IIT-B launches Aakash App Development Contest for Android & Linux Developers


IIT Bombay has recently launched an app development competition in a bid to create a developer community around Aakash Tablets. This developer contest aims at developing useful Open Source applications and content on Android / Linux for use by students on Aakash.

To push interest in the developer community, IIT-B has announced cash prizes of Rs. 50,000 for winner followed by Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 10,000 for 2nd and 3rd places.

Aakash development competition

How to enter the Aakash Developer Contest

  1. Visit Aakash Labs website at http://aakashlabs.org and read more details on the contest.
  2. IIT-B has created a Github instance where Android and Linux developers can upload their developed applications.
  3. All applications developed need to be based on Open Source License
  4. The applications developed should be broadly come under educational category and should help students for furthering their education

Already there have been quiet a few applications that have been developed on Aakash. Scilab, the open-source version of Matlab has already been ported to Android, which is currently part of Aakash. Here are some of the other apps developed for Aakash Tablet.

Applications developed for Aakash Tablet

I think this is a great move by IIT Bombay to create a community around Aakash, however, I do not completely agree with contest prizes. I am sure IIT-B could have done better with the prizes to make it more attractive for the developers to dove in, especially because it is for Aakash, one of the most talked about government projects in recent times.

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