18 TV Ads Released By 9 Indian Online Companies!


Few years back we never saw Indian online companies resorting to Television Advertising. But, that is not the case now, infact looks like it is now becoming a trend.

Even today, reach of Television is much more than any other media, atleast when you consider the popular channels. TV commercials are still considered the best option when a brand wants to reach out to masses in a very short time.

While TV commercials have always been quite popular with FMCG brands, it was quite rare for an online company to advertise on TV on regular basis, but things are changing. If you see sports channels or channels that are targeted towards youth audience, I am sure you will come across atleast couple of advertisements from Indian online companies.

This trend has also come about due to growth of e-commerce in India. Infact, if you see the list below nearly all of them are of large e-commerce sites. And given that these companies are doing it on regular basis shows that TV ads seem to be really working for them.

So, here we go…


TV Ads Released By Indian Online Companies

Flipkart TVC

Flipkart probably tops the chart among online companies in terms of frequency and number of ads they have released on Television. Infact, by now everyone has seen those “Shopping ka nayaa address” ads… right?

Snapdeal TVC

Snapdeal is another e-commerce site in India that has been running their TVCs quite frequently. Their ads also take humour as the main ingredient to pass on the message.

Myntra TV

Unlike Flipkart and Snapdeal, Myntra’s TV commercials are more traditional kinds that try to pass on different messages like their customer service, their return policies and more. Also, Myntra being a more of a lifestyle store, their ads are geared towards making viewers feel more safe shopping apparels online and hence the tag line “Real life mein aisa hota hai kya?”

Redbus TVC

Though not exactly an online shop, Redbus has also been having television commercials. Their ads are not as frequent as Flipkart or Snapdeal or Myntra, but they do advertise regularly on select TV channels.

Their ads are quite different from others as well – They have simple animated caricatures as lead in their ads. Check it out!

Yebhi TVC

Yebhi have released series of TV advertisements in 2012, and while most of them stuck to humorous theme, some of them were quite simplistic-to-the-point ads.

Ebay India TVC

In 2012, Ebay had gone on overdrive when it came to TV advertising. They had release slew of advertisements on various channels. Their ads were more varied and mostly passed the message to Indians that they should start buying online more often because eBay has the best deals!

Did I miss any other Indian Online company who have also resorted to Television Advertisements? Do let us know in comments.


Updated: Received number of emails and comments stating other companies who have released Advertisements on TV namely – Jabong.com, Quikr and OLX. I am surprised, I forgot that Quikr ads, because they are actually quite funny… So here they are…

Quikr TVC

While most of the quikr ads have been quite funny, in recent times they have also come up with Ads that exploit the current events. Like the one given below targets the match fixing saga during the IPL. And then there are those Quikrrrrrrrrrrr…. ads as well!


I am sure you have also seen the OLX ads, which have a punch line “Yahaan sab kuch bikta hai”. Like most others, they also have ads, that take the humour theme to pass on their message.

Jabong TVC

Yet another e-commerce company that splashed their advertisements across TV was Jabong. Some ads were actually quite funny, especially where husband and wife give more importance to shopping rather than putting the child in play school!

Shaadi.com TVC

[Update: Added by suggestion of a commenter]

Online Matrimonials has been other vertical where online companies are advertising on TV. Shaadi.com Ads are seen on the TV every now and then with popular author Chetan Bhagat acting as a narrator and urging prospective brides and grooms to check out Shaadi.com!

We have not yet seen ads from Amazon as yet, but I am sure they must be round the corner. Did We miss out any more?

Do let us know in comments, and we will add it to the list!

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    Wonderful articles! appreciate for sharing your understanding with us! Hope to read more from you!

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    Hahaha..:) nice collection really liked it to watch all at same place..:) thanks for sharing sir..:)

  3. Neha Verma says

    Shaadi.com Chetan Bhagat ad is missing

  4. Syed Mohammed Tauseef says

    Great review Arun… Had fun watching all the promos again… Online websites are really benefiting from these commercials… Some more websites having funny commercials are olx, quickr and I think amazon india will soon come up with an advertisement… Also I request you to review amazon india website for our readers here… Keep up the good work

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