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Every week we publish Infographics that bring to you great information in a concise visual way. While, most of the infographics are image based, video infographics are the now becoming popular with netizens.

Here is a great video Infographic which presents come amazing facts about India and its growth in coming years. While, you may already know some of the facts given in this video infographic, this two and half minute video offers few facts that you may not be aware of..

For example, did you know that India accounts for over one-fifth of world consumption and that Indian movie Industry is so big that it surpasses US and Canada combined with sales of over 2.3 billion movie tickets a year!

Check out the Video Infographic on India to know more amazing facts about India!

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  1. Altaf says

    Hi Arun,
    Nice compilation of info into a presentation.
    However the last question in the presentation (at 2.17 time) “So, is India on her way to becoming a Superpower or she already arrived?” does not hit a chord with many of the facts mentioned.
    Just to mention the most contrasting fact – India is a bigger movie market than US and Canada combined. India sells 3.3 billion movie tickets a year. Does this make India a Super power?
    The most logical fact which demands a positive yes answer is – India is one of the 6 countries to launch satillites.
    In between the two types of facts, there are many types.
    Most of them does not make me answer yes.
    For example, we know for more than 30 years that Railways is the largest employer in the world. OK. Have we produced another such organization in the last 30 years? No. We are simply relaxing. Super powers dont sit back. They keep working hard to do more and more.
    We import 1000 tons of gold per anum. Does that make us great. OK agreed that one may argue that we have lot of money. Only we can buy 1000 tons. Nobody can. But the positive question is why dont we explore and produce ourselves. There are many mines waiting for licences to operate.

    Lets imagine a village with lots of houses. Some big, some small. Some crowded, some sparce.
    Take a villa where only a young couple live. Take another hut where a couple live along with their children, two of them married and with kids. Also the parents of the couple also live with them.
    Compare both houses.
    Now imagine a world with many nations. Russia occupies 16% of land mass but houses only 4% people. US occupy 6% land mass and house 4% people. Canada and Australia occupy 6% land mass but house only less than 1% people.
    Now compar ethat with India. India occupies 2% land mass but houses 20% people.
    Also this 2% land mass do not support her industry. She has to buy oil, coal, gold, silver, nickel, cobalt, fertilizers from outside. Even she can not produce for her children vegitable oils, lentils to cook their food.
    I am not critisizing. If any one has doubts, look for facts about the above mentioned resources in commercial data.
    All I am saying is if we are difficient in some areas, we are surplus in some areas. Every nation is.
    So we should not be bragging about some status. We have to get going.
    Lets not be curious about it. Let others be curious about it. Lets make them curious with our hardwork.
    Justr my two paisa :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Altaf, Thanks for the details comment… it is always a pleasure reading your comments as it makes you think…

      First of all, there is no way I am saying that India will be a super-power.. Infact, that is not the point at all. I know where we stand… we are not even close.

      However, I would live to point out one thing that for me is probably the most important aspect and probably the biggest positive point that India has as compared to any other country. I would have expected that to be included in this videographic.

      The sentence you made “India occupies 2% land mass but houses 20% people.”

      The important point is that we house more young people aged less than 30 years than whole of United States put together.

      Our Younger population is what keeps India in the hunt to become the future super power. People resources are the most important asset of any country and we have that in abundant.. Gold, movie tickets are just bells and whistles… out Gen X and Gen Y is what is going to take India forward…

      Having said that, I do agree with the points you have made…

      1. Altaf says

        Thanks for your kind comment Arun,
        This fact of more young than whole US put together has the potential to make or break India’s future.
        But at this moment, our system is not supporting them sufficiently.
        Even if we consider 300 million young, most of them are either working in rural fields or on the lower fringes of society in urban centers.
        In an ideal society, every one who studies should get a job. This pulls all young to studies. For this to happen, we need a massive job market, the likes of China.
        It created a massive infra development schemes to develop western parts of China (airports, sea ports, roads, rail networks, buildings, factories) as if there is no tomorrow. This allowed it to absorb the massive exodus of hundreds of millions from West to migrate to east and still find a job.
        Whats happening with our migration from rural to urban centers ? I dont want to elaborate. Our govts need to come up with massive infra projects.
        They tried but most of them ended up with scams. Mine allocations, CWG complex works, 2G/3G auctions, SEZ allocations, all are full of scams. We can not do one thing right.
        Having said that the prospect of having more young people than whole US put together is more assuring about future of India.

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