Media Monday: I can be a reality TV Script writer :)


Okay! You might question me – are you obsessed with reality? The truth is- NO.

I’m obsessed with the stupidity of people who make us watch reality shows. Well I should not simply bad mouth the word “Reality” here, because there is some good reality content over TV too. Some of the shows which I like in their original form are “So you think you can Dance”, “Chotte Miyan”, “Mindfreak” etc. But, I’m not here to talk about such shows, otherwise you’ll lose patience and browse off my guest author page :-).

What about shows like “Lux- The perfect Bride”? Or more interesting one “Raaz Pichle Janam ka” on NDTV Imagine? Now, I got your attention, right? I don’t want to describe what happens in such shows, as you’re more educated about these than me. What I want to talk about is “Reality TV Shows”. What exactly is a “Reality Show”? To what extent one can go in the name of Reality? And all this from a very common man’s perspective.

I’m not going to quote a Wiki description here. Here is my take on what exactly is a “Reality Soap on TV” and how it differs from say other soaps or movies?

“Any show where a well defined script is given either to Actors who are non-performers or simply to those who can’t act is described as a reality TV show in ____” If you are wondering what that dash means, its “India”.

Now here is what we think a “Reality TV show” should be:

“Any show where there are real performers (well known or not) who can entertain viewers showing their real skills (without any Drama) and don’t depend on any Script, is known as Reality TV”.

All the talent related shows- Dance, Music, Acting, Magic etc are reality shows. But then “Raaz Pichle Janam ka”, “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar”, “Lux- The perfect Bride” aren’t reality shows? Well, if you have read the first description, they very well are.

Indian Television is writing the rules of game here, and in the process they have their own definitions of Reality TV. Majority of junta already know that such shows are scripted, and anything scripted should not be reality. The line has become really thin here, you can never guess which show should be put into the “Reality” genre and which shouldn’t.

When I heard about “Rakhi ka Swayamwar” I was awed! The concept was new, but will Rakhi ever marry someone on Screen? That very premise fueled doubts in my mind, and I knew the show was scripted. But then when I heard about “Raaz Pichle…” and I was shocked! How can anyone think about such an idiotic concept in his/her life? And moreover there is no way the show can be real. It’s scripted and I need not to prove that.

Anyways, here are some of my creative pieces which can make an interesting Reality TV Show. Producers, are you reading :-)?

Saas-Bahu and one Kitchen: Well no points for guessing this. In this show a pair of ‘Real’ Saas-Bahu who have a history of colliding with each other on every known issue on earth are put in one house having one kitchen. They are asked to write habits of each other which they hate most! And then they are given tasks which would make both of them face each other in their worst form.”

Baap, Beta aur Career: Hehe no points again! Here a Baap-Beta couple is chosen where the Beta has ruined his career, and he blames his father for same. But alas! The reality is something else. Watch this show as the Father himself describes the ugly and unknown truth behind his son’s not-so shining career. Affairs, Alcoholism etc can make this show really interesting”. I bet some of the contestants’ son will be from shows like “Roadies” and “Splitsvilla”!

‘”Rakhi Ka Divorce: May be this is already on NDTV’s card. Here is the script- Everyone knows that Rakhi is very unhappy with her Swayamwar and Eilesh’s Mom is openly asking for Crores of money in Dowry. Now Rakhi is threatened to the extent that she has decided to take legal action. Hence the show :-)!”

This post was written with no hatred towards anyone. But if you can watch Reality shows you can also read my post :-)!

  1. Priya says

    hey, excellent post. Quite hilarious. You could share some of my thoughts here-

  2. Atul Bhardwaj says

    very well described these fact’s is known to each and every one but the way it is described was really intresting

    1. rabi gupta says

      Thanks Atul :)

  3. Pooja Gupta says

    Hi Rabi,

    That’s a hilarious post. Enjoyed reading most the three new reality shows which you have suggested.I would like to add one more to your list (Rakhi Ka Swayamwar Part II).
    Even I am not a big fan of the so-called Reality Shows. But, yes they have become the flavor of the month on the Indian idiot box , just like Saas-Bahu serials were at one point of time.

    1. rabi gupta says

      Thanks Pooja :), yea I guess Rakhi Ka Swayamwar Part II will definitely be made down the line..

  4. Vishal Sanjay says

    Really nice post pal, these days reality shows get the most audience, because they have a lot of suspense and of course there is a script writer sitting behind. These days you can hardly find a sponsor for other shows, but reality shows get tons of sponsors within days.

    1. rabi gupta says

      Hey thanks Vishal :)

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