Google spells doom to paid GPS services and devices !


Google integrates their hugely popular Google Maps to Android Mobile OS – What comes out is plain awesomeness that has power to make all the paid GPS services and devices literally redundant.

Don’t mistake Google GPS for normal mobile Navigation Device – It has awesome features that would put high-end GPS devices to shame.

Have a look at this Video and see the features that Android based Google Maps Navigation system (currently in beta) offers – You would be floored.

The best part about Google Maps navigation is that it uses the Internet as the backbone, instead of relying on limited proprietary Maps.

I am sure, only this feature will give a big boost the open source Mobile Operating system from Google.

The question is – What will happen to all companies currently in GPS who charge hundreds of dollars for their devices. I am sure – Google will put at least a few of them out of Business.

What’s your take?

P.S: Be sure to check out the video, Google Maps Navigation is packed with features that are user friendly and probably lacking in current GPS devices

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