Top 10 Toughest Entrance Exams in India


Have you ever wondered which are the toughest entrance exams in India? Sure there are thousands of them that have mushroomed in the past decade but the entrance exams for premier institutes in India still remain the tough to clear. Let’s check out which ones they are.



UPSC Civil services Entrance exams

If there is one exam in India which literally requires you to know everything under the sun, it has to be the Civil Services exam held by the Union Public Service Commission.

You would be expected to start off by clearing a Civil Services Aptitude Test (SCAT) followed by the main test, further followed by a personal interview. Oh by the way, you may have to wait for a year from the date of giving your CSAT to be called for a personal interview – if you clear Round 1, that is!

IIT-JEE Entrance exams

The Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the world. It has a success rate of around 1 in 45. More than 17 to 20 engineering institutes including the IITs use the JEE to eliminate and select students. Successful candidates can chose to study engineering, architecture, design, technology, and sciences in colleges that accept a JEE score. This exam attracts the crème de la crème of students and clearing it is supposed to be the height of achievement of an Indian student.

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Entrance exams

If you want to get into IIT or IIS, Bagalore you will need to pass the GATE. This exam serves as the eligibility criteria for getting into various ME/Mtech programs offered by IITs. Interestingly, GATE scores are also looked up when you want to get selected for PSU companies which operate under the Indian Government.

CAT Entrance exams

Also called the Common Entrance Test, the CAT exams are meant for getting an entry into premier management and business schools like the IIMs. It tests students in areas of Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and Verbal ability. Apart from the IIMs, the scores of the CAT are also accepted by many other colleges offering MBAs. Did you know, more than 2 lakh students give the CAT each year and only 1500 manage to get the percentile required for the IIMs?

AIIMS Entrance Exams

It is every single medical student’s wish to clear this exam so that he/she doesn’t have to end up paying lakhs of rupees for an MBBS degree to self financed colleges located in remote areas of the country. An autonomous body, AIIMS conducts its own pan India entrance exam, the results of which are also accepted by many other medical colleges.

Imagine how tough the exam would be, if students from all over India are fighting for a limited number of seats.

National Institute of Design Entrance exams

Also called the Design Aptitude Test, this entrance exam can give weak knees to the best of creative design students. If you think you can answer questions like “Draw the world from an ant’s perspective”, then may want to think of applying for this test held at major cities of India. Through this tough entrance exam, the NID Admission Committee aims to test the perception, attitude, aptitude, achievement and motivation of a candidate. In the second round, shortlisted students are grilled with personal interviews and studio tests.

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)

NEETs are conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE Board) for getting admissions to undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical and Dental courses across India. While at not the same level as AIIMs entrance, NEET is also regarded as one of the toughest entrance tests in India.

UGC-NET (University Grants Commission – National Eligibility Test)

National Eligibility Test, commonly known as NET is conducted the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. The Test is funded by Central Government’s HRD department. This test is doorway to becoming a research fellow or a lecturer. The good thing is you can still pursue your higher studies and at the same time do some great scientific research!

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test)

As the name suggests, the CLAT or the common law admission tests are done to get admissions for Under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate degree programmes like LLB and LLM.

The irony of the situation is that these exams just keep getting tougher and tougher every year. And the highest percentiles secured keep going up and up and up. Looks like the sky is the limit for these tough entrance exams, literally.

  1. ramakrishnan says

    Thank you for sharing this article. The given information is very useful for preparation of competitive exams. Keep sharing such articles.

  2. Sunita Singhal says

    I agree with your list. UPSC and JEE both have two different style of judging candidates. In fact they are two poles. Any candidate who apply for any of these ten exams works hard for his dream. May God give success to them

  3. Er. Talha Shaikh Hanafi says

    Gate is most toughest exam,
    And after that upsc (IES & IAS) both.. NEET and JEE main & advance are lower level than GATE AND IES,IAS. and CA exams are nothing infront of these exams. Success ration in CA exam is less because High marks students always choose Science Field. Students with low IQ apears in CA, so sucess ratio is less

    1. Akash says

      boss first appear in that exams , i bet ur thinking process will completely change and u will come to know about ur iq level.becz if i am wrong google also says same thing that proves your iq. you b****.cgbadhcbdmnbc mxzmnabcihb,mx zcbndsakchbdujc

  4. Shashank naruka says

    U just forgot u mention CA exams on the top…..with success rate of just 3% making it the most difficult exam to clear in entire world

    1. Divyanshu says

      Success rate of IITJEE is 0.7% (9784 seats in 13.6 lakh students. I hope you know maths). So, CA definitely isn’t the hardest. Also, acceptance rate of getting into Harvard is 5.8%. So do you really think that you have better chance of getting into Harvard then clearing CA or IITJEE?(If yes then you’re an idiot). Stop judging by success rate because most of the people who apply for an exam never study for it as much as they should. Just work hard and honestly. You’ll crack any exam you want to.

  5. VN Gupta says

    Hope, you have forgotten about ISI kolkata.

  6. Ayaz Ahmad says

    Presently i’m pursuing & after doing i wanna become an UTO please provide me a better suggetion for my better future.

  7. Surinder Pal says

    I just cleared th CA exam Now i got the 20 lakh package as a salary. I think CA exams is easiest exams

    1. piyusha says

      what can i do if i want to do c.a after my graduations..Is it a right choice or not plz hlp me out of dis by giving a right siggestion.. Which carrier option should be bettr for me..

    2. nidhi says

      Can u give me the brochures to become a CA after finishing the 10
      Wat to choose I’m commerce

      1. pk says

        Well.. It is a best opportunity for u to become a chattered acc. As after class 12 you can try a exam cpt by name if u qualify that exam then u can directlY study ca course.. For more info.. Can contact [email protected] gmail. com or [email protected] .com fb id

  8. md atif akhtar says

    my aim is to become an IAS OFFICER and i will have it by hook or crook

    1. Sujit says

      Most likely by crook since thats what IAS officers are mostly.

  9. divyanshu says

    I know about AIIMS…………….BUT its not though for me.I,am going to clear it by hook or crook

  10. Deepanshu says

    I am preparing for iit-jee and i know that it is really a toughest exam but i also know that i can clear it…!

  11. ankit chaudhary says

    i want to know the information about MCA entrance exam.

  12. sreejita biswas says

    where is the name of the IES and IAS examination////

    1. mk says

      by clearing UPSC exams you get into IAS or IES or IPS

  13. Nikhil Honrao says

    Thanx for information…

  14. palvinder singh says

    i am preparing for IIT-JEE. and my fingers are crossed.
    someone has told me that this time more than 5 lac. students gives the exam.
    and the result is only 2%. hope so i will be selected in IIT.

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