96% India IT companies prohibit usage of Social Media applications in Office !


Few days back, I had written about how I am completely against restrictive or no Internet access given by companies to its employees under the reason of low productivity. While writing that post, I was trying to find if there was any survey indicating the percentage of companies that actually do that. I expected that around half of all companies would have such restrictive Internet usage policies.

However, today I came across an info-graphic that I thought was quite stunning – Would you believe that 96% of all Indian IT decision makers prohibit the use of social media applications in the workplace.

Amongst the companies in 10 countries which participated in the survey, 52% of companies on average restrict access to social media applications, whereas in India it is highest with 96% !


India beats most other countries by a fair margin, the next country United Kingdom comes in second with 64% followed by Japan where 62% of companies restrict usage of social media applications at office !

Surprisingly, the most (so called) repressive Country, China scores the best amongst all the 10 countries with only 2 out of 10 companies using restrictive policies towards social Media usage

What is your take on these figures ?

  1. Yash says

    “China scores the best amongst all the 10 countries with only 2 out of 10 companies using restrictive policies towards social Media usage”

    Chinese companies don’t need to cause Government is taking care of all filtering! What is left there to be banned when most of the good stuff is anyways not accessible? ;)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      You know thats actually true, When govt. does everything, why do you have to do at company levels :) aint it !

  2. Devdutt says

    I feel that China is in a totally different league when it comes to the approach they have towards the internet and social media as compared to other countries on the list. More than half of the social networking websites accessed by Indian users are blocked in China, including Facebook and Twitter. So whether access restricted or not doesn’t make a difference and hence the ease on restriction.
    Here are a list of websites that are blocked in China –

  3. Pradeep says

    Figures are really hard to believe..specifically India topping the list. But yes social networking applications/sites should be restricted if it affects the productivity

    1. Suresh says

      Well, I will agree to your points. But, today communication is very fast in Social Media may be because of its structure and attractive to users. Most of the software developing today, providing an additional feature to connect to Social Media. I would suggest using these sites but at the same time we should think about productivity as well. For that, we can limit employees to use those sites for about 30-60 minutes a day ( as a quota). But I would recommend to use Social Media. Very recently, I have read an article about -” Impact of Facebook on Egypt revolution”. Social media has a lot of strength than what we are thinking.

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