India doesn’t like anything Chinese. But China likes Indian spices


India’s domestic industry has suffered a ‘material injury’ because of Chinese products invading India. China was dumping Vitamin-C into Indian markets. Indian government has slapped a anti-dumping duty of $3.99 per kg.

We all know the ban India imposed on Chinese toys which was later removed only to be re-imposed. The ban now extends to milk products from China too. After the milk scam which rocked China a while ago, a ban from India is expected.


India has finally banned all phones without IMEI number. This is a 15 or 16 digit unique number that is present in the mobile to uniquely identify the mobile. Service providers like Airtel and Vodafone use these numbers to track the phone (not exactly but on a broader level). There are 25 million phones in India without IMEI number and most of them are from China. Following the Mumbai attacks India took this step to ban all phone without IMEI number. A big hit of Chinese gray market (or all of it).

That’s not it. BSNL has recently imposed a virtual ban on Chinese equipment manufacturer following the advice of DoT. Huawei and LTE are the leading telecom equipment manufacturers of China and the world and DoT do not want them to be operating in sensitive zones. Sensitive regions are the areas having borders with China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan. A major blow for the telecom companies trying to operate in world’s fastest growing telecom market.

This is how India perceives China. Whereas China seems to be having no problem at all with India. It likes Indian spices.

China has been buying mint and mint products from India besides spice oils and oleoresins, chillies, black pepper, turmeric and curry powder. (BS)

What’s going on? A neighbor extending a helping hand and India choosing when to extend and when to reject.  

Finally, to cheer you up, it is not all sad story from India. Someone in India wants a Chinese collaboration and participation. Anil Kapoor loves and appreciates Chinese acting talent and would love to work in future projects with Chinese filmmakers. And I hope Indian government will not have any problems with that.

PS : Looks like the bans have compounded after the new government came in. Is it because of the Left not calling the shots anymore?

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  1. Spices Manufacturer In India says

    Because indian spcies are very testy. and you can’t make testy recipes without indian spices.

  2. V. Chang says

    India is NOTHING compared to China, China can just demolish India within days.. It’s not true that only Chinese have something to do with the Indians. The fact is Indians are hated everywhere around the world because of they are just too cheap and not cultured at all. China don’t even take India as a threat.

  3. Aditya Behera says

    Good source of information.

  4. Antima Sharma says

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  5. typhoonq says

    I have notice most Indians see conflict with China as inevitable. Let me shared with you what the average Chinese think about India. I am an ethnic Chinese from Singapore and I am a frequent visitor to China and spoke to Chinese of all levels.
    They do not view India as a threat as compared to US or Japan. They do not harbor deep rooted hatreds on Indian even though they ;had fought a Border War with India in 1962. They even felt that Chinese and Indians should share the fruits of their own economic success without looking over each other shoulder.
    The reasons why China is supporting Pakistan is because India is providing sanctuary for Tibetans exiles. In the case of territory disputes, China had settled with most other countries including Russia and Mongolia. As long as India is keeping the border disputes at status quo, China will not make any hostile moves.
    Recent Chinese military built up along the Himalayan region is a direct response to India frequent sabre rattling which caught the attention of the Chinese military.
    India media had paly a part in creating Tension with China. For instance, whenever India developed or purchase new weapons system, they always quote China as an ulterior Target.
    I have many Indian Singaporean friends and we go to the same school and grew up together. We served in the Army (Compulsory National Service) and consider each other as Comrade in Arms. Singapore Indians love Chinese food and we love Indian curry too.We respect each other language, religion and culture. It is written in our Constitution where minority race are protected.
    We pracitce meritocracy and the best man get the job.Over the last 45 yrs of Independance, we have never had any racial problems or discrimination. Our current President is an ethnic Indian and he is elected as the Head of State.

    Why Can’t India & China be like us !

  6. kps rao says

    people should realize that china is India’s enemy.if china gets a chance it will tear India into pieces and dominate all the buying their goods do not strengthen their hands.India’s unity and economic strength can only assure the people of India their future.those people who subscribe to the idea of separatism should think over again.

