Govt Launches 'Chakshu' Platform To Report Fraud Calls, Text: How To Use?

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jul 09, 2024

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has launched the Chakshu app to combat fraudulent calls and SMS. This initiative allows users to report suspicious communications, which are then investigated and acted upon by TRAI. The app aims to safeguard the public from scams related to banking, digital payments, and more by swiftly neutralizing potential threats.

TRAI Launches Chakshu App for Reporting Fraudulent Calls and SMS

In a significant move to combat the rising menace of fraudulent calls and messages, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced Chakshu, a new initiative aimed at protecting the public from potential scams. As the digital age progresses, so does the sophistication of scammers, making it imperative for regulatory bodies to innovate and stay ahead of these threats.

The Purpose of Chakshu

Chakshu, which translates to “eye” in Hindi, is designed to be a vigilant watchdog for the public. The platform empowers users to flag phone numbers suspected of being used for fraudulent communications. These scams often disguise themselves as legitimate messages or calls related to essential services such as banking, credit cards, digital payment systems, mobile SIM cards, gas connections, and other utilities.

How to Use TRAI’s Chakshu App

Reporting Suspicious Communications

The process of using Chakshu is straightforward. When users encounter a potentially fraudulent communication, they can report it through the Chakshu portal. This involves:

  1. Accessing the Portal: Users need to visit the Chakshu portal to report a suspicious call or message.
  2. Providing Details: Users must enter some personal information, including their name and contact number. This is followed by a verification process where users validate their phone number via an OTP sent to their number.
  3. Classifying the Report: The platform allows users to classify the reported communication into various fraud categories, such as:
    • KYC (Know Your Customer) related scams
    • Impersonation attempts
    • Fake customer support hotlines
    • Fraudulent online job offers
    • Sextortion schemes
    • Malicious links or websites
  4. Uploading Evidence: Users can support their reports by uploading images or screenshots as evidence, although this step is not mandatory.

TRAI’s Response

Once a report is submitted, TRAI initiates an investigation into the flagged number. If the inquiry confirms fraudulent activity, TRAI takes decisive action, including terminating the service for the offending number and pursuing appropriate legal measures against the perpetrators. This collaborative reporting system is designed to swiftly identify and neutralize potential threats.

Benefits of Chakshu

The Chakshu platform offers several benefits to users:

  • Enhanced Security: By reporting suspicious activities, users contribute to the overall safety of the telecom network.
  • Quick Action: TRAI’s prompt response ensures that fraudulent numbers are dealt with swiftly, reducing the risk of scams.
  • User Empowerment: Chakshu empowers users to take an active role in safeguarding themselves and others from scams.

The Importance of Vigilance

With the increasing reliance on the Internet and mobile communications, the prevalence of online scams has also surged. Many people find themselves targeted by unsolicited calls from fraudsters attempting to steal their money. Initiatives like Chakshu are crucial in creating a secure digital environment where users can confidently use their devices without the fear of falling victim to scams.


TRAI’s Chakshu app represents a significant step forward in the fight against fraudulent calls and messages. By providing a robust platform for reporting and addressing these threats, TRAI is helping to create a safer and more secure digital landscape. Users are encouraged to leverage this tool to protect themselves and contribute to a safer community.


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