth to the US in recent years. It is one of the top 10 international markets for California.”

The US Ambassador to India, Timothy Roemer recently inaugurated the US Embassy’s new Consular section in New Delhi to provide faster and better services to tourists from India. More recently, the waiting period for a visa appointment has come down to 2 weeks.

According to a report, the demand for consular services in India has surged to new levels, mirroring the deepening strategic partnership. Over the past five years, the issuance of U.S. non-immigrant visas in India have more than doubled from approximately 275,000 in 2003 to approximately 560,000 in 2008.

With the likely embracement of newer technologies in the time-consuming process at visa issuing authorities, the process of tourism to the US will become less cumbersome and hassle-free, while application of a visa and its interview.

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