  7. saurabh pandey says

    chinease drive to savage indian market by material hurt is really a serious concern.all chinease toys .mobile phones widout imei no and other electrical goods supplied by chinease incumbent all are the reasons for indian market demolishing.

  8. Mallick says

    Not all Chinese products are bad. I just bought a Lenovo laptop it’s a wonderful thing. Chinese seem a mysterious people to me. If you want to understand their psychology, read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. They believe in stealth, deception and surprise attack tactics. The way China is making aggressive gestures against India, I fear a war in the near future. And, we Indians are nowhere prepared to match the Chinese in even a low-intensity conflict. They can actually dare to admonish India’s President when she declares Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India. No Indian politician has the guts to say anything against China.

    1. Rehan Khan says

      Are you from Pakistan Mr.Mallik. Arunachal pradesh is integral part of India and I am a true muslim of India

  9. rahul says

    Would like to hear from you about the recent development in Telecommunication sector where the Indian Telecommunications Secretary Siddharth Behura has asked the chiefs of the country’s top mobile operators to adopt a policy of self-regulation in sourcing telecoms equipment. There is a tiff growing as the Indian govt is seeking a ban on Chinese manufactured equipment in 20 states while mobile firms are against it. Even if govt manages to put a control on Chinese companies, many companies (e.g. UTstarcom) have the escape route as they are listed in US and Europe while all their manufacturing and RnD is done in China. Should not the Indian govt should put a leash on such companies too? Please comment.


  10. Soham Das says

    Idiotic article.

    1. Sriram Vadlamani says

      Best description in the least possible words. I am impressed Soham.

    2. Lisa says

      Well said! I agree. :)

  11. Brian says

    Ohh, my word! I can see that competition is going on, not only on industrial products, but tongues. What is that for? Nothing but nonsense!
    So what?
    About India and China, i do think they are neighbours without mutual trust, due to some historical reasons. But farely speaking, i know China did something reasonably and friedly when their soldiers reached 20KM away from Delhi. They did not take Delhi due to some certain concern.

    So, history is history, but successors are still in queue to create hatred. Territory conflicts, cutural shocks, international interest fights. No stop. But how could politicians can survive, how could they think of would-be arm conflicts in future, they would be shame of that if they can think in another world.

    About products from China, i think it could not be granted as “cheap quality”, but “cheap importing rate”, so ou can call them cost-effective products, but not cheap products. wat i mean to say is, only buyers can decidie goods of which degree they want to import, not seller decide which class they want to export. I.e, if Indian do not bargain with terrible Chinese offer again and again, lower and lower, i think Indian can buy only best quality products from China. One penny equals to one item. If you want to buy the item with half penny, then you got worse quality, It deserves.

    Too much! I have to stop for your time!

    1. Real says

      Chine never reacher 20km near delhi. Do no propogate fale information. Read history first

  12. yalk says

    i think chinese dishes are a real not good without any taste
    or if have a taste like sh***……

    1. Lisa says

      Only if you’ve been eating out from Panda Express!

  13. Letyouwin says

    Interesting article, but the word seems offensive as a Chinese reader, like “It is a sucker for Indian spices” (I dun enjoy the joke at here if any, as for me India also like a sucker for Chinese dim sum).
    And I think you should understand more on your own country.From the title “India doesn’t like anything Chinese”
    Try to judge how many SiChun (which is a part of China in case you didn’t know, wikipedia and google map is always your friend) restaurants, and compare it with Italian pizza as a reference (just to show they also have similar number of restaurants) , may be some Indian doesn’t like Chinese food, but some clever businessman and a few Indian friends love Chinese food.

    Anyway, I do agree that China has lots of things to improve like the quality of product, but also does India . The government, infrastructure and the literacy rate as a whole should improve ;)

    1. Sriram Vadlamani says

      I agree about the phrase. I thinked twice before using it. Used it anyway which is a mistake. Now it is corrected.

      The whole thing is interlinked to the post script at the end. So I do understand my country and I like Chinese Buffet.

      Regarding that title it should be taken with the views presented in the post but should not be applied at a broader level.

      I tried to give a holistic perspective of all the things happening in the business world between China and India.

      And finally, my intention is not to offend your feelings.

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