Reliance Is Creating India's 1st Ever Smart TV OS To Challenge Samsung, LG

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jul 07, 2024

Reliance Industries has embarked on a significant venture by testing Jio TV OS, India’s first indigenous smart TV operating system. Built on Google’s Android platform, this development marks a pivotal step towards self-reliance in the Indian tech landscape. According to a report by the Economic Times, Jio TV OS is set to compete with established players like Samsung’s Tizen OS and LG’s webOS.

Reliance Is Testing India's 1st Ever Smart TV OS To Challenge Samsung, LG

Targeting Domestic TV Manufacturers

Reliance plans to target domestic TV manufacturers, particularly smaller brands, to increase the adoption of Jio TV OS. This strategic focus is intended to promote the platform among homegrown companies, fostering a competitive environment in the Indian smart TV market. By providing an open-source platform, Jio TV OS will allow developers to create optimized apps for smart TVs and other connected devices, potentially leading to a vibrant app ecosystem.

No Licensing Fees: A Game Changer

One of the standout features of Jio TV OS is its no-licensing-fees policy. This approach makes the platform attractive to smaller manufacturers who might otherwise struggle with the costs associated with established operating systems. An executive from Reliance mentioned that this strategy could help Jio TV OS gain popularity, particularly among homegrown and smaller brands, as large multinational corporations like Samsung and LG are unlikely to adopt it due to their proprietary smart TV operating systems.

Integration with Jio Services

Reliance is not only developing the Jio TV OS platform but also planning to leverage it to promote its services, such as JioCinema. This integration is expected to help generate ad revenue and potentially bundle the platform with Jio broadband subscriptions. This multi-faceted approach aims to enhance the value proposition of Jio TV OS, making it a comprehensive solution for both manufacturers and consumers.

Manufacturing Jio-Branded Smart TVs

In addition to developing the operating system, Reliance is reportedly considering manufacturing Jio-branded smart TVs running Jio TV OS. By partnering with other Indian TV makers, Reliance aims to reach a wider market, particularly targeting the entry-level segment. This move comes amidst a decline in overall smart TV shipments in India, although larger screen sizes (55 inches and above) are experiencing growth, which Reliance intends to capitalize on.


Reliance Industries’ testing of Jio TV OS represents a significant stride towards self-reliance in the Indian technology sector. By targeting domestic manufacturers, eliminating licensing fees, and integrating Jio services, Jio TV OS is positioned to make a substantial impact on the Indian smart TV market. As the platform evolves, it holds the potential to foster a dynamic app ecosystem and provide a competitive alternative to established smart TV operating systems.

How Jio TV OS is Expected to Impact the Market

  1. No Licensing Fees
    • This policy will attract smaller manufacturers, providing a cost-effective alternative to existing smart TV operating systems.
  2. Open-Source Platform
    • Developers can create optimized apps for Jio TV OS, fostering a vibrant app ecosystem and enhancing user experience.
  3. Integration with Jio Services
    • Bundling with Jio services like JioCinema and Jio broadband subscriptions will enhance the platform’s value.
  4. Targeting Entry-Level Segment
    • Jio-branded smart TVs will focus on the entry-level segment, aiming to capture a significant market share in this category.
  5. Potential Market Growth
    • Despite a decline in overall smart TV shipments, larger screen sizes are growing, presenting an opportunity for Jio TV OS to capitalize on this trend.

By following these strategies, Reliance Industries is poised to make Jio TV OS a key player in the Indian smart TV market, offering a compelling alternative to existing operating systems and promoting self-reliance in the tech industry.

Mohul Ghosh
Mohul Ghosh
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