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Want to have first hand unbiased information about Universities abroad?

Want to interact with students already studying in universities abroad?

Want to make decision on which foreign university to opt?

Are you a student in foreign university and want to voice your opinion about curriculum and campus?

Head straight to UniGuru.com!

Uniguru.com Review and discuss foreign universities

uniguru.com fills the need of students looking to research universities to study abroad quite well. Being community driven site, students can network with their peers already studying in those universities. This helps them in getting the first hand view on campus, curriculum, city life, fees etc.
Under normal circumstances, students learn about these details by directly going to the respective university website, but the information published is not always close to reality. Uniguru.com helps to bridge this gap !

On reading some reviews from existing students, I am convinced that it will help prospective students tremendously. As an example, existing students from an Aviation College in Sydney have warned prospective students that they should think twice before joining due to certain problems. This kind of information will mean a lot to someone who is in the decision making mode.

Review of Purdue University

Although, uniguru.com is recently launched,  I see good community building around this site. Some colleges have more than 300 reviews from their existing students. And it is not limited to reviews, students can also upload videos and pictures of campus, hostels etc giving prospective students every bit of detail they need to make a decision.

Currently, uniguru.com has more than 800 universities listed and reviewed from Australia, Singapore, USA and UK. They also provide details about various courses available.

All in all, I think uniguru.com has created a great platform for students looking to study abroad !

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  1. Neha Jain says

    Here is a better website for Indian Student aspiring to Study Abroad…. http://www.go-abroad.net It offers list of consultants in your city, country specific info, events, and much more

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