The top Banks in India


Yeah…its high time that I published a Top list. It is kind of tradition that has been following since its inception. They serve as an excellent reference point and readers love it.

So here it is – Results of the 14th Business Today-KPMG survey of India’s Best Banks

The top banks in India


The top bank in India – HDFC Bank.

Yes, there’s one bank that continues to roll better than all others – HDFC Bank. Once again, for the fifth year in a row, the Aditya Puri-led bank beat 76 others to emerge as the #1 player in the industry.

Fastest growing small bank – Yes Bank.

Among the small banks (balance sheet size less than RS 24,000 crore), YES Bank comes in at #2 right behind Punjab & Sind Bank. That means it has beaten other relatively young banks such as Rana Talwar’s Centurion Bank of Punjab, Uday Kotak’s Kotak Mahindra Bank, and the Hindujas’ IndusInd Bank to emerge as the fastest growing bank.

Fastest growing big bank – Axis Bank.

What would you call a bank that has grown its profits at 30 per cent or more in 28 of the last 30 quarters? At the least, a consistent performer. But what has earned P.J. Nayak-led Axis Bank (formerly UTI Bank) its distinction as the fastest growing big bank is its equally impressive growth in other areas such as deposits, and loans and advances.

The most efficient big bank – Federal Bank.

Our strength is technology coupled with human touch,” says Federal Bank Chairman and Managing Director M. Venugopalan. No wonder his Kerala-based private sector bank once again ranks as the most efficient big bank in this year’s BT-KPMG study of best banks.

The most efficient small bank – Karur Vysya Bank.

Karur Vysya is one of the older private sector players but a relatively new convert to technology (it introduced core banking solutions in 2005). Currently, the bank has 281 branches (and will expand to 300 in next two months), 279 ATMs of its own including 18 in rural areas and 108 in semi urban areas, and piggybacks on 10,000 other ATMs. Still, the bank is keen to build its physical presence. It plans to increase the number of branches to 300 shortly and create a pan-India presence.

Best small bank – Punjab & Sind Bank.

It’s been a dramatic story of turnaround at Punjab & Sind Bank from #7 in the small bank category (less than Rs 24,000 crore in balance sheet size) in our 2006 rankings, it has vaulted to the #1 position.

One thing I can vouch for – I have been banking with HDFC Bank for last 8 years and they fully deserve the top slot !

  1. prabhakant says

    Sooner or later private banks have to realize that quality of trust matters. They are currently ignoring that and that is the result why SBI is posting good results and better performance. They need to become ethical. I have seen how ICICI is turning slowly…..they are better now and less aggressive and it will boost them in long term. It feels good they way they handle clients now. Thanks for top management to realize it quickly. Many others will follow like HDFC who are just aggressive only.

  2. Maddy Danger says

    HDFC Bank is always ahead…….

  3. Arjit Vashishtha says

    ze to aag laga di top bank in india?

  4. Aryan Morya says

    oriental bank of commerce is best of all banks.

  5. Aryan Morya says

    oriental bank of commerce is best of all banks.

  6. Gaurav Sethi says

    I think Yes Bank is the best Small & Smart bank in the all over india,
    Mr. Rana Kapoor is a graet man, his always think positive, this is a best qulity of like MD.
    I have my personal bank a/c with more than 6 banks, but i am very happy with YES bank servies….
    Good start Yes bank,in the last financal year Yes bank is had a good profit..

  7. dr balaji sadaphule says

    recently tata group is entering in banking sector.. i thought it will be a great news ! all the best for tata group..

  8. Sachin.S says

    Federal bank is one of the most reliable bank i have ever seen.

  9. C.G. Raghavendra says

    Hi. The ranking list is quite objective and shows care has been taken in the ranking process. I do agree that many of the new banks are pursuing seemingly wrong practices in their workflows and personnel processes. However, when we think of change, we also think of resistance. These banks have taken up change in a big way but, with technology and human interface becoming better they would take a quantum leap over the other banks. In the meanwhile the poor customers have to pay the price. As far as training of the people is concerned these banks have a very short term vision of treating the employees as cattle and having the philosophy of use and throw. In the long run it is harmful, but, it is short term profits which generate the bonuses. I do not blame the people but the policies which get adapted at the board levels. It is the failure of the boards to do their duty in the long term interest. But, even the board members are influenced by short term successes. Well the story goes on.


  10. Knowledge Education says

    when ever there is rain the systems of these banks does not is the story of almost every pvt bank in india

  11. Dr. P.K.Khanna says

    The problem with all new generation private sector banks is that they do not give complete banking knowledge to their staff.Staff knows ( I have still a doubt)only the work related to the desk. They do not know the work of the person working next to him.Keeping employees under ‘knowledge blackout’ is a strateic move. Such employees know only one aspect of banking and can not switch over to other organisations due to lack of knowledge. Whereas ,in Public sector banks employees’ are trained in all aspects of banking with special emphasis to the job performed by them.
    While taking lectures in the past in M.S University , a few of the students who are/ were persuing Diploma in Banking and Finance, expressed that they are not provided complete knowledge by their organisation in banking thus they find it difficult to address customer’s enquiries in other areas of banking. Such situations put them in dificult situation. Staff members are asked to pass on the querry to back office.
    It is high time that these new generation banks change their approach towards training .


  12. rohit says

    i think axis bank is also good..

  13. Vikrant Channi says

    Yes Bank is the Best Bank

    1. Gaurav Sethi says

      Yes you are right Bro

  14. Chiu-Chi Chen says

    Banks i’ve seen have been very good investments. The best investments would be institutions that formulate good business practices. Look at what’s going on in the states. There are too many bad business practices that just having stimulus packages aren’t going to solve any of the problems. I think India’s banks have good business practices from what I’ve seen.

  15. royce says

    ICICI is the most horrible bank…thier executives are so much under pressure that they lie to you about intrest rates,services etc just to get the deal.Once you fall in thier trap then your doomed…they take you for a ride….dont ever deal with them.HDFC is a lot better.

  16. Kiran says

    hi sir, this is kiran, IFBI gives training and recruits for ICICI bank, similarly who gives training for AXIS bank and HDFC banks and others corporate banks, please send the details about institutions who gives training and recruits in corporate banks.

    Thanx and Regards


  17. India Travel says

    As per services given to customers all these Pvt banks are not good one example among them is ICICI when ever you go to its ATM either it is not working or there is no cache

    1. Surya says

      U cant judge a banks services just for one default. ICICI Bank is one of the leading Private sector bank in terms of services and products too. Its been considered as the equalant to SBI’s services.

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