Spice Launches Cloud Storage Android App… But Where is it?


Spice Mobile has announced launch of “Spice Cloud” – A android based cloud storage mobile App (?) that enables consumers to wirelessly store and secure data from their devices. As per the announcement, the app also provides anti-theft features that keeps the user content safe and also allows them to locate their device in case it is lost or stolen.

Spice Cloud

Now, before we go deeper into this application, I want to point out that we tried looking for this app on the Google play store and even on their site. We also signed up for their services, but unfortunately we could not locate the supposed Android app.

One possibility is that Spice cloud is available only for Spice devices because the announcement for the same came with launch of their newest Android phone called Stellar Virtuoso Pro, carries this storage service. Stellar Virtuoso Pro buyers will get free 2GB storage space.

However, if that was the case, Spice Cloud should not have allowed me create an account for the same. Also, if the service is available only for Spice’s Android based mobiles, then how will previous Spice buyers take advantage of the same.

We are trying to get in touch with Spice officials to understand more on this. In the meantime, lets look at what Spice cloud has to offer.

Spice Cloud Features

  • As per Spice Cloud website, the application allows storage and sync of files (photos, videos, documents & any other files) across various devices including phone, tablet and laptops.
  • 2G space Free
  • Anti-Theft features like locking your device remotely, wiping off all the content, remote alarm or locating the device’s exact location on the map.
  • Synchronization of files happens on air and is encrypted at source, so no one else can access those files but you.

My Take

Like I mentioned before, we could not use the app as it is not available, but from the looks of it, I really find it difficult to reason as to why a user must not use popular services like Cloudbox or Google Apps that offer far more features. Additionally, 2GB storage space is relatively far too less space as compared to what other apps offer, which are between 5 GB to 15GB.

Yes, it is great that Spice is first Indian company to launch such a service, but I personally see very few people actually using this service for backup, storage and sync purposes.

If you are a Spice customer and you get hold of this app, do let us know. We surely want to give it a try!

  1. gursewak says

    you can access it in any Android phone by installing spice mobile rom into it.

  2. Albert says

    I found Indian Touch in their UI design. I hope you understand. ;)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, I completely understand… and that’s what my problem is… Spice actually had far too many good examples which they could have plain copied and still it would have looked good. Even their web UI leaves lot to be desired…

    2. Linett says

      Hi Sir,

      Spice Cloud access is available through spicecloud.in. Also this is available on Spice Smartphones only.
      Also the uniqueness is that, one can also access call log, incase the phone is lost or has been left somewhere.

      When we talk of multiple devices, we mean spice devices.

      Hope this clarifies

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        Linett – Thanks for letting me know… But, what about spice customers who have android phones? from where can they download or install it? There should be some place..

        Also, if it is available only for spice customers, why did it allow me to open an account? I think there needs to be a close integration which first confirms if one is a spice customer or not..

        Also, it needs to be mentioned on Spice cloud website that it is available only for them… No where has that been mentioned.

        Hmm..accessing call log remotely is probably a unique feature..agree with you on that

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