Launches Awesome SingAlong Karaoke App!

4 today announced launch of very interesting feature – Online Karaoke – on its music streaming portal. Called SingAlong, this interactive feature allows users to sing their favourite songs with scrolling lyrics and music.


However, the aspect that makes SingAlong really awesome is the scoring system that it has. Everytime a user sings a song using SingAlong, the app gives a score showing how well the song has been sung.

In addition to this, user can share their scores on Social media platform and also challenge their Facebook friends to see who can sing the best!

Gaana Singalong

Currently SingAlong app has has over 300+ songs across 5 languages and multiple genres like jazz, ballad, R&B or pop. Also, for SingAlong to work one does not need anything other than a Microphone and speakers (or headphones). Once you authorize the application to use your mic, you can start. The app also has a leaderboard showing people who have scored the highest and are also featured on their Champions page. has not developed this feature internally, they seem to have tied up with Karaoke Garage to bring SingAlong to its users. Although the site does not mention name of Karaoke Garage anywhere, it is quite evident that they have implemented it with slight modifications to the look and feel of the player.

I personally tried using the app and though I am dreadful at singing, I managed to sing 2-3 songs at a stretch (with some real bad scores). SingAlong is definitely something that users are going to like, especially the ones who love singing.

SingAlong is your Karaoke player anytime, anywhere you need! Give it is a spin and let us know what you feel!

  1. abhaysingh says

    i agreed

  2. Siddharth Vyas says

    Yesterday I gave it a try and it works just perfect….

  3. Aditya Dey says

    Wow…that’s impressive….but the only problem is I can’t sing, so my score would be on negative if I ever tried it. But it is a good addition as many people love to humming while they listen to their favorite songs. This app will surely give them a nice feeling. What say??

  4. aMAR says

    lOVE IT

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