Web1.0, Web2.0 and Web 3.0: Simple explanation for non-techies


Most of the technology oriented people are familiar with Web1.0 and Web2.0 terminology for some time now. The way we use internet is evolving at a fast clip. Over last few months new term web3.0 is slowly catching people’s attention. We are not there yet, but web3.0 is being discussed quite often in blogosphere and technology sites.

A lot of non-techie folks have asked me what is the difference. So, here is the simple explanation of each. If you search Google you will find hundreds of different definitions and comparisons, however, the following simple explanation is how I comprehend it. Everyone has his own take on it.

Web1.0: The information published on the web in a static manner. It is like your word document on the web with pictures and formatting done neatly. Hyper-linking the web-pages and bookmarking were two of the most important aspect of Web1.0 world. . Even today more than 70% users are only familiar with Web1.0.

Web2.0: This term was coined by Tim O’Reilly The information published in web2.0 world is very different from web1.0. There is a very high importance given on usability and sharing. The information published in Web2.0 world travels like wild fire, either partially or in full. Web2.0 world has less clutter coupled with easy retrieval of precise information and furthermore building upon that information and sharing it further. Widgets and Tagging are two important features of Web2.0. For a comprehensive information on web2.0, click here

Web3.0: To be honest, there are varied perceptions of what Web3.0 is. It is purely a word coined as the next version of Web2.0. One basic thing that everyone accept is Web3.0 will be a maze / network of application working together homogeneously. The users can do anything and everything they want from a single source on the web. There is yet a lot of time for Web3.0 world to arrive.

In India, we are still at the start of web2.0 revolution.

The above explanation is very simply put by me for the readers who don’t understand it.

Here is an interesting video of Google’s Eric Schmidt on his comparison of Web2.0 and Web3.0.

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